Wordle #456


Water droplets on the goblet trickled elegantly down the sand-etched Lady Liberty logo. There’s that word again—one spoken so often nowadays. Usually, by the ignorant, trigger happy, ready for the chance to kill something with their guns type people. Everyone else around doing the delicate dance of feeling frightened and acting normal when they meet them up close or see them approaching in the distance. Should we shy away or approach confidently? It’s a feeling of trying to breathe normally while feeling afraid, likely about to die. And why do they always try to make us feel like the loser?


Inspired by The Sunday Whirl

No More Doing Nothing


I hear you.

All your loud voices broadcast anger, frustration, desperation.
Rightly so.

I see the care, empathy, and concern.
Rightly so.

I’m feeling the impavid feistiness of your direction.


I can see your determination manifest change.

Make that blockade of white suits bow before you.

Shut down that noise in your face telling you no.

Strike down the smug betrayers of your future.

Ride with the forcible waves of support behind you.

And make the future we failed to give you
a better place than where you’ve risen up from.

You deserve to reside there.

I love you.