Reblogs – Sadje & David Guerrieri

The lament of letting people, precious or otherwise, down—humanity’s consistent occurrence. In pain, we continue to pass on agony, and alone we grieve.

Anguish by Sadje

A sharp pain I felt 
Like a dagger plunged 
Deep into my heart 
The anguish, the agony unbearable 
I teetered, held out my hand for support 
It met empty air……… 
There was no one there 
To hold my hand, to console 
This aloneness has taught me a lot 
A valuable lesson to rely 
Only on myself and myself alone 
The pain still hurts sometimes 
But the anguish has died down 
My courage has lulled it to sleep

What have we done? by David Guerrieri 

I am not quite sure exactly what 
Some parents expect of their children 
In terms of success and failure 
Because of course each individual is unique 
In their own belief system developed through life 
Though I do know exactly what 
Some middle-aged men and women 
Expect of their parent’s, which is 
Love and Understanding that 
Love and Understanding means more to them 
Than any award or prize, delusions of wealth 
And superfluous measures of success 
Handed down from Great-Grandfather to Grandfather 
Then Father to Son who’s soul purpose it often seems 
Is to belittle the latter, like some draconian wheel 
Turning itself in circles, only to cause 
An endless cycle of fear and inferiority 
Leading nowhere fast, leading nowhere good 
On an endless road of resentment and ill worth. 
And we don’t ask for this. We are born to this. 
We are flesh and bone 
Fueled by the imperfections of our father’s 
Father’s, father’s son 
Who one day will understand he did nothing wrong 
Oh Mother, dear mother 
What have we done? 


the monumental woes
sudden jolts to the psyche
a shock of endless wounding ripples
splintering into a cascade of emotions
gigantic internal rifts open in us

flayed open in a jagged void

our mind, body and soul
doing the symbiotic dance of intense unease
putrid words heat up inside needing purged
they force themselves up and out unintelligibly
hot screamed tears flow down anguished cheeks

our reality forever changed

in time we hush our voice to gutteral moans
the liquid from our eyes slows to a trickle
the suffering seals us up within ourselves
and the sadness clings to every fiber in our being
arthritic pain felt everywhere there are no bones

living is hard

In Pain


in silent shelter
minimizing what we expose
we cry and ache

but sometimes
it becomes necessary
to combine a consonant and a vowel

shedding light on our pain
it eases the burden we carry
that which shackles us from change


Inspired by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Saturday Mix

Reblog – Weigh Scale by Candice Louisa Daquin

The harshness of pain and the lightness of release, a constant cycle we as humans endure. Living requires courage and determination, or?


Do you hear it?

Relief sounds like

a girl’s slip

a bird’s wing

your eye lashes fluttering

against your blushing cheek

Do you hear it?

Suffering sounds like

cloth pulled by stick across dirt floor

chalk pressed violent into board

fingers opening blouses raggedly

your chest bone protrudes

more than the year before

Do you hear it?

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Injurious Wrath

it was outrage
validating your feelings
but forgiveness tells you
the fury’s no longer needed

the anger felt like a best friend
your shield
who can now leave your side
because she knows you got this

letting it go
feeling yourself lift
becoming unburdened from the past
a healing has begun

Wordle #478

Little Maddie could feel the sting on her skin, right below the bend of her arm. She cried so hard; it broke my heart as I watched her pull on the frilly lace of her sleeve. The wasp had pricked through on a recent scar—first, the trike accident, now this.

I scanned the list of numbers on the fridge and made the call to the doctor. He suggested a couple of tabs of Tylenol and to spread some anti-itch gel on the sting, making sure to remove the stinger first. Naturally, I managed to spill it all over my hands.

Reblog – PAIN by Asonje Jesse

Very profound thoughts. I was impressed with how the writer captured the emotions “feeding” on our misery. Well done micropoetry, IMO.


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The pain is a parasite

Feeding on my hurt

Growing and mutating

On the sorrows of my ego

The child of a bad experience.

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Reblog – One Card Pull: Ten of Swords by L. Stevens

OUCH!! But not wrong. This is accurate on so many levels. I’ve heard people say that “Pain is my muse” with respect to writing but I think it’s pretty accurate to say that those with a determined spirit would feel the same. For justice and their healing, pain inspires them to overcome and thrive because of it. This piece reasonated with me powerfully.

Everyday Strange

the ten swords
you pressed and
twisted into
my back hurt
and tore me
open but
they became
the best thing
that ever
happened to

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Reblog – Addict by Candice

Pain and its retreat is something we all look for, don’t we?

Sacred Venus

Choke it down

To recieve one more

Sit in the room

Stare at the door

Hate myself

Love you less

Can’t stand the pressure

Yet live for the stress

Doors close

Lights fade

Pray for our demise

Until then keep up the charade

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