i feel the incessant battles
of internal opposing forces
my personal war

feelings clashing
emotions raging
peace alluding me
rational thoughts tip-toe in intermittently

it’s a daily challenge
every minute
of every day

seeking tranquility in the chaos
hoping for a forced equilibrium
but usually tossed about by my innate human nature

developing intentional maturity
gains me some stability
slow and teetering baby steps
in the direction of wisdom

age and experience lend a hand
slowing down the urge to take up arms
so fed up
and just tired and weary

the beginning of acceptance
or true insight
not really sure

the continual striving for harmony during this brief stint
a life well-lived
i hope

with death comes peace
ending a lifetime of struggle
balancing the scales

i will not know it though
sure doesn’t seem fair

Originally published 8/13/2018 on I Write Her. Reposted with revisions.

Abating Sins

the slickness of my tongue in youth
divulged my immaturity
when speaking untruths to get my way

at the liquor store
with a fake id
batting eyelashes for rum

at school
with drama-filled explanations
of why homework wasn’t turned in

at home
the walls cringing with angst
from screams between generations

at parties
braggadocious and vain
impressing the girls and boys for attention

as a fledgling human
i excelled in drama
yet aging now prefers that the lies come to an end

Beauty In An Ugly Place


Awaken in you the love for yourself. 

Rise up even more in the feelings of empathy and compassion. 

Channel that goodness outwards. 

Free others to feel the same in their skin. 

Lift them up to greater heights. 

Incite others to follow a path of love. 

Your beauty will continue to become more elaborate but distinct. 

Change the world until it becomes more inhabitable. 

Originally posted on 7/29/2018 on I Write Her.

A Portal Beckoning

if only getting to the other side
was as easy as stepping over the jagged rocks
into a picture frame of natural perfection

happiness and grace seem utterly within reach
fostering desires of leaving behind what’s pulling us back
with concerted efforts we move ourselves forward to a better place

while our surroundings may be deceiving us
intention towards fulfillment is not
being travellers towards our destiny brings the fortune we are deserving of

Reblog – Even the Old Oak by Byung A. Fallgren

I commented that this piece captures the feeling that we are limited at times even when we have great aspirations. Byung matched her beautiful words with a most appropriate image. Enjoy!

Nick Della 400 yearold Angel Oak, in a park in Charleston South Carolina.

Four hundred years old Angel Oak in Charleston Carolina. 
Photo by Nick Della Volpe–

Even the Old Oak

her desire 
to be the vein
of the sky
a dream

©Byung A. Fallgren 

Finding A Way Home

i cling to this life with determination
boldly seeking the right directions to take
while some moments require reflection
other times swift and decisive actions

i trust in the wisdom graciously shared
and my savvy rightfully gained
it leads me to side-step making poor decisions
those which would leave me flailing and without support

i am confident and fortunate
moving forward with staunch efforts
to achieve progress and healing
so that only love resides within me