I Could See Forever

Ishan @SeeFromTheSky – Unsplash

the water and the sand
as pristine as our love
one with nature
as with each other

our arms taut, hands clasped
walking against the wind
tendrils of air
kissing our smiles gently

a new, tender love
basking in this place of peace
willingly embracing the gift
of unrestrained joy

this secluded nirvana
a place from our dreams
heaven on earth
truly we found our paradise

shades of white, blue and green
etched into the fiber of our beings
if only we could stop time
an eternity here seemed not long enough

Selling The Goods

Inspired by VJ’s Challenge #83 – Product Placement

propped up
shiny, enticing
new and improved

hiding the diminished
an offering of a breakthrough

same old commercial
recycling an old love
not a guarantee it’s better…

… though


Image credit – pxhere.com

The Kitchen

Inspired by Eugi’s Weekly Challenge – 2/10/2020 – Love

hugs and thanks for a great meal
that’s sweet but still
have to do those damn dishes
scrubbing those pots
ruining my nails
soap suds on my brow
such drudgery

with a flick of the dial
a smile erupts on my face
our favorite song fills my ears
you cranked the volume way high
my hips starting to loosen
your hands flowing with them
one twirl and i face you

you pull me close
grabbing even tighter
our forms as one
moving across
the kitchen floor
with knowing smiles
that this is our everlasting love

Goff James

Editor’s note: The following haiku and senryu are the very first pieces to be showcased here on The Short of It. I’m thrilled with the response so far and hope to publish these exclusive pieces frequently! For those interested, please keep them coming! And please do share the submission guidelines with individuals who you know enjoy writing micro-poetry or very concise stories and wish for some recognition of their work! Thanks!


Love’s Carousel

’Pon Love’s carousel
Life’s tragic symphonies played
Many broken hearts

As Wild Horses Run

As wild horses run
The blithe spirit in his soul
Sets him ever free


Searching for release
Unhinged in dreams’ dark madness
Finding no escape


Mem’ries bloodstained weep
Love’s lingering presence felt
Heartache’s scars unhealed


Goff James is a grumpy eccentric who, in the darkness of night, plays with words and tries to write poetry. His work displays an interest in that which can be seen and unseen, that which is heard and unheard and all those things that go unnoticed in between.

My Sketchbook is LIVE!

The Sketchbook Project, Volume 15: Susi Bocks – I’m Fine

You’ll recall I posted about The Sketchbook Project earlier this year where I announced my participation. The submission is titled I’m Fine. Well, it’s available for you to see now. Please don’t judge my art skills too harshly as I am only an amateur! 😉 But I do hope you enjoy the poetry about the emotions of having found love, then losing it and ultimately coming out on the other side. The thoughts reflected in this sketchbook are pulled from the depths of my personal experience. And yet, they are ones shared by millions who have lived this universal story.

As you go through this, I hope you can feel the elation, the sorrow and the strength in the individual pieces. I look forward to your thoughts!

If you would like to participate in Volume 16, click here.

Being In The Density

Nick Fewings – Unsplash

sharing space
with another
requires more than love

it’s a willingness
to let go
of one’s shield
diligently erected

a wanting
to feel the richness
of another’s essence
perhaps damaged

a deep need
to be enmeshed
on all the levels
partners wish to be seen

it’s a pact
for the happiness
of the other
in this dance of two beings