Reblog – Spotlight Poetry – ‘Without Love’ – by Goff James

Even with the despair in both the image and poetry, there is still hope. I thoroughly enjoyed the emotional ride both took me on.

Art, Photography and Poetry

© Serj Fedulov, Loneliness

Without Love by Goff James

Poem Attribution © goffjamesart/photography/poetry

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Image Attribution © Serj Fedulov, Loneliness, (Date Unstated)

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Reblog – Horizons 俳句

This piece takes me to so many places – emotional, physical, intellectually – giving me a rich experience every time I read it.

Penumbra Haiku

where lost echoes touch
dormant infinities merge
futures etched each dawn

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Love Is Love

i shall always seek you out
even when they say i should not
you have been my rainbow
a colorful scene of hope in my head
the one laying claim to my heart
i will always sing with delight
and eagerly stretch out my hand to you
with pride and love
as we break out of this metaphorical closet   
choosing to be open and free instead


Perfect time to pick up a copy of SMITTEN: This Is What Love Looks Like – Poetry by Women for Women an Anthology

Reblog – the trees by George Ellington

Viewing this as if written from a woman’s perspective, I could relate to this tale of feeling deceived. Although, to muster the strength to leave gets harder as you get older.

George Ellington

I remember, you know,
how your eyes sparkled
when I entered the room,
and I felt myself to be
so much greater a man
than I had ever been—
to be so loved by you.

But in the time it takes
for a heart to stop beating
your love for me died,
and I lied to myself
again and again, hoping
that you would return
to me once more.

And so I, a man of thought
and learning dedicated
to uncovering the truth,
found myself scourged
day after day by a reality
I could not bear to see—
and thus began to weep.

Which is how I know now
that it is time for me to leave,
for the light grows unbearably
bright, chastising my naiveté,
demeaning my once eager will.
I have seen trees grow and die,
and it is not for me to outlive them.

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Lexa Lubanga

May we always know what it means,
When a person loves
And when no other words
Can prove true trust.

For it is a beautiful pact
Two, side by side
In a single world.
Of their own.

May we always.

Yes. May we always. For trust is a hard thing to find in this world. Thank you, Lexa for your thoughts. 🙂

Thoughts Of You

at least five times a day
but more like twenty
i pass the nooks in my home
special places filled with treasures of connection

a beacon of warmth
emerges and spreads in me
as memories of times past
fill my head and my heart

i always wonder
if the dearest to me know
their pictures, cards and curios
spark a friendly smile on my face

i’m thinking of us in those moments
remembering our joy together
knowing their love connects us
and that our distance could never diminish it

my heart puffs up
with a deep caring for those special people in my life
the bits of them ensconced in the various mementos
they remind me daily of the support i have around me

i will never be lonely
when all i have to do is open my eyes
their precious art, gifts and trinkets surround me
their love always in my presence

Reblog – Brief Parting by Laura Denise

Those relationships are rare. I loved the presentation of this piece!

Laura Denise


Against the odds,

love holds on,

its seeds selflessly dispersing;

two weed-wishies


and sacrifice

with grace,                                            e

se p   a     r           a                  t

but never lose faith

in their eventual


Poem and image ©LauraDenise

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