Doctor’s Hours

Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #128

the cobwebs of the day grew thicker
even coffee proved useless
after three ten-hour shifts
mucking around in and on the bodies of those ravaged
by detrimental accidents necessitating ER visits
an assembly line of in-home, highway, work, and all other accident producing places
a mild laceration from slicing oranges
to a hand versus garbage disposal situation
or fists breaking windows following jaws broken by fists
to anaphylactic shock from eating peanuts
using a scale of 1 – 10
i witnessed and fixed hundreds of every number
i was exhausted
it was time to go home

my decision to stay for the third shift
may not have been my best
as i watched cones laid around
my mangled car
the overturned truck and its driver
unconscious but thankfully breathing, unlike me
my dead and bloodied body on the pavement still
the red life liquid from my corpse almost reaching the closest cone

if only i’d stayed in my lane

The Chieftain


Mike Martin had a reputation for being a hard boss. Not just your run-of-the-mill difficult but the exceptionally prickish kind. The people who worked for him took a lot of abuse – along with condescension, irrational demands, and a gross amount of unwillingness to compromise.

Quitting him meant you wore a badge of honor and ended up in the “I survived Mike Martin” Club! No more taking his shit, and your life would return to sanity once more.

Hurray! He just lost another employee. Poor unable-to-take-no-for-an answer Mike, pretty soon he’ll be an empire of one fending for himself.



STIL – Unsplash

wild new position
i am pulling out my hair
boss sad but thankful

**Side note – I just started a remote administrative support position. That’s what prompted this piece. Two days in and it really has been exciting, but feeling a bit overwhelmed! So much to learn, so many tasks to perform. I know this feeling of not having it all under control shall pass soon, it’s only part-time and nothing I do will be the end of the world if I get something wrong initially. Keep putting one foot in front of the other…

Wish me luck! 🙂



Feeling full
of stuff to do
things to read
thoughts to write
and falling behind

Pressured and agitated
need to step back
and organize
my normal life cycle
trying to prioritize

I hope my friends
will understand
it’s not you but me
Took on a big chunk
and catching up

Busy and isolated
stuck more in my head
than is necessary
for my health
and recognizing it

Seems I’m not the only one