Reblog – Between us both we made it whole by Candice Louisa Daquin

This is one of my favorites of my dear friend, Candice! Here’s to it gripping you to your core. 🙂



Lean in, listen, I will only say it once

the shame, prevents a repeat

I must learn, not to be the person I have

my love, I’m not the girl you think I am

I don’t know where she went

I just stepped out for a moment & everything was gone

she might have gotten old, lost her way

that’s what happened when you keep

getting in the way of yourself

i’ve been waiting years for the sun to rise

remember how I used to be such a good dancer?

it was the tempo we inherited in each others grace

we turned like sundials who responded to moonlight

it hurts to think of those times

your hands entwined in mine like forest branches

creating crowns from winter flowers

piano keys winding down, ebony and ivory shivering

as opposites tripping velvet usher of hope

connection is such a rare place to…

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Reblog – Bite by Megan O’Keeffe


You say things to me

that hold a bite.

But I think you need them

spoken aloud

to remind yourself

to not cross a line with me.

-Jan 2020

Originally published on Debatably Dateable 4/6/2020

Either to protect ourselves or our partner, how many of us have found ourselves in this position? I know I have been there. This one hit home for me as I saw myself at various times reacting harshly out of self-preservation. Luckily, it didn’t ultimately harm the relationship but rather gave insight and healing. How about you?

An Intentional Arrangement

Image Credit: Happy Home Page on FB

Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #134

A happy home – the Feng shui of space and people.
Susi Bocks

with joy merged
in the space
we call home

a refuge

a place we learn
a place we grow
a place we love

the happy home

Reblog – To Love ( an etheree)

So delicate and sweet, and yes, mushy! Aren’t all love poems supposed to be exactly that? 🙂



love you
is to hold
you in my arms
stare, with loving gaze
kiss, passionately too
make, memories together
maybe, sing a joyous love song
write, a vow of loving each other
from this day forward to eternity

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In Our World

photo of group beautiful woman
Photo by Jayberrytech on

i sense goodness approaching
in that smile of yours

a beautiful face framed
perfectly by the gods

being here with you, beloved
the hustle of life fades away

the last bits of fear shed
as joy blossoms around us

the space between us
fills with magic

i become enveloped
in your essence and your grace

this intentional bond
the ultimate expression of love



some might say
serendipitous encounters
others would declare
destined connections
when life grants us
unbreakable bonds

i am humbled
i am in awe

beauty is pure love
filling in voids
never knowing
we had within
carefully caressing
old wounds

i am healed
i am alive

these moments
of connection
give us purpose
enrich and nurture
our souls
find the meaning

i am grateful
i am calm


Reblog – The Best Version by Lisa Tomey

We all need someone to show us how beautiful we are! 🙂

The Prolific Pulse

person with body painting Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on

Looking within me
You are the best version of love
The one who sees within
Mirroring to me what you see
And as it goes
What I do
What I see
Is the best version of myself
As if I allowed myself
To be what your love sees
And with this
I can love myself
Free to be the best version of me

Today’s Prompt was to write a mirror poem. This was my response.

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Reblog – Magical 3 – When Three is Love by Deepa

Such a positive and uplifting piece. Enjoy!


aone is lonely
two is a couple
why do people say
three’s a crowd
when two becomes three
it becomes a tree
a family tree
for the future generations
to see
it is all because
of the
magic number three

a magic number
of possibilities
with a beginning
and end
to fulfill
your wishes

one stands alone
two can be divided
things happen in 3’s
just like
three little pigs
three blind mice
three musketeers
three wise men
goldilocks and three bears

three isn’t a crowd
when it comes
to our siblings
it is merrier 
to be in three
as there is an option
to think free

three is love
three big cheers
if you agree with me!

#OctPoWriMo 2018

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