Dizzy With Words

what would life look like
to think purposefully
not intrusively
being bombed by 50k thoughts
all of the time
unwelcome thoughts derailing my mind

never experienced before
sleeping is the closest i’ll come
and even then
i’m unaware
as to what that peace feels like

maybe this is why i write
hoping the words fall out
instead of staying in my head
the chaos of thoughts
becoming organized on paper

Reblogs – Little Charmer & Christine Bolton

Our wounds can be many and possibly permanent, but our thoughts need to land emotionally to promote healing within; directly spoken to those who hurt us or expressed publicly for ourselves and others to see we can move on. The expression of pain can release us from it.

Seared by Little Charmer

I guess 
That is 
The thing 
With scars 
They remain 
In place 
A showcase 
Of the body’s 
All those links 
It cannot sever 

Train of Thought by Christine Bolton

Your words live 
in my thoughts 
Sometimes they delight 
and are invited to stay 
Other times they wound 
and I show them the door 
They feed my heart 
Nourish my soul 
and thoughts 
become my words 
flowing freely 
back to you 
When words harm 
they linger in my head 
slowly poisoning 
a bruised spirit 
And I cannot 
speak to you 
Instead I write 
my thoughts 
that spew forth 
like demons 
from my body 
So you might understand

Reblogs – Shanyu & Reena Saxena

Let the words fall out…

I am a poem by Shanyu

I came looking for a place to write upon your skin,
But it was far too gentle.
To hold the weight of my words.

I bought a sheet instead.

I went hunting for words in your precious smile,
But it hid pain far too vicious.
For me to even tame.

I bought a dictionary instead.

When I finally came looking for poetry in those lucid eyes,
Even the calm of your hazel dreams.
Jolted wide awake.

I could not buy a poem,
So I became one instead…

Escape from Oblivion by Reena Saxena

unspoken words
floating in steam
on coffee cups
trapped in prisons

eager to break
cages in air
and fly away
captured by keys

-a richer space
with all that’s lost
in deep silence

thoughts thank the keys
on man-made boards
for shapes given
in expression

On Poetry


Inspired by Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt – Surreal & Reena’s Exploration Challenge #225

my muse leads me down a magical path
into a land of the surreal
yet laced within reality

thoughts of wisdom emerge
intertwined in the insanity
a balance of this and that

finding meaning in words
gives us precious guidance
poetry is insight given and paths taken

Hello Again, WordPress Friends and Community!


The month of August was wonderful! Not only did I celebrate my 59th birthday but I enjoyed a lovely vacation with my husband in Mexico. Taking a step back from blogging gave me the much needed rest I was hoping for.

Not to say there weren’t some ups and downs. We enjoyed some excitement in Cancun due to Hurricane Grace! Thankfully, it was only a Category 1 but we experienced heavy winds! Oh, and our room ended up with lots of water. You can see how beautiful the beach was afterwards. The rest of the vacation was lovely and it was so hard to say goodbye.

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments on my Peace Out post, I hope I didn’t miss responding to anyone. If I did, please let me know! Also, since I didn’t read any blogs in August, please do share any links you think I should check out.

One of the reasons I wanted to take off August was to get back what felt had been missing in my writing. After much thought and reflection, I think it came down to me feeling pressured to provide content and specifically not the content I want to put out. So, I’ve decided that I will continue to do my reblogs three times a week, the challenges I’ve always participated in, and create new poetry the rest of the time. And I will only post once per day. Of course, this will change slightly when I post the featured The Short of It writer every Friday starting in January 2022.

I will no longer do stories because that just isn’t what turns me on the most about writing. My initial intent with IWH was to speak the truth about myself including occasional opionating and pontificating, sharing my thoughts and being philosophical, dredging up the past on worked through issues and sharing the writing of others’ precious work. I want to get back to my roots, so to speak. Stories, especially the ones from 5 Day Tales/Kindle Vella or anything more than 100 word stories requires a different kind of creativity that isn’t really the direction I want my writing to take.

Following this new schedule will allow me more time to submit my creations elsewhere but more importantly, by limiting daily posts, I will have more time for creativity. And hopefully, meet a need for those readers who read my contributions every day.

Speaking of Kindle Vella – please don’t forget you can read those stories uploaded for free if you use the FREE tokens they gave to the new readers! Every story that is read does pay a divident to the author, so please, go read them!! Thank you!

For your convenience, here are all the stories on Amazon!

The Little Red Suitcase

The Boss

Dipped in Yellow

Falling from the Tree

The Dark Park

An American Conflict


The Shifting Sands

Led Astray


The Passageway

Bridge to the Stars

Secrets Between Lovers

News on The Short of It Submissions – it started off with a lot of interest and I’ve been in contact with many who have already been accepted and are scheduled to be featured in January – April! For those who sent in their submissions while I was off, I promise to be getting to you soon! 🙂 I’m so grateful for your support. And if you haven’t sent anything in yet, there is still time. Submissions will be accepted until December 31st.

That’s all for now! See you again tomorrow. ❤

Peace Out

This is a message to all my readers, whether you’ve been here since the beginning a little over three and a half years ago or just started following me. While I have appreciated all the support, the interaction, the comments and the love, it’s time for me to take a rest and step back.

I’ve felt a gnawing in my brain that is taking bites out of my creativity. This has left me feeling empty while producing daily contributions to the blog. While I’m not lacking for inspiration, I do not feel as inspired and for this reason, I need to take some time to figure out where I need to head next. I’m sure it will be writing, always, but I need to understand if it means continuing such structured blogging as before or not.

I know many of those people who’ve been following the stories were expecting my next one to arrive on Kindle Vella in August but my brain, in its current state, has not found “the story” yet. Because I’ve been struggling to create it these last few weeks, with still nothing more than a few concepts and no material, this is what prompted me to decide to take the time off. I didn’t want to continue to feel so pressured to deliver when it seems I’m just not able to.

In addition, from taking a break from writing and reading blogs on WordPress, I will also leave Social Media behind for the most part. I do think this desire to detach is coming from feeling burned out. And this comes from many things – Covid, politics mostly – with a bit of aging and the new problems that come with it. I need a break!

For those of you who have submitted to The Short of It, rest assured that I will be still fully engaged in the reading of all your work and will communicate with you via email about the status of your contributions.

So, this is my last post for this month and I will be back in September. I will read your comments today, but after today, I’ll be off of WP until next month. Hopefully, by then I will have figured out a way forward. I appreciate your patience and understanding! I love you all!

The Rhythms Of The Day

Mike Von – Unsplash

i arise beginning the morning routine
brushing and showering away
bacterial colonies having sprung up during the night

greasing down the cracks and ashy skin
donning either pajamas or street clothes
it depends – maybe stepping out but probably staying in

slipping on worn out house shoes
shuffling across the floorboards
a short trip to the kitchen

a steaming morning cocktail needs preparing
i await its consumption, promising zest
to awaken this still sleep-filled mind

a push of the button on the blender
containing protein, vegetables and fruits
loudly swirls its nutrient-dense meal

the dishes in the sink beg for attention
my computer is more insistent
you’ll just have to wait

read, read, read – hundreds of emails needing attention
clack, clackity, clack – creativity is unleashed
write, send, await a response

project one – putting on additional deails
project two – just begun
project three – nah, let’s wait till tomorrow

i’m coming dishes and exercises
and other things i don’t want to do
what shall dinner be today

couch time, tv time, hubs time
catching up with gossip, whining and lovin’
getting satiated on food and drink

the hours always seem to pass too quickly
if only i had 24 times 2 hours in a day
then i see all that i’ve accomplished

… and i wonder why i’m tired at the end of the day