Monica St. Hillaire



In the dead of night,
A nightingale sings aloud;
Ants crawl near the nest.


Bighorn sheep combat!
Simultaneous headbutt;
Lamb runs down mountain.


Two glasses of wine,
Enhance festoon laid table;
Violinist plays…


Alongside the barn,
Harnessed Oxen stride forward;
Axe lays near the shed.


Stratus clouds above,
Combined with misty morning;
Warm tea rests on porch.


On a cattle farm,
Dog’s bark alarm Steers to flee;
Red fox walks away.




Monica St Hillaire: Aspiring Writer – Writing has always been a passion of mine. Compiling words together will always be a challenge I shall withstand. My desire, to be the best Wordsmith I can be. A lover of traditional and modern Haiku, a field I hope to one day master.



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Life Is Off

K. Mitch Hodge – Unsplash

moving purposefully
in this small space
idle productivity

and everyone
standing still
while the world shifts

close contact
feels extinguished
but not
the craving

a need for warmth
in a world
that seems to
have gone cold

a temporary situation
they say
this depression is too


May you all have enough distance to be safe and
connected with sufficient love to remain sane.

Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #129


Let me begin by saying, there are individuals who absolutely, positively, through no fault of their own, possess any capacity for intelligence. I get it and I’m not discussing that segment of our population. It is beyond their control and abilities, and are not being judged in this opinion piece.

The term stupid is considered derogatory, and yet, also a statement of fact about someone’s intelligence. A stupid person is one who tends to make poor decisions or careless mistakes because of a lack of intellect or understanding. The implication being that stupid people require more knowledge or education. However, even when given more information, they are not likely to absorb it properly. I see part of the problem as an unwillingness on their part to comprehend additional information. Another part is the lack of critical thinking skills. That’s the reality.

It would seem that many stupid people want to stay at their own ignorance level instead of proactively making the effort in understanding the issues, problems, and concerns surrounding their current situations needing dealt with. Throw into that lack of intelligence unfettered emotions that add absolutely no value to a problematic situation and well, you see, you have a mess. This scenario just leads to no resolution and generally more confusion for the stupid person. And frustration to those around them who are impacted by the stupid person’s poor choices and decisions.

I’m not sure if this current COVID-19 situation brought these thoughts out in me or if it’s 45’s (lack of) leadership that has irked me to no end. And just so you understand, I’m feeling more than just irked.



Reblog – dark again

It is dark now but the light will come back again. This piece so eloquently expresses we must proactively seek out hope. Reality will eventually catch up.

Breaking the silence

anxiety born to be hidden

just like everything else

except the mask

never the mask

for it serves as a shield


followed with confusion

relapsing fear

breaking illusion


limited distraction

but important factor

inevitable now

when I feel down.

making art

to let my pain out

determined to fight

to exit the dark

when I start to write

and in aftermath of all my crises

resilient hope still thrives

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Reblog – Woman

May we always reclaim the greatness in ourselves, whatever the circumstances we face! This piece hit home for me in a big way. ❤


Letting go
caused me to recover
the whole woman I was
prior to you being my lover.

In those difficult times
of sleepless nights;
the many tears that flowed,
of numerous heartfelt sorrows.

I reclaimed my power
as of a woman goddess,
that had once subtly relinquished
herself while in love,
to a short-lived
tangled life;
of what could
never be….

a diminishing of,
the great woman in me.


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Wordle #449


We were trapped now. The stash of toilet paper I had on hand would get us through for a bit. Eventually, we’d need to venture out, walk amongst others as if in a maze to avoid them. What has this great land become? The social media chatter says everything is a wreck. The last thing heard, “It’s a democratic hoax!” Oh, crawl back from under the rock from which you came! I wish I were armed, and he right in front of me. But instead, I proceeded to saw off my arm, which held my phone: crazy times, crazy measures.

Inspired by The Sunday Whirl

Taking My Temperature


almost too afraid
to see what the reality is
cutting myself off
to existence
stopping the spread
saving my fellow man

feeling like a hero
hearing of others dying
melancholy interjected with pride
the new reality
is a confusing dichotomy
where do we go from here

holding on by a thread
staying the course
whilst feeling adrift
a unique sign of the times

who knew 2020 would be about a microscopic entity and not the cheeto?