Wrong Sex

with shame i hide
within the norms of society
disguising, even to myself,
my true desires

our friendship turning romantic
confuses me further
your charisma enchanting me
your song lifting my spirits

what a mind
smart, decisive and creative
your care and concern
envelops me decisively

the air around you
smoothing these edges of mine
adjusting my rough attitude

my mother loves you
as do i
but can this love sustain
with this private dilemma

i think i desire men

This is in response to Val’s request for poetry for National Poetry Month Scavenger Hunt aka NPM 21. The piece above is about a lost love.

The Light Inside

GoranH – Pixabay

Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #76 & VJ’s Weekly Challenge – Nesting

every bit of you
held bright sunshine
layered within your being was goodness
your presence, a sanctuary

every thought, every utterance
nesting inside of a grander one
your skin barely containing
the magnanimity of your being

your touch soothed us
your embraces signaled healing
and our lives were made richer
having known you

Reblog – Solitaire by VJ Knutson

How does one traverse the loss of love, aging, and loneliness? VJ may not present the answer but she certainly gives us a glimpse of how real it can get.

One Woman's Quest

Past love’s deadline
wolves no longer prowl
vultures, smelling rot,
circle overhead, plot

My essence is solitary
feather fallen between
wide-eyed expectancy
and maturity’s abyss

Abandonment or neglect
I truly cannot say…

(Tuesdays I borrow from Twitter @Vjknutson. Image my own.)

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Reblog – Stupid Holes by Stella

Been there, done that. How about you?


I come to let you in on a secret

The secret is……

I am hated

I’m imperfect

And I am hated

I’m unforgiven——able

I’m hated for….


And for begging

I’m hated for my round ass

And the freckles on my cheeks

I’m hated for succeeding when I shouldn’t have

I’m hated for my words

And for these damn emotions


And unforgivable

I’m hated because I can’t stand to lose a friend

I can’t take being left:(

I beg…. please don’t go:(

I’m hated for my silence

And I’m hated for my stupid mind

I’m hated because I care too much

I’m unforgivable

I’m hated for being me

I’ve been hated for holes in my shoes

And for my dirty hair

I’m hated for my smile and my laughter

I’m hated

And unforgivable


On rare occasion…..

I’ve been loved

Loved unconditionally

Love that fades all hate


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Reblog – The one by Weronika Donovan

The one who got away or the one you got away from? Maybe it was for the best.

Painted Poems

You were the one
who knew what to say.
I have no reason to stay though
we have nothing in common
but that one night.
I didn’t know what I wanted.
I didn’t know if I loved you.

© W. Donovan

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The Risk Of Loving

Inspired by Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Jewels & Reena’s Exploration Challenge #174

the streaming brilliance of those i adore
elicit my smiles and warm heart-felt thanks
for providing a cushion from the cruelty in this world

the love i hold for those i love
fills me with joy and comfort
an ease not found elsewhere but with them

occasionally worry squeezes my head
allowing anxiety to ripple through my heart
the safety of the jewels in my life takes priority

i hope desperately to ensure their longevity
because what would i be
without them

Reblog – You Are No Longer Mine by Angelique Rose

Haven’t we all been here at one point in time?

Never Silence the Madness

I read somewhere

That you were no longer mine



That you finally opened up your heart

And honestly, It was about time



I read somewhere

That you no longer belonged to me



That our memories

Are no longer cherished

It’s not my heart that holds your key



I never expected you to wait forever

To hide away

And pine for my love



But I read somewhere

That you are finally happy and moved on



My heart paused a little

It broke for a moment

As I remembered what we lost



But I always knew that our love

Was gone

When I walked away

I knew the cost

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