Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #237 – Zeitgeist
& Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt – Opalescence

the zeitgeist of the 70s
shimmering opalescence
of hope
springing forth
what we thought

powerful crusty men
attempt to dim our light
by deciding our future
i ache with a desire to fight
for and with my sisters

never in my lifetime
had i thought we’d be subjected
to this orchestrated control
forced upon us
our bodies
once again not our own

My Decision

Karl-Ludwig Poggemann

Inspired by GO DOG GO CAFÉ – Tuesday Writing Prompt #1 and #2


pro-life chants
challenging the
pro-choice crowd

both sides
waging war
on the other

where you stand
doesn’t make you
a monster

course of action taken
won’t mean
you’re cruel

but what to do
when crushed dreams happen
after accidents