snip and tuck
here and there

aligning the mind’s image
to public presentation

advances have been made
yet worry arises

as a dilemma presents
in the aftermath

love surrounds
and concern abounds

all hover with care
for best outcomes

right actions secured
the worst scenario averted

then home for attentiveness and recovery
in pain but so much more at ease

slow and steady progress continues
bucket list item checked off

The Gradual Decline

The helicopter whirred, little Julian laughed again, and sadly, my mind became a blur. It was so disorienting.

The responsibilities I shouldered previously were no more. They had to end, as my mind was more off than on now. Mostly I was quiet except when I “awoke” to the mists of my past, not knowing what was real anymore. I yearned for stability and was rewarded with none. Every morning, with the tips of my fingers stretched, a yawn escaped my lips as I greeted the dawn anew, wondering what I would remember, if anything at all.

Que Sera Sera.

Injurious Wrath

it was outrage
validating your feelings
but forgiveness tells you
the fury’s no longer needed

the anger felt like a best friend
your shield
who can now leave your side
because she knows you got this

letting it go
feeling yourself lift
becoming unburdened from the past
a healing has begun

Fear Of The Times

Inspired by VJ’s Weekly Challenge #88 – Domino EffectSadje’s What do you see #21

Kellepics- Pixabay

this natural disaster
is bringing us to our knees
even those who lead
or inspire us
are shedding tears
losing hope
breaking down
not able to guide
the few strong
of us left
this domino effect
a chain reaction
to the unknown
makes us all feel
like tumbling down