Not Repulsed

subjecting ourselves
to scream-producing eerie things
vile and sick things
or revolting and heave-inducing things

wanting fear to take over
allowing ourselves to be unnerved
a freakish desire for jolts to our nervous system

…what is wrong with us or rather, you?

Accidental Goodness

Mohammad Metri

Nasty little man, I thank you!
So grateful for the misfortune
of meeting your mind.

You didn’t enhance my life.
Funny how it was enriched anyway,
despite your disgustingness.

You introduced me to my new obsession.
Her music soothes my soul
and ratchets it to higher levels.

I gleefully left you behind
to wrap around the
preciousness enveloping me now.

*** I’ve listened to all her music. Not one song has disappointed me yet. I’ve become a huge fan! Give it a listen sometime. 🙂 I hope you enjoy as much as I have.