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I was touched by the descriptions you all shared with me. Thank you all for participating in my Loved One prompt earlier this week. There ended up being only one repeated word – caring. Two words – loss and desolate – made me hurt for them. It’s sad to think the most prominent thought about their friend was causing them pain. I will selfishly tell you though that those difficult words and another challenge prompted a good piece of writing from me! Maybe that helps to balance it? Oh, how I love the writing community! The inspiration is everywhere!

Here is something else to think about. This collection of words reflects just one person in your lives. Now multiply that by you having an average of three or four best friends and family.  You are incredibly fortunate to have this closeness in your circle. I’m very happy for you! 🙂

Again, thanks for playing! ❤

93 Words On Depression


slowly erases the night
this new day
as all the others
remains the same
an abysmal state
rises with her

the sun does its best
yet light barely penetrates
the thoughts filled
with heaviness
too much for her to bear
she closes her eyes again

sleep, the buffer
of the damned
the temporary fix
of the tortured
the escape
a necessary evil
for existence

this cycle repeats
until the body
and her mind
releases her
from this dark captivity
she hopes for it
needing relief to be sooner
rather than later

Inspired by Sammiscribbles Weekend Writing Prompt 2-22-20 #145


Reblog – Love in five senses by Wangari Odhiambo

Simply and elegantly stated, I felt the love and the hopefulness in this piece. I hope you do too! Enjoy! 🙂

Wangari Odhiambo

In your eyes,

I see the determination of our love,

In your voice,

I hear the sounds of our heart beats,

In your touch,

I feel the gentleness of your soul,

In your scent,

I smell the love roses blooming for us,

In your Kisses,

I taste our future,

So baby, grab my hand and let us explore this love burning between us.

silhouette of man and woman kissing Photo by Ibrahim Asad on

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Ken Gierke


clear moon on cold night
traveler without shelter
shadows walk on snow


clouds part as rain slows
garden seen under new light
stepping carefully


empty tree branches
silhouetted in the mist
moon wakes as fog clears


high above river
eagle soaring on updraft
cedar clings to cliff 


stars bow to rainfall
leaves drink in welcome relief
hope alive in dreams


the path of water
journey of many unknowns
each drop returning


Ken Gierke started writing poetry in his forties but found new focus when he retired.  This gave him new perspectives, which come out in his poetry, primarily in free verse and haiku.  He has been published at The Ekphrastic Review, Vita Brevis, Tuck Magazine,  and Eunoia Review. His website: RIVRVLOGR


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I Could See Forever

Ishan @SeeFromTheSky – Unsplash

the water and the sand
as pristine as our love
one with nature
as with each other

our arms taut, hands clasped
walking against the wind
tendrils of air
kissing our smiles gently

a new, tender love
basking in this place of peace
willingly embracing the gift
of unrestrained joy

this secluded nirvana
a place from our dreams
heaven on earth
truly we found our paradise

shades of white, blue and green
etched into the fiber of our beings
if only we could stop time
an eternity here seemed not long enough

Opposites Attract



hear your
silent scream
echoing in
the chambers of my achy breaky heart.


Honestly, this open secret is not being very well kept.


french fries and mayo
disgustingly delicious
oddball food combo


our destinies have crossed paths
awfully lucky


Unbiased opinions do not actually exist.

Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #123

Loved One


Everyone has their own perspective on things and feels emotions that don’t necessarily reflect our own. It’s fascinating to me how we interpret what we see or engage with in the world around us. So often, I read the posts of others and I can see how they view the people closest to them in their writings. It’s like stepping into their thoughts and feelings.

I have a collaboration in mind and I do hope you’ll participate. If you are game, that is. And actually, the more who participate, the better it will be!

What I would like you to do, picture in your mind the person you are (or were) closest to and leave the one word in the comments which tells me what you see or feel about them that stands out among all other words. And only one, please! The first description that comes to mind is what I’m looking for.

I will close this out to further commenting on Saturday. Then I hope to create a little magic with the words you have given me. Look for the post on Sunday. This should be interesting! 🙂

The Last Chapter


The exquisite tales spun
come to a close once again.
Leaving adventure behind
and me, in agony.

A pause in the decadence,
excitement and joy.
Left hanging in the abyss
after the final scene.

Oh, but the good stories
last forever though,
revived again and again.
These treasures never die.

May the next threshold
open up a tasteful selection
to fill my needs and desires.
I’m looking for a classic.

Reblog – Haiku – ‘Looking at Himself’ – A poem by Goff James

Goff does a wonderful job of giving us a visual about aging but in addition, I could see the weariness of sorrow from a hard life in this piece. I can even see the face of a man who’s made really bad decisions in his life and now having to live with those truths. Well done!

Art, Photography and Poetry

Image and Poem Attribution © goffjamesart/photography/poetry

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this need for silence
where solace is found
oft leads to introspection
and homeostasis

a select few
can pass the walls
which protect
the emerging strength

when charged and available again
the world a playground
selecting longevity
in a world designed to ambush

but when it’s all too much
i’ll retreat again
to the cocoon
of my salvation