We Don’t Know



the future is a time
that hasn’t presented itself yet
always mysteriously just out of eyesight
every minute we take
the next steps into an unknown
the unexpected without a to-do list
our present excitedly seeking resolution
on past laid plans in the tomorrows
still to come
endless possibilities
layering into eternity

the eternal question of what’s next

Originally published September 8, 2018 on I Write Her. Posted here with revisions.

Dizzy With Words

what would life look like
to think purposefully
not intrusively
being bombed by 50k thoughts
all of the time
unwelcome thoughts derailing my mind

never experienced before
sleeping is the closest i’ll come
and even then
i’m unaware
as to what that peace feels like

maybe this is why i write
hoping the words fall out
instead of staying in my head
the chaos of thoughts
becoming organized on paper

Reblog – brain mess

Been there, done that. So many times. You?

Breaking the silence

brick wall exploding inside of my head

idea, a thought,

a thousand ideas more

desires under layers, long forgotten fires

what if’s,

hopes, dreams

the pain

whatever I try, I can’t

there’s a war on my mind

and nothing can’t help me right now.

Photo by Ekaterina Belinskaya on Pexels.com

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In The Mundane Moments

i take a step back to refocus
ordinary tasks beckon
i watch silently, attentively
as the rivulets of water splash in the basin

thoughts begin to cascade in
jumbled and incoherent at first
yet sentences start to form
as the words assemble reasonably

quick, let me write that down
to capture the emotions and the intent
conveying my thoughts is such satisfaction
even in the boring routine of the day

Every Morning

beneath the rainforest shower head
deeply profound thoughts
bubble to the forefront of my mind

the water
washes them away
carried on soap suds

per chance remembered
more likely forgot
that’s how thoughts go

released without more attention
they become a distant memory
just a dull feeling of knowing remains

Reblog – My Box of Words by Penny Wilson

Delicious words!! 🙂

Penny Wilson Writes

My box of words 
is hoarded 

Choosing and stockpiling 
each one 

I take inventory. 

I tuck them away 
in my little treasure box 
lined with memories 
and laughter. 

Yesterday's words 
are tinged 
aging and gnarled 
the edges curling. 

Today's words 
filled with promise. 

Choosing the right ones 
is a challenging 
not always accomplished 
with elegance. 

Copyright (C) Penny Wilson

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we are capable
of so much more
than just instinct

logic and reasoning
the cornerstone
of the thought process


acquire information
develop original ideas
structure concise arguments
make sound decisions
commit to following through on thoughts
debate your decisions rationally


a critical thinker

one’s developed rationale
guides better decisions
turning experiences into lessons

humble and wise
thinkers value the power
of people drawing the best conclusions

Reblog – The Words by M. A Morris

M. A Morris does such an amazing job describing the chaos of thinking and what the lack of communication can do to your being. I’m betting so many have been in the place her words expose in this piece. I know I have, this piece struck deep for me.

Hearing The Mermaids Sing

Words scattered across the page.
Words littering the soul.

All these words
Piled upon the table,
A hoarder’s table of words.

Words left unsaid,
A bouquet of words
Wilting in the heart and mind.

Words twisted in contortionist meaning
Of manipulations,
Weaponized for destruction,
Yet leaving victims living.
Words of things that can’t be said.
Words of things that should have been.
Words of things we could not speak out of fears too deep.
Words of things we could not begin to understand
Of ourselves, of each other.
Words of things we wanted so to believe
Of others, of the world.
Words of hope
Of love
Of charity
Of peace.
Words of what we have lost.
Words of what we may never…

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