Inspired by Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Nonsensical & Reena’s Exploration Challenge #259

their precious faces
and nonsensical babbles
sheer joy in their eyes
ah, the memories of those days
bring a smile to my face

the poopy diapers
siblings fighting
snot-filled noses
hours upon hours of crying
not so much

each year brought new challenges
as milestones were reached and lessons were learned
and just when my last nerve was plucked
growth occurred
i uttered a sigh of relief

they are grown now
having flown the coop
to fashion their lives as they see fit
it’s satisfying to know
i got two things right

Reblogs – A Faded Romantic

I rarely post two pieces by the same poet, but whether recent or older, these seemed to mesh well together. They made me think that those people who are purposefully unique tend to end up being a beloved someone. ūüôā


There is always 
who is our weakness 

Always someone 
who breaks through 
all our defenses. 

Always someone 
who leaves us 


Do not allow yourself 
to be defined 
or guided 
or labeled 
or maligned 
by your sexuality 
your age 
your birthplace 
or your race 
or the proud colour 
of your face. 

Do not allow yourself 
to be judged, measured 
or explained 
by the dead hand 
of tradition 
or by the racist misogyny 
of religion 
or by the empty 
of others 
and what they want 
to see. 

For you 
are you 
and only you. 
and free. 

Reblogs – DoReeMe & A Faded Romantic

The “hotness” of those who ignite us leads us astray but maybe down the path we need to be going? Only time will tell.

Left as Kindling by DoReeMe

For what it’s worth 
I no longer feel 
Unless, your touch alone 
Prodding me 
As deeply as a touch 
Once did 
Beautifully burning 
And timid 
~Losing everything all at once~ 
And there 
In that space 
I come alive 
And ignite 
The air 
You exhale 

A World of You by A Faded Romantic

It only takes 
brief lapse 
in concentration 
a soft slide 
into daydream
a sudden shift 
into imagination 
an easy glide 
into reverie 
an idle fall 
into fantasy 
and I am lost 
in a world 
of you. 

Reblogs – A Faded Romantic & Lexa Lubanga

Adoration, lust, obsession, or love? Depends on the day.

Use me by A Faded Romantic

Think of me
as a poet
a priest
a professor

Think of me
as a stranger
a shaman
a sorcerer

Think of me
as a doctor
a dancer
a Dominant.

Use me
as the fantasy
who makes you blush
part your thighs
and arch your back
when you are alone.

I want to write about you by Lexa Lubanga

I want to write about you, and everything else around you. I want to write about how your face makes me complete, your sharp dark eyes steer me to a wondrous world.

How your voice stills the waves inside me and brings my body to a stop, just so I could feel your presence entirely.

I want to write about how your cheeks fill up the images flawlessly and the curve right above the corner of your lips that blends so well. I want to write of how your skin marries mine in a way that can’t be depicted, this skin is mine to keep.

I want to write of how you walk so boldly yet with composure. I want to write of how your touch filters my skin to anew, everything comes to a standstill.

I want to write about you and you alone, not because I want you or rely on your voice to wake me up smiling so hard, no. I want to write about you because you deserve these letters and many many more given I won’t run out of them

So let me write about you, let me love you with these messy letters. Let me.

I Became


That gaze lightened my heaviness.
Those eyes told me I was safe.

Tender forcefulness reached in
and unearthed me from
the hardened layers of
self-imposed eradication.

You found out who I was
and loved me anyway.

Years of destruction erased.
You easily removed all the layers of my shame.
I felt unafraid in your embrace.

My hard callouses protected me,
you smoothed them out with your touch.
My bleeding open wounds
stitched up by your love.

I was healing.
I recovered.
I became sane.

Originally posted 7/31/2018 on I Write Her.


when ice envelopes the heart
distance is protection
as a barrier rears up to safeguard
the tenderness behind it

the heart endures a perilous journey
in between the comfort and joy
of glorious moments
offering peace and love

and when openness returns
soothing acceptance
is rewarded
with the best love can offer

Reblogs – Candice Louisa Daquin & Jude Itakali

Helena Nelson-Reed*

*From my research, I believe the original image (the right image) was created by the illustrator named. I’m not sure who did the flipped, black image and combined the two.


It seems to me that when we find the right person or people, we should hold tight. Whether friend or lover, finding a safe harbor in this indiscriminate world gives us peace, comfort, and even strength.

By Candice Louisa Daquin

Your skin collects starlight
ebony turns blue in dusk
we curl tighter till no division exists
the pounding emptiness I got so used to

The Artist of my Soul by Jude Itakali

Who are you that sees me so clear 
A voyeur who prowls my soul 
And drips between its layers 
Daring to divulge 
Secrets I did not know I had. 
How in so short a time 
Have you found what none has found in a lifetime 
When did you become the artist of my life story 
Deftly splodging my pain in patterns across the page 
Depicting my fears in adroit designs of nervous hues 
Smearing my dreams in lustrous colours and glossy paints 

Are you a gift sent to make me whole 
A match meant to be 
Or are you a curse… 
Bait dangled by fate 
A taste of what will never be 

Jude’s additional thoughts – While writing this, I kept asking myself; can a soulmate be merely a friend (be it a lifelong one), or is a soulmate meant to be a lover or partner?

Jia-Li Yang (Cassa Bassa)


Older and wiser
Acting more silly

Unintended Strategy

She’s always his unrequited.¬†
That’s how she won him over.


I love you most
When you say very little
And do what’s needed¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†
To keep me smiling


I drink too much
Because I cannot bear
To see my sober self
In the mirror
It reminds me of
Every bit of 
what’s wrong with me
The day you left


Jia-Li Yang (Cassa Bassa) works with disadvantaged people. She is constantly inspired by their resilience and strength. Her work has been published in the Australian Poetry Journal; The Poets Symphony, Creation and the Cosmos published by Raw Earth Ink.; Heart Beats published by Prolific Pulse. Her blog This is Yang’s first feature on The Short of It.


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Reblogs – Charles Robert Lindholm and Bree Leto & Carolyn Crossley

Sometimes relationships work, other times, they don’t…

I Don’t Know Why by Charles Robert Lindholm & Bree Leto

I’m not sure why 
I keep on changing 
like I do. 
I don’t know  
if it’s good or bad 
I really wish I knew. 

I fear with all these changes  
taking place inside of me,  
others will only notice  
the outer side they see.   

I wish I understood  
what was meant to be,  
what‚Äôs the point in changing  
if you don‚Äôt change with me.   

Take my hand, my love, 
we can grow together.  
I will grow  
and you will grow,  
by my side  

The Daily Haiku by Carolyn Crossley

let your finger trace 
my tears as they fall,  
down my 
face, goodbye is hard 

Stephen W. Buchanan


The weather changed
and storms roared in
and lightning ranged
o’er thund’rous din
But then you smiled
and for a while
sunshine was mine 

Begin Anew

With twist and turn
and swoop and sway
from stem to stern
I moved today
As I unpack
I know I’ll crack
to see just me

Flower and Flame

Solitude stands
in the shadow
watching the sands
in the moon’s glow
very aware
hope rides the air
and change arranged

Who is to Blame

Fighting demands
that verge on wild
sticky the hands
that hold the child
comforting cries
with little lies
and pleas for peace

Nature’s Presence

Nature has seen
what man has done
the times between
each rising sun
Yet fan or no
a tomorrow
will be set free

Connections Lost

I’ve lost my mind
and lost my way
so please be kind
and stay away
whilst I reset
and I forget
the past I’d cast

Wanting Other

She lies in bed
dreaming of love
wanting it said
she’d had enough
But it’s not true
She’s just had you
The same old game

Crowding the Plate

The door was slammed
My face was red
But I’d be damned
those lies be spread
I made the call
to play hardball
and switched the pitch


Stephen W. Buchanan shares his poetry at “lf You Haven’t Got A Sonnet His work was first featured in 2020 – April 17 & November 27. Stephen’s work was also selected for The Sound of Brilliance.


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