Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix – Lucky Dip inspired me to share this with you!

I Write Her

want my
skin immersed
in warm, wet silk.
Soothing envelopment of my body
heals and reenergizes my mind and limbs.
I’ll splash in this

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Reblog – Raise Light Rays

This poem really makes me look forward to Summer! I love the construction and flow of it. The stanza in the middle reminds me of arms hanging down on the lounge chair.

The Twisting Tail

w a r m    r a d i a n t   s k i n



a t c h i n

c      MID DAY      g

s u n



i n

t h e

s h i n e


Eugi’s Weekly Prompt: Summer

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Letting It All Go

Inspired by Sadje’s Sunday Poser #2

Relaxation can occur when I put my mind to it. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? But I really do have to plan for it! And the place where that is best accomplished for me is at the beach. Give me blue water, palm trees, white sand, a cabana to relax and there is literally nothing that will stop me from relaxing. How could I not think I’m in my personal paradise laying next to my semi-conscious hubs listening to the sounds of the ocean and the wildlife circling above? To me, a cloudy day at the beach is better than being embroiled in the day-to-day of the hectic life or even doing the things I enjoy in the privacy of my home. It’s a sense of completely letting go of control, and that is very relaxing to me. The beach is the only place my mind seems to just dispense of the focused habits I force myself to manage in my “real world”. The pics above are from our favorite resort in Cancun and a trip we took to Tulum, Mexico.

Say it with me “Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!” Thanks, Sadje! I will never tire of talking, thinking or being at a beautiful beach! 🙂