Reblog – The Writer’s Anguish

Reading this, in what I think the tempo requires, you can really feel the lethargy and depression in this piece. It totally resonates with some moments I’ve experienced in my own life, how about yours?

Ramblings Of A Fragile Mind

I don’t
I have
to say


will be


So I
wait to
pick up
my pen


For I
fear I
know how


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Reblog – Fall by Steph J. Millz

Is restoration ever possible? This piece highlights the depths we go to and quite possibly never recover from.

New Beginnings

Nothing has been the same since you left.

I am far from myself.

Trying to be things I feel I cannot.

It isn’t what you would want from me.

You knew the real me. You had accepted it with open arms & wanted me to stay that way. It was something that should have been so easy to do.

In fact it was.

But it was not easy for me somehow.

Incompetent I am for failing to do a simple task.

How I wish I could revert to that last time we spoke. Had I known it would be the final time, my words would be rearranged to keep you. To give myself a final chance to prove myself.

Every time I look back I that day, I consider it one of my biggest failures.

Because time after that has me filled with so much regret for all of my…

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Reblog – Falling on Deaf Ears by Dorinda Duclos

Worthy of sharing as so many I know have dealt with similar situations. Take care of yourself if you find yourself in a relationship like this.

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

How do I make you hear
Better still, understand
When my words fall
On deaf ears, am I
But a hum, or drone
You have so easily
Tuned out, turned off
Or is it you who simply
Does not care to listen
Muting the sounds
Too full of yourself
To admit wrong
Ignoring the signs
You need help
Or to notice
I am right

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0

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Wordle #466

my life’s flow is interrupted
as depression, the heavy chain
drapes me to slow and weigh me down
the black raven caws
will i ever mend
as i circle the drain
calling your name
in this shallow grave
i hear the chime to rebound
but awakening is like wispy lace
no strength and no trace of me here
as i vote silently to remain hidden in tears

Radhika Puttige

topless man sitting on brown and black block
Photo by Anfisa Eremina on


dark feelings engulf
trepidation clouds senses
imprisons present


inner core ruptures
scorching lava sizzles out
wreaks crimson umbrage


quintessence consumed
drowned in infernal abyss
extinct emotions


a veneer disguise
contrived emotions displayed
dubious motives


lonesome soul cringes
a foreboding gloom pervades
silent cry echoes


Radhika’s writings reflect her thoughts and ruminations on life. While she mostly writes poetry, her blog Radhika’s Reflection is a potpourri of photographs, prose, and musings. She recently published her first book of haiku and poetry titled Eclectic Verses, which is available on Amazon.


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Life Is Off

K. Mitch Hodge – Unsplash

moving purposefully
in this small space
idle productivity

and everyone
standing still
while the world shifts

close contact
feels extinguished
but not
the craving

a need for warmth
in a world
that seems to
have gone cold

a temporary situation
they say
this depression is too


May you all have enough distance to be safe and
connected with sufficient love to remain sane.

Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #129