Life doing its unintentional thing can hurt. 
I weep, pull myself up and move on.

People’s forced recklessness do harm.
I weep inconsolably,
going deeper into my shell.
Feelings amplified in this echo chamber.
Can’t hear the external anymore.
I hide for a while,

working everything out inside.
And I emerge.

I’ve had more than a few.

Originally posted 2/22/2018 on I Write Her.

Reblogs – The Twisting Tail & River Dixon

With or without a disability, life demands we engage, either with the help of others or muster the energy ourselves. In other words, find the strength to carry on, to not fold under the force of circumstances or others. 

Touching Words by The Twisting Tail

If we fail to see 
We are blind 
By ignorance 
If we pretend not to see 
We are blind 
By choice 
We need more 
Than touching words 
For those who have no choice 

This is yours by River Dixon

if on your knees 

you find yourself 

bowing head, hands behind 

your back, begging mercy 

from the boots that march 

trampling those left standing 

who dare to not crumble 

under the illusion of 

their authority, remember 

it is your obedience 

that gives them the key 

to the ivory tower 

your bloody knees mean 

nothing to them, it is 

never enough, submission 

breeds only the need 

for more compliance 

and you will live out 

the rest of your days 

groveling in the rubble 

until they decide it’s 

time to bury you 

along with the rest 

Wicked Strength

Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #255 &
Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Transcending

they called her an evil woman
yet her transcending beauty drew me in
red, fiery locks promising danger
her spikey halo protecting her power

remember what will happen
should you cross me

slowly she lifts the box to reveal the skull
of the man who dared to lay claim to her

remember that i am stronger



Cravenly holding on when both should be letting go. 

It will get better. 

Struggling, wishing for the scenarios of rosier times. 

Hoping it gets better. 

Reality churns out a present of mediocre. 

It’s not getting better. 

Feeling panic and sadness, a demise is imminent. 

It must get better! 

Fade to black… 

Now, I’ll get better. 

Originally posted 7/23/2018 on I Write Her.

Gone Beyond

the chaos of yesteryears
stained wet my face
impeded my advancement
physically, mentally, and emotionally
severely slowed down my progress

when the catalysts came
one after the other
they laid down a tough foundation
raised boundaries forged to protect

as knowledge and wisdom grew
so did my being
where i began, my past ended

June 18 – Wounds I Healed Book Launch & Release Date!!

Below is the description of the anthology as it will appear on Amazon:

Award-winning authors, Pushcart nominees, emerging poets, voices of women and men, come to the fore in this stunning, powerful, and unique anthology. Their poems testify to the challenges that women face in our society, and to their power to overcome them. A memorable collection of over 200 poems by more than 100 authors, this anthology is a must-have for anyone. We all can benefit from the poetry of survival, and of healing. We all can benefit from the experiences so beautifully evoked in this book. We can all come together to emerge triumphant from pain.

On the day of the release, the Book Launch event will be live-streamed via social media, so everyone will have a chance to hear poems from the anthology read by the poets themselves. For further updates check Gabriela’s or Ingrid’s social media accounts:

@shortprose1 (Gabriela Marie Milton)
@Experimentsinfc (Ingrid Wilson)


I’m so excited for this anthology to release soon! Can’t wait to read the incredible voices that are showcased in this powerful book.

2 Pieces Accepted for Wounds I Healed Anthology!!

Good news, first thing this morning! The upcoming anthology Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women notified me that my two pieces My Self Evolving and Loud, were selected! This highly anticipated anthology, edited by Gabriela Marie Milton (Short Prose) and published by Ingrid Wilson (Experiments in Fiction), debuts in early June 2022. I’m grateful they felt my thoughts spoke the message of this anthology—the power and boldness of strong women. Thank you so much, Gabriela and Ingrid.

Stay tuned for more information about its upcoming release!

One For The Ages

with stylish finesse and elegance
her thoughtful movements paved the way
for precision in the realms she inhabited

her decency preceded every interaction
and the civility offered by her
ensured respect for herself and others

even in and especially in times of hardship
the delicacy with which she carried herself
seemingly effortless natural poise oozed from her being

the generous dignity displayed and shown all
heralded goodwill and good outcomes
she roused generations to aspire to greatness

Candice Louisa Daquin

Exulted Flay  

Here the sound of water being circled in machine, washing clean, our plates scraped raw in delight
Here the rustle
of forms, out of focus, lying together with fright
How in
intimacies stitch they need speak no words to convey
A joy as deep
in lasting satiate turning on exulted flay
Here our
mortal coil resolves its eternal ache to meet
A place of
sanctuary for those who wander, must also find their sleep
It’s only
pain daughter
Okay let’s
bring in the shame, have a good look, make it your friend, blaze and fall loose
on dancing hooks
We can’t bear
the suffering so watch the flames die down, to slender remembrances all in a
row, we are golden and then we are dull

Relinquished habits 

Deep below the earth
I might have found you
Climbing from stalagmites
Brushed in clay
There’s a cost for
Relinquished habits
Bowing in bad weather


In the storm
they said goodbye
as car alarms
faltered, testily bleating resentment for torrent
she said; I cannot control anything
her palms up in supplication
as willow
trees, burdened with rain, lowered
growing more sorrowful
white leaves
bleached by last week’s sun
run like
blind mice down street edges heading for

it wasn’t far
from how they felt
saying goodbye
in storm
furiously battling
anyone’s will

Entirety 1

How many
turns of moon, shifts of sea, change of seasons, will pass in glassy dance,
before my empty arms, and untouched skin, shall feel again your weight, your
breath, your familiar smell and warmth, coming into me like returning electricity

shaken loose and firing, starburst over naked souls

How long
before I forget to notice I am waiting, my arms wilted in devout, my breasts
hollow with doubt, there is only time, ticking down in unwilling reminder, you
are gone, you are not here, this body will grow old before it ceases waiting,

the longing remaining like poisoned quill stuck in jugular

Entirety 2

You own me in obsession, I am your slave, I do not exist but when you cast your net wide enough to absorb me into you, this place of belonging, so unwilling and natural, we tumble, we pinch and curl, like hungry spirits, biting life from each other in starving steam of longing, casting fire into water

If you never
come back, I will be like those burnt silhouettes of humans, fallen back
against stick, crushed into waiting stance, faceless, without motion, without
life, a straw effigy of a person who is no more, running after you in her young

lean chase, she knows if she does not catch, her entirety will erase


Never had a
Never had a
Never took an
Never walked
the Stage
Though I
I kept promises
Bon coeur ne peut mentir

Sometimes we don’t
rinse clean through
conventional means
We who are
unbaptized, undocumented
We who skirt
parameters, still paying attention
Hold out
unconventional hands
Bible, without Watchtower, without Torah
in swag of
secret climb, unable to reveal how
we get high
enough to save from drowning


But moon

You remind me

Ghosts are
not alive

And pain

Will fade in

You are whole

Then a sliver


Blind in

To return

Bright And



I will


Be like



Candice Louisa Daquin is a Psychotherapist. She also edits and writes. Daquin was editor of SMITTEN: This Is What Love Looks Like, an anthology of queer female poetry. Inclusiveness and kindness are her mantras. www.thefeatheredsleep.com You can find much of the work she has been involved with or written herself HERE. Also, her poetry has been reblogged on I Write Her many times HERE. I’m a fan! ❤ This is her first debut on The Short of It.


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