Wordle #460

“I have rights deigned to me as Queen! If history has taught us anything, going to war solves nothing,” I said to the Prime Minister in my office. Arthur is a threat to me and my crown. It certainly is a dismaying situation, one I can hardly afford right now. I believe he is suffering from envy, but I will not waver! I pray I have more sense than that goofy man seems to possess!” I meant to say more, but I was exasperated.

The Prime Minister nodded, understanding Arthur jeopardized the Monarchy with every verbal misstep uttered in public.

Inspired by The Sunday Whirl

Elite Reproduction


Inspired by BrewNSpew – Word of the Week – 5/13/19

Hear ye! Hear ye!
The latest aristocrat has arrived!

Born to a noble station, this lad
will want for nothing except
maybe a little less fame.

All births are precious,
though royalty gets international praise
for squeezing another out.

Paparazzi delights
in another grand subject
added to the elite lineage.

The hoi polloi froth
with the news of this birth.
More gossip to be had about the royal icons.

All this attention
for something women have been
doing since the beginning of time.

This latest effort of reproduction exalted
leaving the average woman wondering,
“where’s my publicity?”