Reblog – Intimate Moment with Photography by Olga

The picture sets a sensual tone, and the words draw you in even deeper to connect with what the mind would imagine. It is a piece that leaves you breathing deeply. Just lovely!

Stuff and what if...

Window opens

To intimate connection

Naturedraws me in


My mind flutters with creative intent

Inner revelation excites the soul

Where silence invents the moment


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Reblog – The Key by Paul Vincent Cannon

Always be tender…


Key – RDP Monday



The Key

Sun kissed
petals undone
you opened in the warmth
and rejoiced
smooth and
sweetly perfumed,
unfurling before me,
raw, naked,
my tender caress
the key.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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The Kiss


the urge presented itself
in the most opportune moment
an unexpected pleasure
brought joy and chemistry
and a lingering fortune

a slick comfort
of trapped tongues
finding bliss and harmony
wet exchanges
of future promises

desires for fulfillment,
yours and mine,
the priority
on the to-do list
of this sensual journey
towards mutual satisfaction

a repeat expression
waiting for its turn
patience, a frustrating value
only eclipsed
by distance

sweetness will
be won again
desires satiated
by unending