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Hi everyone! I will be taking a writing break for the next couple of weeks as my focus needs to be elsewhere. This means the IWH Interpretations Challenge will be on hold until  December 3rd. But I will continue to have daily posts of previously unpublished pieces for you to enjoy which I scheduled in advance. Feel free to comment, I’ll still check-in and respond.

So for now, I will leave you with the recap of the Interpretations submissions from last week. Please go check out the authors!

Be well!


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Fake, Not Dope


Presenting the gaggle, yes you.

Oh, do keep your insincerity down.

You sit and throw compliments at each other.

Faux kisses languishing in the air.

So loud as to not be believed.

You support nothing but your own agendas.

Every group has a leader who runs them.

One kowtows in silence for rewards of pleasure.

Another wants to be liked to the detriment of others.

The other doesn’t want to go against the crowd.

What a group of insincere cowards.

You spout off privately “reality, being genuine, love.” then act like little plastic dolls.

You wouldn’t know what real was if it hit you in the face.

Oh yeah, it has, but you dismiss it.

Authenticity doesn’t really fit in your group, or?

Well, fuck you.

Real people don’t hang with fake bitches anyway.


*Originally published here 3/21/18 


Thank you, Freya!! ❤ Here is the second of three pieces accepted by Pure Haiku. Enjoy!


pacts made with honor

life hacks away at purpose

strength of will dissolves

© Susi Bocks 2019

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This haiku is part of our theme of Disintegrate.

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Wordle #429

Inspired by The Sunday Whirl

The true thick brew tastes salty. It needs more milk and caramel. Sipping this concoction, I begin wondering about these millennials like the college-educated barista behind the counter. As individuals, I’d say they are responding to the current climate as expected, and I even think appropriately. I’d do the same, and I’m a boomer. They come away resembling a champ in my book. I like spunk. Give those boomers their marching orders, I say! The younger generation has rights too, you know!

I hand the barista my business card. “Luscious drink, tiger!” I said with a wink.

Past Lies


“Whites saw Indians as obstacles to settlement, not rightful proprietors. Whites possessed presumptive rights because they represented a superior civilization. Indians were merely “savages”, incapable of putting the land to its highest possible use.” “Feel-good morality tales, in which the good guys can do no wrong and the bad guys can do no right, are far from harmless. They feed the notion that one side, inspired by righteousness, possesses the right to kill. They fuel the destructive cycle of revenge, for the villainous acts committed by the bad guys must be avenged. The emotions stirred in stories such as The Patriot are elemental but base: we want the enemy to go down. Justice is achieved through killing.”
Ray Raphael, author of Founding Myths – Stories That Hide Our Patriotic Past

This thought-process explains why the military defense gets over half of the US budget. The mindset of the powerful is and has always been one of conquest. They expect everyone to feel the same and fall in line. Those who whitewash history know this. It’s precisely why our children don’t learn the reality of this country’s past as teachers shovel feel-good stories about patriotism. The United States tries to deflect on every level all the shit they have done.

It’s disgusting.