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Acceptance in Anthologies

Literary Magazines and other publications

Getting recognition for my efforts is so exciting! Below you’ll find the exciting news about accepted pieces. I’m so very grateful to have my work reviewed and published by other people and their outlets! The work they are doing to further writers is to be commended. Because of their efforts to provide new content, I’m so happy to welcome and engage new readers here at I Write Her. It is appreciated!

10/23/21 Perpetual Pain – Edge of Humanity

10/15/21 Perpetual Pain – MasticadoresUSA

9/16/21 My Disappearance – MasticadoresUSA

5/25/21 Downpour, Ennui, and Going Down in Through the Looking Glass Anthology – Published by Indie Blu(e)

4/20/21 Will As A God – Edge of Humanity

4/14/21 Mangia! – Edge of Humanity

4/10/21 Prolific Pulse Heart Beats Reading

4/5/21 Prolific Pulse Coffee Table Reading – Social Justice discussion & “The Sound of Brilliance” readings

3/27/2021 Heart Beats – Prolific Pulse Press Anthology

3/18/21 Reena’s Exploration Challenge #176 – If you are a book, what would the cover look like?

12/6 & 12/10/20 Arturina Theme – Pure Haiku

11/28/20 Life Is Off & Taking My TemperatureLife in Quarantine Project

11/20/20 Arturina Theme – Pure Haiku

11/7/20  Status QuoShame On Us and Emptying in As the World Burns anthology – Published by Indie Blu(e)

10/16/20 Poet Interview with Lisa Tomey – Prolific Pulse Poetry Podcast #10

9/4/20 Finalist – The Short Edition – America: Color it in!

8/30/20 Poetry: The Memoir of the Soul Podbean Podcast – Barbara Leonhard

7/11 & 7/21/20 Dancing Goddess Theme – Pure Haiku

7/1/20 Haiku Journal #65 – Prolific Press

6/8, 6/10, 6/12, 6/14, & 6/16/2020 Translucent Theme – Featured Writer – Pure Haiku

6/1/2020 The Short of It Press Release – Edge of Humanity Magazine

4/3/20 Tanka Journal #9 – Prolific Press

1/28/20 I’m Fine – The Sketchbook Project

12/25/19 With Awe In Their Eyes – Spill Words Press

12/20/19 Accepted into Poets&Writers Directory

12/3/19 Language of Woods – Spill Words Press

11/18/19 Three Line Poetry – Issue #51- Prolific Press

11/8, 11/10, & 11/17/2019Disintegrate Theme – Pure Haiku

10/20/19 Down Through The Ages – Spill Words Press

10/19 Deviant Bent in SMITTEN Anthology – Published by Indie Blu(e) Spoken poetry at Sound Cloud

9/5/19 Not a Stranger, Wounds and Barriers, and Weathered – Scarlet Leaf Review

7/1/2019 Broken – The Fictional Cafe

6/7/2019 Cold Hearts – Spill Words Press

4/19/2019 Wind on the Plains – Vita Brevis Literature

4/1/2019 Eclosing– Pure Haiku

3/20/2019 Unintentional Destination – Literary Yard

3/20/2019 Poet Interview – Debatably Dateable 

3/19/2019 Determined – Pure Haiku

2/27/2019 Abandoned – The Drabble

1/12/2019 Ennui