Reblog – They Sway In The Wind

I fell in love with this simple yet complicated image. It’s as if the struggle of existence was captured precisely but also the ease of it at times. Maybe I’m reading more into it than I should but it definitely drew me in. I hope you enjoy it.

End of Bliss


I Write Her


Love, becoming one.

Intensity together.

Then pain. Two again.

**The image prompted a reliving of my personal moment but click here for what inspired the artist to create this beautiful sculpture. Click here to see another perspective of the moving version.

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Reblog – Spotlight Art presented by Goff James – June Wildflowers – Painting of the day by Julian Raven

For all my friends who enjoy visual art. This one grabbed my attention. 🙂

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Painting Attribution © Julian Raven, June Wildflowers, 2014

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Blue Turtle ComiX Collaboration!

I might as well share some more good news since I’m really kinda back already. LOL

Matt Snyder, creator of the The Prolific Potpourri blog, also notable for his Blue Turtle ComiX invited me to collaborate him. Having never done this type of writing, I wasn’t sure if I would do it justice but I happily accepted and this comic is what he produced. So freakin’ cool! Enjoy!

Blue Turtle ComiX: NYE 2021

Also if ANYONE is interested in collaborating with me on this comic or anything else, hit me up at

As The World Burns Is Now Available!!!

I’m so happy to share that this book has published!! It is such a relevant anthology of the times, showcasing the arduousness of 2020. 114 writers, poets, and artists have contributed to this book filling it with stories of the difficulties and raw emotions in navigating current social, political, and medical travesties. Black Lives Matter, the Covid-19 pandemic, Trump, and the insecurities felt during the upheavals occurring in our nation, and our world is front and center in this anthology. It is a book facing them all head-on, revealing our humanity but also our strength. I would encourage you to get your copy!

If you prefer paperback, click here or Kindle, click here. And remember, I’d be happy to Authorgraph it digitally, if you choose to purchase an electronic version instead. Thank you for your support! 🙂

Reblog – Showcase Art – ‘Oasts and Rapeseed in Kent’ – A watercolour painting by Brian Tucker

For those of you who enjoy art, especially watercolor paintings, Brian Tucker is amazing! This type of art usually has such an ethereal quality to it but his work has such definition, depth, and richness about it. Just beautiful! Enjoy! I want to thank Goff for pointing me in his direction. 🙂

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Without Artists

in a world not gifted with…

a photographer’s keen eye
a musician’s in tune rhythm
a sculptor’s deft hands
a poet’s thoughtful expression
a singer’s thrilling voice
a dancer’s grace in movement
a writer’s crafty imagination
an actor’s heartfelt emotion
an painter’s strokes of genius

you’d be a witness to its blandness
and we’d all be less for it