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Maybe sometimes we need peace and rest, other times, maybe we just try to be there for one another?

Maybe by VJ Knutson

Maybe I just needed a new perspective –
like the famed Hanged Man of tarot –
committed to some deep, internal need,
I willed a horizontal shift; landed with intent.

Maybe it is not my legs that are disabled,
but a soul longing to escape the continual
discord of perpetual motion, a never-ending
to-do list of the success-driven persona.

Maybe there is a greater purpose for being
that is not encompassed by outer drive –
a mysterious meaning that is revealed only
in the quiet stillness in which I now dwell.

Maybe I have been called to a personal
pilgrimage – a Camino of sorts – a crusade
of spirit designed to cleanse and enlighten –
the journey is certainly arduous enough.

Maybe it is through acceptance, finally
having released a need to control, move,
achieve, accomplish that I am able to
embrace the true lessons of suffering.

Maybe this cocooning is an act of Grace
demanding surrender before the actual
transformation occurs, and I will emerge,
legless or not, winged and ready to soar.

Maybe, just maybe, this stripped down,
barren existence is not a penance for
shameful living, but a desert crossing,
offering re-alignment: hard-fought peace.

Taste by Anonymously Hal

You let your tears
patter gently
onto my face like rain…

And then I could
taste the saltiness
of all your sorrow
and your pain.

Kritika Maheshwari


Might look loose
but it’s the end


appreciate, don’t suffocate
for love without complaints
has a palatable taste; no haste
impatience will leave stains
time’s teachings are no waste


smoothly tearing the soft layer of balmy cocoon
the once crawling being now flies in fulgent hues
accepting the truth of its existence
stretching wings of self-love, persistent
the glamorous artistry of nature glides, confides
insouciantly fulfilling its wishes for what it has originated


Headlines cry to untune the averse state of our miserable humanity which has lost its stature
No comprehension of the hues of light or dark but the cruel selfishness speaks satirically throughout

Little Achievements

Joyful pouring of salt
Body halting at sweet shop
Celebrate the little achievements


An Indian-origin soul who sought pleasure in writing, two years ago, which she continued with pride and honor. She has not yet fixed her genre but tries to weave a variety of topics, aesthetically. Hitherto, some of her submissions have been accepted by a few international and regional publications. Also, two of her poetries have found space in a recently published anthology, The Sound of Brilliance. For more of her works, you can always visit: and can also email her at Kritika’s first feature on The Short of it was published on June 12, 2020.


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Forever Bonded

Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #131

the first-born knew
the youngest would go far
being curious, intelligent, and bold
she was way beyond her years

they both leaned on each other
the inexperienced one required the wisdom
and the oldest unwound from the spontaneity
largely when they grew up

a connection formed in childhood
and survived through the ages
one needed the other
who needed the other


Morning Delight

lay with me instead
she said
her heart yearning for me
shone in her eyes

the rain outside pitter-pattering harmony
as the stretch between us narrowed
my arm embraced the fold of her voluptuousness
the door to my heart opening

the lilies i’d picked for her yesterday
held neatly in the vase on her dresser
maintained the lingering scent in her room
we both inhaled and sighed

the intoxication of everything right
urged me to capture her long legs
and narrow wrists with my embrace
dozing was ever further from our minds

with mounting tension and heavy breathing
like a ship on fierce waters
our bodies rocked with abandon
until we lay wrecked on our bed

John Collins

Intellectual Beauty

Don’t judge the cover
Intellectual Beauty
Hiding in plain sight


Just let yourself be mindful
Open your heart, free your soul
Yearn no more and be JOY!

On a Day like This

Life doesn’t get any better than this
Soaking up the joy
From the radiance of our day star
Sitting is enough
Nothing to do
Watching the day go by
Gentle clouds soaring
Flying with the spirits of the sky

Open Love

No longer hiding
In Fear of insolent stares
Love for all to see

Safe Haven

Nightmares and Dreamscapes
Playground of the subconscious
Hiding Memories
Re-enacted, Translated
Safe haven for the mind’s eye

The Meaning of Us

Eyes see entwined souls
Hearts beat in time as one heart
Eternal Rapture


Author of Of Magick, Myths and Monsters and A Dark State of Mind; John is a self-proclaimed poet and storyteller. Hailing from the coastal city of Swansea in Wales, his passion for writing stems from his childhood imagination. It’s this passion that’s kept him fascinated, and a lover, with all things “Weird and Wonderful”. John was first featured in May 2020 as well as published in The Sound of Brilliance.


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Mon Amour

Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #127

this gift
like you, beautiful
is so precious

this offering
like you, cut
won’t last long

this bounty
like you, overflowing
touches our hearts eternally

*NOTE – Anyone who recognizes the song below, you’re dating yourself. 😉

Here’s one for the younger crowd. lol

Sylvia Simmons


Jazz, voice music
swinging me smooth
giving me now

Words From a Dream

In the coolness of the day
when the evening sun goes down

There I will take my rest
when I hear the Robin sing
it’s the sign of Spring

My thoughts drift to you and
the love we knew

Love You

I love you more than words can say
I love you in a grand way

It’s beyond love, my passion for you
There is nothing I wouldn’t do to prove my love is true


Sylvia Simmons, a retired public affairs specialist, began writing poetry in her teenage years. As founder and president of SiHoWa Publishing, she authored Feelings Collection, three novels: Anything but Love, An Affair with a Stranger, and Beyond Love. And, A Cancer Survivor’s Journal – The Longest Day of My Life. This is Sylvia’s first feature on The Short of It.


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Sheltered Published on MasticadoresUSA!

I’m thrilled to again have a piece picked up by Gabriela Marie Milton at MasticadoresUSA. This is one of my favorites, so happy to share it with all of their readers across the globe!


by Susi Bocks
Twitter Handle @susibocks

protecting innocents
with heartwarming love
her devotion so evident

@Susi Bocks



Gabriela Marie Milton
#1 Amazon Bestseller Author
Woman: Splendor and Sorrow :I Love Poems and Poetic Prose
Passions: Love Poems and Other Writings