Listen Here, You

Jenna Hamra – Pexels

Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #185

at times
life will be monumentally hard
you got this

at times
joy appears as if out of nowhere
relish those moments

at times
friends will disappoint
they’re human just like you

at times
love will save the day
that’s its purpose

at times
let acceptance, happiness, forgiveness, and pure intentions guide you
live your life honorably

Reblogs – Penny Wilson & VJ Knutson

As writers and poets, our work reveals our response to the people, places, and things we encounter. Sometimes, we provide wisdom too. But mostly, we unveil who we are.

Who You Read On the Page by Penny Wilson

Who you read  
on the page  
is a process  
of excavating  
one’s mind  
not your  
the writer’s  
to unveil  
the meaning  
the intent  

Facing Truths by VJ Knutson

I am gregarious 
eagerly anticipating 
the unknown 

But the subconscious 
alights on old stories 
gathers sanctimonious 
rumours of unworthiness 
spits out shame 
and rage 

Reveals the truth – 
I am vulnerable. 



i feel the incessant battles
of internal opposing forces
my personal war

feelings clashing
emotions raging
peace alluding me
rational thoughts tip-toe in intermittently

it’s a daily challenge
every minute
of every day

seeking tranquility in the chaos
hoping for a forced equilibrium
but usually tossed about by my innate human nature

developing intentional maturity
gains me some stability
slow and teetering baby steps
in the direction of wisdom

age and experience lend a hand
slowing down the urge to take up arms
so fed up
and just tired and weary

the beginning of acceptance
or true insight
not really sure

the continual striving for harmony during this brief stint
a life well-lived
i hope

with death comes peace
ending a lifetime of struggle
balancing the scales

i will not know it though
sure doesn’t seem fair

Originally published 8/13/2018 on I Write Her. Reposted with revisions.



Life is an ever-changing plan of existence.

Let’s sing a song of acceptance, being perfect already.

The layers of uniqueness, whatever the condition,

accept them, revel in them, love them, and Just Be you.

It’s not perfect, but it’s mine. Tim Minchin

Originally posted 7/30/2018 on I Write Her.



There you are, hidden in the magic. 

The mystery of personhood waiting to evolve. 

Wishing to be found, but stuck deep within. 

Fear shutters the essence of being so much of the time. 

It takes courage to push off the debilitating, oppressive hand of inadequacy. 

Defeat gives us rage to rise up and out. 

Or not. 

Show our true selves or remain comfortably nestled within?

Originally published July 18, 2018 on I Write Her.



Originally posted on I Write Her 7/8/2018. Published here with revisions.

my thoughts are unique
or are they
am i an original
or just a borrower from the inspirers of my past
i fear the quality words
will all have been spoken
i wonder when it’ll all have been said
will my voice be muted before i die
before i leave my mark…

My Self Evolving

Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #197 & Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt – Journey

my life, this winding and criss cross journey
enduring the setbacks nature often offers
forces an accounting of my true self’s mission

while i critiquely reflect within my soul
the revelation – the person i see in the mirror is not me
it hurts that i’ve lived with this stranger for so long

i vow

no more continuing to plod along how others want me
i’ll take the reins now to forge paths more to my liking
my destiny means claiming my glory and being wholly present