Reblog – I Am Until Paul Vincent Cannon

May we all decide to be on the side which enriches our being and the lives of others. Growth and learning to be and remain humane is a choice. This piece holds such truth in these few short lines, I’m tempted to memorize it and choose it as a daily affirmation.


Grace at dVerse has invited us to write considering the phrase ‘I am’ – first person narrative, for Meet The Bar. dVerse Poets – Meet The Bar

Photo by Gerald at ‘Insight’

“You are in integrity when the life you are living on the outside matches who you are on the inside.” Alan Cohen

I Am Until

It is that
I am complicit until I am not,
I am a lover until I am not,
I am justice unti I am not,
I am compassion until I am not,
I am awareness until I am not,
I am shaped until I am not
by all that surrounds 
where my feet touch 
the ground and, equally,
I am not until I am.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

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Reblog – Revelation by Jason A. Muckley

It is as easy as that. So why does it take some of us longer to get to the truth? A good piece to ponder when we’re up against struggles.

Poems for Warriors

Revelation (FreeVerse)

Starting to see the truth
Of what this was
And what it wasn’t
The revelation is freeing

© 2018 Jason A. Muckley

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