Lorraine Lewis



I hide in you
Where the pale winter dwells
Waiting for light to come again
Nights cry
In silent solitude for love
Once held in softest hands
Come again love
Call me


Stripped by winter’s darkest rays
I lie in sorrow’s deep embrace
Tears erupt fill empty days
Disappear in rising haze
Light comes again in unknown ways
Stripped by winter’s darkest rays
I lie in sorrow’s deep embrace


Stuck in
The damp dark earth
My fingers scrabble cries
Rising silently to heaven
The veil
Is torn
By unimaginable pain
I dwell in the darkness
Where light is born


Call me
As the snowdrops
Die in pure innocence
While the wild winds roar their rage
Is the silence now as death comes
Sighing in the stillness
Of the last breath
On earth


Come lie
In my sighing
Sadness caress me now
As I breathe in woe my last breath
You whom I love dearest of all
Whisk me to the darkness
Quickly now cry
No more


In sun’s
Pure light blinded
I see an open door
With the eyes of my heart softened
By tears
Dancing with the stars in my eyes
Gifted to me by love
Unseen unknown


My name is Lorraine Lewis.  I have always written poetry but began to write more in earnest following having serious advanced blood cancer and going blind and becoming wheelchair-bound.  I greatly enjoy experimenting with different forms of poetry, preferring the shorter forms.


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Reblog – Fragile !

As I mentioned in my comments on this piece originally – “I’m always so impressed with the delicacy your words and how they handle the heart. Loved it!” – I hope you feel the same! 🙂


gaurav-joshi-458101-unsplashher heart was fragile
strong yet easily broken
decided to guard it
in a protective shield
for she’d rather
bury it deep inside
the envelope of her soul
than tossed, turned
and shattered
by hands ungentle


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Tina Stewart Brakebill


living love


dancing to their song

eyes flickering with passion

the night too fleeting


a faithful promise

of harmonic convergence

binding him to her


singing a duet

as the days pass too quickly

lifted by their song


breathing in true joy

between the tiny moments

two hearts forever


Tina Stewart Brakebill is a former history professor and (twice) published biographer. Now she spends her days writing for a local magazine and her nights scribbling flash fiction, travel essays, and haikus, including pieces for The Drabble and Pure Haiku. Find out more by visiting her at www.tinastewartbrakebill.com. Tina photo


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Reblog – FALLING FOR A SOUL by Onah

This piece hit deep in the feelz! Who doesn’t want this kind of love in their lives?!? I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did. 🙂



If I must fall again,
I rather for a
soul than a face,
For the beauty of love
Is in the chemistry
Of two souls
Flowing into
Each other,
Until both
Become vulnerable,
Conquering their
Their will,
Their differences,
Melting into a
unique substance,
with character,
Mind and body
living in peace
and harmony.

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Looking Ahead


hours are when
I begin to
plan some needed joy
for the next new morning.
A surprise breakfast perhaps?
A juicy love note tucked inside
my lover’s lunch tote filled with goodies?
He might not even want to go to work!


Inspired by VJ’s Weekly Challenge #87 – Morning

Reblog – Twin Flames

I’m feeling the romance in this piece every single time I read it. How lovely! 🙂


I play my inner music
to your emotional state

as we dance,
round and round
we go again

flowing in each other’s mind
making love
in tune, each time

becoming one
our hearts are freed,
no lacking trust
we’re meant to be…


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Loved One Cloud

Word Art
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I was touched by the descriptions you all shared with me. Thank you all for participating in my Loved One prompt earlier this week. There ended up being only one repeated word – caring. Two words – loss and desolate – made me hurt for them. It’s sad to think the most prominent thought about their friend was causing them pain. I will selfishly tell you though that those difficult words and another challenge prompted a good piece of writing from me! Maybe that helps to balance it? Oh, how I love the writing community! The inspiration is everywhere!

Here is something else to think about. This collection of words reflects just one person in your lives. Now multiply that by you having an average of three or four best friends and family.  You are incredibly fortunate to have this closeness in your circle. I’m very happy for you! 🙂

Again, thanks for playing! ❤

Reblog – Love in five senses by Wangari Odhiambo

Simply and elegantly stated, I felt the love and the hopefulness in this piece. I hope you do too! Enjoy! 🙂

Wangari Odhiambo

In your eyes,

I see the determination of our love,

In your voice,

I hear the sounds of our heart beats,

In your touch,

I feel the gentleness of your soul,

In your scent,

I smell the love roses blooming for us,

In your Kisses,

I taste our future,

So baby, grab my hand and let us explore this love burning between us.

silhouette of man and woman kissing Photo by Ibrahim Asad on Pexels.com

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I Could See Forever

Ishan @SeeFromTheSky – Unsplash

the water and the sand
as pristine as our love
one with nature
as with each other

our arms taut, hands clasped
walking against the wind
tendrils of air
kissing our smiles gently

a new, tender love
basking in this place of peace
willingly embracing the gift
of unrestrained joy

this secluded nirvana
a place from our dreams
heaven on earth
truly we found our paradise

shades of white, blue and green
etched into the fiber of our beings
if only we could stop time
an eternity here seemed not long enough