Tuned In

the hustle and bustle around me
a layer i observe but don’t hear
isolated from the bubbles of others
trying to assimilate

there goes my gently bouncing head
the shoulders follow in synchronicity
to the rhythm of the music

i settle into the warm pocket
of my own construct
this created isolation

smooth vibes

swaying in this soothing world
the melodies touching my soul
moving slowly through lyrical liquid

if only i didn’t ever have to put my phone on airplane mode

Originally posted August 16, 2018 on I Write Her. Published today with revisions.


our combustion 
triumph of the senses
you reveal your need
i quiver with desire
this is one way lovers communicate

with a sigh 
the moment fades
the fire cracking no more
an expansive breath is taken in

the curtains filter out the early sun
as we recover from being undone
i turn to you once more
reach below for maybe one more go
i want to feel the shimmering in my mind again

Exit Strategy

i hope i leave this world

and not in the sense
that i’ve treated it well
(although i did)
with my presence

and not that i vainly want
to be good looking when i do

i mean

i don’t want to be jaded
not ruined by it
and not consumed wholly by the living of it

you know
exit classy, sassy and a little bad-assy
leave with a smile on my face
because i enjoyed the ride tremendously


when sweet, bitter, sour, salty, savory and meaty mingle
hearty rivers of saliva flow
mouths expectedly inhale each flavor
raucous stomachs delight in being fed
as every standout bite is relished
taste buds are gleefully entertained
by this colorful and appetizing feast

when it all comes together just right
we are satiated

Inspired by Eugi’s Causerie Weekly Prompt – Mingle


go for it
follow your instincts
put your pedal to the metal
full steam ahead

no one tells you as you do
that struggling is a part of the journey
it’s hard work
chasing your dreams

i hope you remember
to be playful and filled with joy
as you hit all those milestones
the markers of your success

Burgundy Moon

with lightly treading steps
inhaling deep the richness before me
the breath of the trees
fill my lungs with purity

the tinged mist all around
and the reddish-pinkish orb barely there
brown thin tendrils reach to the sky
as if clamoring to hug it

the magic of this night draws me in
the whispers of the woods fill my head
as if begging for a dance under the burgundy moon
mystery and enchantments guide me further in

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

may contentment be ever present
in the lows and the highs
as your actions balance your future

may this path chosen
further your greatness
define your course and your truths

and ever keep you in the direction
most suited for what you desire
may you achieve success and satisfaction

fulfill your dreams – be whole and happy