Connection wanted, needed even.

Fantasies fulfilled create a warm shield of protection.

But a damaging interlude pushes itself into and through our sanctuary.

Full-on, satisfying love speeding towards being barely loyal.

Distance is welcomed, disconnection required.

Wounds need healing.

The psyches teeter, the connection as well.

Alteration, on every level, begins to occur.



A Lifetime Ago

Seeing you again offers up visions of days past.

I thought you were lost then.

I knew you once; who are you now?

You were the designer of a better future me.

Is the curiosity worth the investigation?
Picking up where we left off, mixing past and present, a risk worth taking?


I feel like I have control this time. I choose no.


Acrostic Poetry – Thrash


Example of thrashing

Thoroughly breaking down flesh, abusing and

Harshly applying damaging blows to a body.

Results are a bloody carnage, the evidence is atrocious. It’s

Actively and intentionally hurting with cruel weaponry.

Sinister, name of the abuser; doling out

Hurt that is unimaginable.


Face Wide Open

My being is expressive.

It’s not complicated, just hardly understood.

Listen with your eyes as I ripple towards you.

I love, it’s a smile.

There’s anger, it’s a scowl.

Shiny eyes, I’m laughing with you.

Tears falling, there’s a devastation occurring.

Reaching for you, I need your touch.

Not making eye contact, you’ve lost me.

If the last thing you see is my back, I’m gone.