Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #148

my mind wanders
while the heat does its damage
i burnt the toast
focus woman

getting ready for work
oh hell no
i ripped the hose
great way to start a monday

missed the bus too
geez louise
i’ll have to walk, and be late
the boss won’t be happy

damn door clipped the back of my foot
my face feels melted
the rest of me dripping with sweat
what’s this perfection on my desk
awwww, they remembered my birthday

Another Year

Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #133

the date of my birth
will soon come again

as lines on my face
etch deeper

my whole body achier
skin is drier and gravity pulls me down

the will to thrive
still exists

but with each passing celebration
the inevitable draws near

i will falter

Still Here!

Guess what? It’s my birthday today!  

It’s almost unbelievable that I’m 58 years old but that is the reality. It brings to mind the old cliche’ – Time flies when you are having fun. That or it just flies! LOL

Regardless, I am grateful to have come through it, even those moments which left some scars. For the most part, I would say that it’s been a life filled with just the right amount of all the ingredients necessary to reflect back on it and still be able to smile.

My wish for all, especially those who have stood by me, is that you enjoy the times with people who value and care for you and understand YOU are so very important. Always be kind, and when necessary, give of yourself to those in need.

I don’t need anything, really, but I do want a whole lot – not things, but feelings. Most days, I want to feel joy, comfort, love, support, excitement, fun, pleasure, and contentedness, but also to see those I care about having and feeling all those things that leave them satisfied with their own lives. If you’re going to give me anything for my birthday and every day I still have left on this planet, try to remember that I’d like you to be happy. It will impact my life positively. So be kind, be loving, and have the back of those you value. 

That’s all anyone can ask for because the rest is up to us. ❤

Cheers! 🙂

PS. If you do want to give me a gift, please consider voting for my poem – White Washed – to make it into the finals in the America: Color it in Summer contest of The Short Edition, “a French publishing house of short literature: poetry, short stories, and flash fiction. In addition to their online platform, they publish fiction around the world via their Short Story Dispensers for the public to enjoy a serendipitous literary experience, free of charge.” Please and thank you! 😉

To those who have already voted, a big shout-out to you!! Your love and support is greatly appreciated!! Hugs and kisses to the nth degree, you have warmed my heart!! ❤

Another Revolution Around The Sun

This is me today.







This is me at my wedding.

Much has happened in the last 30 years, even more since the day of my birth, 57 years ago. Today, I will wear a smile, no matter what! I always enjoy my birthday!

So many women (and men too!) shy away from owning up to the years they’ve earned. It’s something I’ve never understood. Why not be happy and even proud to say what age you are? Sure we’re getting older, but it doesn’t mean we’re getting worthless as we do. In fact, I’d argue that I’m in the prime of my life as the years tick on. Do body parts age and let me down? Absolutely but that’s the exchange for gaining knowledge and making it to some semblance of wisdom in those later years. I’m very happy to breathe every day and especially on the day of my birth. Because that day was a special day. There is not another human being like me around. I’m unique and for that reason alone, I think people should celebrate their day.

To all my Birthday Twins out there today, and to those who have an upcoming one –