Her Heart

in searching for comfort
found was a warm blanket of love
wrapping around my heart

an offering of safety and security
halting all the fears
at the door of our home

our intense passion flowed both ways
gifting each other expressions of nourishment
and declarations of love with our minds and bodies


the roaring waves became still
more like the ebb of ripples in a pond
lapping up against me

and like carved sand on a shoreline
the deep impressions left behind
slowly washed away

leaving only one set of footprints

Reblogs – Michelle Ayon Navajas & Ramblings of a Fragile Mind

Sometimes it all just gets to be too much…

Here we go again by Michelle Ayon Navajas

here we are again challenged to confront
the things that we long wish to forget
the obstacles we struggle to get over
the pains we never get to surrender.

here we are again in a world of never-ending
regrets to what was supposed to be a beginning
regrets to what could have been’s instead
if we weren’t dumb and stupid.

here we are again in a cycle of wondering
will we ever get to the end of our suffering
will we ever get to give up
just love forever and never stop?

The Railway Line by Ramblings of a Fragile Mind

need to
tell you


want to
be here

let me

Reblogs – Laura Denise & Penny Wilson

Life is difficult to traverse but so much easier when love is near. When you find it, hold on.

The Light of Your Love by Laura Denise

The light of your love
casts shadows upon
those other times and feelings
I thought I knew
what love was,

or perhaps it was love
but not of the purest,
for the white blooms
that I have been drawn to
now encompass
our joined spirit,

and that is how
I always hoped
love would be:
a spirituality
far beyond
earth’s reach.

This love of ours
is no fairy tale,
no dream;
it is a reality
that exceeds anything
I could ever
mortally perceive–

holy union,
remerging of souls,
the light of our auras
combining to form
the portal home

to the next level,
and in that moment,
love becomes
and we ascend
as one
into our immortal

this time
our fusion
will withstand
all partings,
for we achieved
the highest
form in history.

Come, my love,
let us take this
to even higher heights;
the heavens
have anointed us as

Love’s Very Design.

It’s Always You by Penny Wilson

I wonder why when I dream, it’s always of you

You were the one. The one I said forever to

Years have passed without your smile

I’m resigned to navigate the days and nights in solitude

My heart aches anew each time it realizes that you’re gone

I tend to romanticize the past leaving out those rough times, on purpose

The good times were good enough to live on in my memory

Decades later when I dream it’s always of you

It’s good to know that you really are the forever one

The one I’ll always dream of

Furry Mates

Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #176

a human’s side-kicks
adorable companions
have dogs, will travel

Rolo leaning on Sadie

This prompt was perfect timing! I had the pleasure of spending last weekend with these two little cuties and their human. It made our business trip much more delightful! Not only were they affectionate and fun to be with, they provided us some free advertising for the business we attended. Many people stopped at our table just to be able to say hi to these adorable creatures! Of course, the people were rewarded with kisses for the attention given.

Rolo and Sadie go wherever my friend Stephanie goes, whether in the office, at home, out on the road traveling across state lines or a short jaunt down the street. They are her constant companions, and seldom are they separated. Both Stephanie and the dogs sense a void when they are apart from each other. I got to witness that first hand. Smiles, coos, baby talk and engagement are what the dogs crave and their companionship is what gets Stephanie through her day. They are like a symbiotic unit, neither doing well without the other. It’s wonderful to see that kind of love and adoration. I’m also glad that they seem to have accepted me into the family.

Reblogs – Christine Bolton & Michelle Navajas

Some relationships are awful, and some are great. Love sure is a gamble.

It Takes Two to Tango by Christine Bolton

A tango of emotions  
in my heart   
My nervous system  
runs on high alert  
and my mind feels like  
it was struck by lightning  
Your magnetic force  
is like rubbing against  
sharp edges  
of bad feelings  
Revelations come  
rushing in   
I have had enough

Life by Michelle Navajos

love me

hold me

kiss me

embrace me

we breathe life
to a new beginning.

The Favorites

it takes time and circumstance
to find the right ones
just the few steadfast
handful of friends
the ones who are our strength
and also our cover
shielding us from attacks
wrapping us up in their arms
emanating all the love
our tired and aching psyches need

going through trials and tribulations
it separates the wheat from the chaff
and when those friends prove themselves
over and over again
cherish those
for they will be by your side for the duration

Note: While I wish some of the human race would get their shit together, it’s not likely to happen in my time. For this reason, I generally don’t like people, but I love the ones that I like.

I Miss You

you made the happy days
so much more fun
you willingly provided comfort
and a shoulder on the sad days
your smile alone infused joy
into the boring ones

now i can only…

wish for you on the happy days
to make them even better

wish for you on the sad days
so as to not weep silently and withdrawn

wish for you on the boring ones
to not feel so alone

if only wishing worked…

because your love always wrapped me up in warmth
and your joy was incredibly infectious
you and your presence kept me sane

i miss you so very much

Reblogs – Candice Louisa Daquin & Ramblings of a Fragile Mind

There’s always the hope that relationships will burn with passion and not strife. Yet, sometimes what began as intense disintegrates us until we become something unrecognizable, ensuring walls are built to protect us from the next. The process to love again is an arduous one, requiring a great deal of understanding, patience, trust, and acceptance.

Flaming without fire by Candice Louisa Daquin

I tore myself on you, baby, I tore myself 

until there was nothing but dust and tension and madness 

I tore myself on you, baby, I tore myself 

until daylight proved false and we entered eternal darkness 

where only the grift of each other’s angst 

could sooth the thunder 

of those wasted years 

flaming without fire 

Ignorance by Ramblings of a Fragile Mind (Little Charmer)

You think you know me so well 

Yet you haven’t got a clue 

For if you did 

You’d see how I hid 

All that I was from you