Life In A Cruel World

Armin Lotfi

Being deaf wouldn’t lessen the atrocities I see around me.
Being blind doesn’t shield me from the screams of anguish.
Being mute won’t stop the tears I’d shed in agony.
Being paralyzed can’t keep me from helping when there’s a need.

Being ignorant puts off the inevitable.
They say ignorance is bliss.
But even the ignorant can feel pain.
It’ll come. Just wait for it.

Progress – Change Columbus Day To National Indigenous Day


We currently celebrate Columbus Day as a Federal Holiday. We’ve known for a while Christopher Columbus was not the one who discovered America AND he was not a very good person. Columbus participated in the slave trade, brought disease to North America and helped to eradicate a large population where he landed.

Why would we still honor this type of person or celebrate him? Let’s honor the true people who should be celebrated, the Native Americans. They sacrificed so much of their culture and people to become what the USA is today. THAT is the truth and supporting this petition would go a long way to eradicate the white-washing we see all too often about our American history.

Please support this so we can present it to those who could change this current holiday.

Sign here to support the petition.

Thank you!