Terry Susi

with unabashed intent
i go forward
towards my end game

smile more, bitch say they
who have no ambition
or who settle for a simple existence

it’s more than just survival
thriving in an unmoved world
takes focused energy and effort

getting what i want
presents a good look
showing it in my stride

living by my design
guarantees me joy
and confidence

who doesn’t want a life like that?



What began with a hellish entrance, should hopefully end with a tranquil release.

Early on, I didn’t know I aspired to be wise. Learning is one challenge that never ends. Lessons bombard us irrationally throughout the entirety of our reality.

I only hope my end game has seen just enough experiential, peaceful growth from comforting knowledge so my essence feels it is ready to go.


Cody Davis

coloring outside the lines
from early on
disciplined often
she didn’t play well with others

rebellious and obnoxious
loud and proud
seeking attention
needing to be heard

she found the majority
were not her clan
so proud to be dissentient
always doing things her way

mostly on the outside
peering in
headstrong and defiant
a breed born of dysfunction

but she was strong and capable
a mover and shaker
mystifying the competition
finding her peace anyway