Letting It All Go

Inspired by Sadje’s Sunday Poser #2

Relaxation can occur when I put my mind to it. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? But I really do have to plan for it! And the place where that is best accomplished for me is at the beach. Give me blue water, palm trees, white sand, a cabana to relax and there is literally nothing that will stop me from relaxing. How could I not think I’m in my personal paradise laying next to my semi-conscious hubs listening to the sounds of the ocean and the wildlife circling above? To me, a cloudy day at the beach is better than being embroiled in the day-to-day of the hectic life or even doing the things I enjoy in the privacy of my home. It’s a sense of completely letting go of control, and that is very relaxing to me. The beach is the only place my mind seems to just dispense of the focused habits I force myself to manage in my “real world”. The pics above are from our favorite resort in Cancun and a trip we took to Tulum, Mexico.

Say it with me “Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!” Thanks, Sadje! I will never tire of talking, thinking or being at a beautiful beach! 🙂

Secrets Between Lovers – Part 2


Part 1

Connor’s profile was enchanting to look at from this angle. I couldn’t help but notice that the backdrop of the ocean and the palm trees added yet another level of handsomeness to the man. He is just so yummy! Propped up on my elbows on our favorite cabana, I watched him watching the couples walking along the beach. He had a slight smile, making me wonder what he found so amusing. Maybe it made him happy to see couples in love, or perhaps he fantasized about the women? It didn’t matter; he was delicious! And now I was smiling. I suggested a swim.

We walked hand in hand towards the shoreline, enjoying the sand getting squishier on our toes the closer we got to the water. Far out, the ocean was a beautiful deep blue, but from where we splashed into it, it was crystal clear. We could see every grain of sand being lifted by our feet as we tread deeper until the saltwater consumed us whole. Schools of tiny little fish surrounded our ankles, a few nipping us gently. I laughed as I spoke directly to those who were nibbling, “Thank you, Mr. Fish! I’d always wanted an ocean pedicure.” Connor laughed with me.

I pulled Connor to me and held him tightly. It was mesmerizing to gently rock with the waves while looking into his beautiful grey eyes and bronze face. His light brown hair was wild looking, adding a boyish charm. The tousled look was probably courtesy of the raucous night we had the previous evening or perhaps from laying in the sand and the beach bedding all morning. Reaching out to smooth it down a bit, I got closer to those lips and let my tongue glide into his mouth ever so gently.

I could feel him begin to throb with excitement. Connor looked into my eyes knowingly. He was eager to unleash himself from his swimming trunks. Luckily no one could see him push my bikini bottom to the side so he could enter me as I wrapped my legs around him. Sex in the ocean with him felt so natural, and so freeing. If this were to be my last minute on earth, it would be the way I’d want to go. We kissed deeply and passionately, with urgency and desire. Connor shuddered as he climaxed, gripping me tighter until he was spent.

“Baby, I’m sorry I came so quick but damn, you are such a good lover, I couldn’t help myself!” he said affectionately.

“No worries, my love. We’ve got all day to take care of me,” I said with a wide smile. Readjusting my bikini bottom, I found it funny that what slowly dripped out of me was mixing his salt with the ocean’s, as if it really needed any more brine.

We slowly walked out of the water, fully intending to take a small nap back in our cabana. Connor picked up his phone and growled.

“Damn it. I told them no phone calls.”


Secrets Between Lovers – Part 1


The sun dipped down farther, only a small semi-circle visible as the day said its goodbye to us. A contented sigh escaped the lips of my lover.

“It’s just more beautiful than we can put into words, isn’t it?” I said with a smile. This resort was our favorite, meeting every need a body and soul could have. Temperatures were moderate and not overbearing. The wind keeping it from being too sticky, and the shore whispered to us lovingly as we lazily laid on our comfortable beach bedding. The afternoons drifted in slow-motion as we mostly kept our eyes closed, letting intermittent naps take us away for small bits of time.

“How about we start slowly meandering towards our room?” Connor asked. I could see the hunger pangs within his question. “We still need to shower before the show, and I’d like to grab a bite first.”

“Ok, love. You’re right. We need to wash off the day,” as I gingerly crinkled my nose and smiled in his direction. He laughed, knowing exactly what I meant. “Yeah, I am a bit ripe, aren’t I?” Yes, a tad too manly, I thought to myself.

He didn’t show it, but it felt like he might be a bit offended, I said: “Well, truth be told, we’re both ripe!” The ocean did a great job of refreshing us throughout the day, but it didn’t disinfect the sweat all too well.

Although I enjoyed our long days at the beach, I looked forward to our evening shower. Both of us coming out smelling clean and looking at ourselves in the mirror at the end of the day, it was incredible to see how bronzed we had become. Seeing our reflections staring back at us was a turn-on, tempting me to ensure that we’d be late for the show. But Connor was hurrying, a sign he was starving. Well, there’s always later tonight, I thought quietly to myself. I slipped on my camisole and black skirt, signaling that I was nearly ready to go. He turned to me with his sexy grin. I forced myself to keep my passions under control.

Along with feeling like we were beautiful people, we were so at ease in this place, and seemingly quite in love. It’s like we were enchanted. The atmosphere was relaxed and sensual, and so very peaceful without a lot of human-made noise. It was heaven listening to the wild-life and the sounds of the surf on the beach. The staff did a great job of giving people their space but being immediately available when their services were required. We always felt pampered and well taken care of at the resort. It had been our escape from the world for the last five years, and one we looked forward to enthusiastically every year.

Grabbing my hand as we walked out the door, Connor said, “You look ravishing tonight, Angie! Let’s leave the show a little early tonight,” he said with a mischievous wink. I smiled and nodded excitedly.