Reblog – Your Disapproved Skin – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Another post that has HIT HOME. I believe this piece will grip you as it did me. I applaud Paul for writing these truths as well as he did.


Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples need to know there is an image that displays deceased people.

“Australia Day” January 26 marks the anniversary of the arrival of the first fleet at Port Jackson in 1788. For most indigenous people this is known as invasion day. Their treatment to this day has been brutal and in the least one of denial and rejection. It is a hard history to read and on the part of the colonial architects, even to this day, a very shameful history. I am one of many Australians who would rather move the celebration to a new date in conjunction with a dialogue with indigenous peoples as to how to achieve that. But then I believe that nationalism and patriotism are poisonous, as history and our nightly news shows, so maybe no day is needed.


Photo: Australian National University: Aboriginal men in chains in the…

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Reblog – Refashioned

This short piece packed a lot of power in it! I absolutely loved the strength it embodied. This definitely HIT HOME for me. 🙂


By faithhealthandmusings

I’ve ended my life
many times,
only to come back
a little fiercer
and harder to kill
than the time

I write “because it pours forth with or without my authority.” – the writer

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Reblog – Strangers by River Dixon

River Dixon captured not only the nature of relationships in this piece but also, the evolution of change. Bravo!! This one HIT HOME for me.

The Stories In Between

We speak of rebirth

As the morning breaks around us

Something had to die before the dawn

Could take its hold on the frigid

Unforgiving taste of yesterday

It’s hard sometimes, most of the time

But we’ve worked things out this far

As I watch you from across the room

I’m taken back to the first time

Your eyes found something

Worth holding onto, in me

And now the years have brought us

To where we are today, holding on

By a thread of hope

That once again we can remember

Who that person is that somehow

Became a stranger to our eyes

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Reblog – Rubber Ducky Day

Matt Snyder – A Prolific Potpourri shared what “Hits Home” for him. The Adventures of Arthur Puddles is refreshing and heartwarming. 🙂

The Adventures of Arthur Puddles

In today’s Adventures of Arthur Puddles we find him relaxing with his rubber ducky in the bath for National Rubber Ducky Day. The poor little ducky never made it to the water before Arthur fell asleep.

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Reblog – Window Cleaning by VJ Knutson

M. A Morris is “continually impressed” by VJ Knutson. I feel the same. 🙂 This piece “hit home” for her. Thanks for sharing!

One Woman's Quest

Married addiction
adopted denial
settled for basics

Espoused spirituality
ignored infidelity,
pulled down the blinds.

Believed compassion
could compensate
for indifference.

Limited my outlook
to windows, too insecure
to de-smudge the pane.

Missed the gaping doorways,
the blatant rudeness
of belligerent disrespect

Till withdrawal prompted
accountability, commanded
ownership, changed the lock.

(Image from personal collection.)

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Only Moments

This one HIT HOME in a big way. Please take a moment to immerse yourself in Tom Alexander’s captivating words in this piece. Just lovely!

One of These Years...

Remembering dim rooms
hushed conversation
whispering those compliments
almost embarrassed
trying to communicate the reverence
the pure weight of all this feeling
wading so deep in love

They’re only moments…

Remembering falling rain
buried in each other’s coats
kisses through smiles
desire whilst laughing
being perfectly overwhelmed by someone
the greatness that is all-consuming
swallowed so deeply in love

They’re only moments
so missed, so missing

Today is bright, today is dry
but to feel again that feeling
to feel again
the deepest drowning of love
the greatest feeling

Those moments
only moments
so missed, so missing from my life…

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Hits Home


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