Reblogs – Little Charmer & Christine Bolton

Our wounds can be many and possibly permanent, but our thoughts need to land emotionally to promote healing within; directly spoken to those who hurt us or expressed publicly for ourselves and others to see we can move on. The expression of pain can release us from it.

Seared by Little Charmer

I guess 
That is 
The thing 
With scars 
They remain 
In place 
A showcase 
Of the body’s 
All those links 
It cannot sever 

Train of Thought by Christine Bolton

Your words live 
in my thoughts 
Sometimes they delight 
and are invited to stay 
Other times they wound 
and I show them the door 
They feed my heart 
Nourish my soul 
and thoughts 
become my words 
flowing freely 
back to you 
When words harm 
they linger in my head 
slowly poisoning 
a bruised spirit 
And I cannot 
speak to you 
Instead I write 
my thoughts 
that spew forth 
like demons 
from my body 
So you might understand

Reblogs – Carolyn Crossley & Lize Bard

Endings, beginnings, and then sometimes, hope appears…

Shadorma 58 – Autumn by Carolyn Crossley

I left you
in the dead leaves of
my past life
I wonder
what happened to you, are you
happy? I do hope so.

I think of
you when there is a
chill in the
air, Autumn.
The beautiful colours of a season that dies.

Haiku Out of Africa – Lize Bard

Reblogs – Kristin Kory & Christine Bolton

Whether childhood trauma, devastating unexpected events, dysfunctional upbringing, or the daily grind wearing you down — rest, gather your inner strength, and begin anew. Continue on as who you were meant to be before life intervened.

Song of Flames by Kristin Kory

They tell you to follow the sun
as if night isn’t upon you
as if the shadows aren’t real

but night is still upon you

The thing in your mouth, copper hush
rage whispers
silence screams
until you sing your song of flames:

Let them come
Oh, let them rage
Let them find me in the shadows
Let them say my name
And quake

They tell you to let go
as if you’ve unpacked your pain
as if you’ve poured it into the earth

but hell still sits in a suitcase

The thing in your belly, it knows
the magic lies in the coming apart
in the middle of the wreck
in your every season
and every room
it waits

Hurt is hard to feel
but still the wound must speak
and speak it does
before you heal

They tell you to sit on the moon
keep fishing dark skies for stars
as if hope isn’t hanging by a thread of nostalgia
as if you didn’t notice the rage behind the flowers
before they were plucked from your garden

but his hands are still entangled in your hair

The thing in your center, it calls
little by little
in waves
it comes

Pull up a chair, sorrow says
out of body, slip
you will rebuild yourself
but first, rest

Inner Child by Christine Bolton

I live life now  
as my inner child  
She who lived in  
secret for so long  
Never allowed  
to come out and play  
Words tied to her  
tongue left unsaid  
Perceptions wrong  
every time  
Assumptions skewed  
Questions unasked  
Until finally freed  
Now her poetry  
tells the story  
of who I am now  
Unafraid and fearless  
Forever young 

Reblogs – Cassa Bassa & Tom Alexander

Pain buckles your inner state making recovery incredibly difficult. With every last bit of strength you have, choose to heal instead. Live again.

Dark Mood by Cassa Bassa

My thoughts
get stuck
in a thick tar swamp
that I am drowning
further below
but not quite
the end

Struggling is useless
Letting go is impossible
Tangled in poison syrup

In pitch dark night sky
all the stars
give up on me
They blink out
I settle in
being lost
dying alive

Fracture, Fill by Tom Alexander

Break it like a bone
let it jut from torn skin
it’ll be raw and sore
then snap it back in

Fracture, fill
repair and grow

Through the ache
the growth seems subtle
Once it’s healed
that muscle gets supple

Fracture, fill
repair and grow

You can’t guess the extent
to which you’re capable
without some months spent
feeling utterly breakable

Fracture, fill
repair and grow…

Reblog – Burning Grief by Taylor Grace

The imagery is spectacular in this piece. You can really “feel” what it means to go through and get beyond grief.

Pouring it out
Like gasoline
Onto embers

Discarded reflections
Tossed over
Sorting it all out

Striking the match
Igniting pain
Pieces engulfed
Burning it down

Completely hollow
Lost or profound

Crackling grief

The sound of healing
Stoking memories
Smoke billows peace
Breathing relief

Slate wiped clean
Ashes floating
Carrying secrets hidden deep
Therapeutic release

Source: Burning Grief – The Broken Inside of Me