Reblogs – Sadje and Joseph A. Pinto

Light, I see it as a metaphor for goodness – finding it, feeling it, and following it – isn’t that what we desire for our lives? If not, what is life then but dimmed?

Light and Darkness by Sadje

Give me light 
I am lost in dark 
I stumble 
Seeking help 
Wandering directionless  
Show me the right path

adaptation by Joseph A. Pinto

i’ve grown used to  
a mind gone closed;  

i’ve gone numb to  
a heart grown cold.

Finding Balance

writing – poetry, fiction, submissions, books, emails
finances – taxes, banking, statements, payments
cleaning – kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, office
laundry – sheets, clothes, towels
eating – healthful, decadent
drinking – water, medicinals, booze
reading – books, ebooks, blogs, notices, email, mail, subtitles
thinking – rehashing, exploring, daydreaming, planning, goals
exercise – for back, for TMJ, for shoulder, for heart
free time

you’d think i wouldn’t get enough sleep, free time or get showered at all!
but you’d be wrong

Beautiful Ugly


I’m simultaneously surrounded by the good I enjoy and all that I despise.

Life is a constant shifting of emotions to achieve balance between distaste and harmony.

Looking for homeostasis. I hope I manage it.

It gets difficult some days.

At times, Yin Yang forces me beyond my capabilities of juggling.

I’m struggling with strength to keep both sides from crashing into me today.