Liebster Award #3

Thank you, Nathan Cocker – Poetry 365 for this nomination. While I appreciate being nominated and answering the questions you asked of me, I won’t be selecting any blogs. I think most, if not all, writers I subscribe to deserve a nomination. Please take a little time to get to know me a little better. Thanks again for the opportunity to share my world, Nathan! I hope everyone takes a moment to read your work!

Nathan’s Questions For Me

  • Are you a cat, dog, mouse, or fish person? (Explain why…)

I love all animals so I won’t choose one. If I was of the frame of mind to have a pet, it would probably be a miniature pig.

  • What was your first music album / CD? (What was your last? Damn you, Spotify!!)

No idea as it was over 40 years ago now. I can tell you my first concert was Styx – the Babe, I love you Tour. I was sixteen at the time.

  • Which is your favourite Beatle and why?

Ringo Starr because I love drummers.

  • If you could be any character from fiction or movie, who and why?

I would want to be any noble character who is always willing to stand on the right side of history.

  • What was your most disastrous date night? Tell all the gory details!

I can’t say that I ever really had one.

  • No regrets. But, what is your biggest regret? (No politics)

Marrying my first love. Although, I would never have had my first son. He was worth going through the ending of it.

  • What was your scariest weather moment?

Tornado that the funnel was starting to rotate above our home in 2001. It did touch down but when it did, it was about 1/2 mile away from us.

  • What is your favourite city? Explain why?

Boston, Massachusetts will forever be my favorite city. There is such a rich history there and the city is beautiful architecturally. The people are wonderful too!

  • What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A singer, then I wanted to be in the Air Force, not married and never having children. I never became a singer or get into the Armed Forces but I did get married (2X) and had two children.

  • If you could make a mixtape (OK! or, a spotify playlist), which are the first 5 tracks?

LP – Lost on You
Pink – Raise your Glass
AC/DC – Back in Black
One Republic – Counting Stars
Shawn Mendes – There’s Nothing Holding Me Back

  • You have the luxury of writing your own epitaph. Please tell us all? (and make us cry…)

I won’t be writing an epitaph as I’m not getting buried. My body and my brain are getting donated to science. But I will tell you that I’ve asked my children to make sure the Obiturary starts like this…

Fucking Dead as of (whatever that date may be) 🙂


Lady Luck presents a life-altering prospect.
An enticing, not so subtle invitation.

A seductive and alluring treat.
Or a delicious deception?

Like a meet-your-maker kind of wile.

I want to get wet, and I think I might drown.

Teased by lousy timing yet it keeps me invested.
My head fills with rich fantasies, more possibilities awaken.

The proverbial juices are flowing.

The world is spinning on a new axis.

I’m confused.

But I’m open.

**Originally published 7/7/2018 on I Write Her

This Way Forward

the contract was signed long ago
determined to honor it then
and do still even now
today, tomorrow and forever
here doing what’s best
for the union of these two hearts

a lifetime of lessons
shows us that harmony is paramount
maturity can prevail
if we choose it
letting love take the lead
with dignity and grace


Little Rascal

The daily adventures of owning a pet monkey. 🙂

August! You better get down here!”
“Why won’t you listen to me?”
“You sure are a cheeky monkey!”


Image credit- Lewis Roberts- Unsplash

Reblog – Addict by Candice

Pain and its retreat is something we all look for, don’t we?

Sacred Venus

Choke it down

To recieve one more

Sit in the room

Stare at the door

Hate myself

Love you less

Can’t stand the pressure

Yet live for the stress

Doors close

Lights fade

Pray for our demise

Until then keep up the charade

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… It’s A Comin’!

The decision to start the 5 Day Tales series came about because I needed to stretch my writing skills. It has been fun, and I’ve enjoyed feeling way more creative. However, I ended up feeling like I was stretching myself too thin with the amount of time it was taking to present a fresh new story every week. It became too much.

My main goal is to still be able to commit to writing poetry, submit to competitions, run The Short of It, do some paid type work and possibly get a third book out of me. Still juggling everything has to fit into my schedule.

Having the weekend to mull it all over, I decided I will proceed with the 5 Day Tales. For those of you who took the time to comment and tell me your thoughts – I thank you kindly! You helped me decide what was best for me and my schedule. I took everything you said to heart. Hopefully, you’ll be okay with how I’ve decided to proceed.

So, here’s what’s going to happen…

The next story will be published 8/10/20 and run that Monday thru Thursday, with the voting still on the 4th part. Fridays, I will post the reader’s ending selection. The only change will be that it will become a monthly feature rather than a weekly one. You can anticipate each story published on the first Monday of every month starting this September and run until I don’t have anymore ideas or the desire.

*SPOILER ALERT – the next 5 Days Tale will be a space/sci-fi story.

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Wordle #467

I wrote my name in the space, as he requested. The mortician said we could work on the rest later. Truth be told, this was easy for me. He wanted me to leave as I was messing with the flow of things. 

“Can I stay?”

“Okay,” he said hesitantly.

I’m betting his blood is thick like glue. I watch them holding his arm down low to insert the needle to bleed him. Next is the embalming fluid for sure. It will be cool to see that.

More interesting than when I pushed the knives into his guts and twisted forcefully?