My surroundings easily force me to breathe in the tranquility.

I’m seduced to engage with a nature free from annoyance.

My being is in harmony with the world.

Shhhhh listen to the quiet, you can hear it.

It’s like being gently enveloped by the serene.

All the memories of conflicts dissipate.

Bliss and colors are magnified to a brilliant degree.

All my senses breathe it in deep into the interior of my soul.

And then, I exhale contentment.

Originally published 7/17/2018 on I Write Her.

At Love’s Beginning

I can hear the flutter of my heart, recalling the stories of our past. They still haunt me. One thought ignites a spark; my mood begins to lift and returns me to the time your words of love gave my life wings

“Tina, are you with us?” My boss and the other staff stared me down.

“Yes, I am,” as I shift in my chair, taking a sip of water from the glass in front of me. I am filled with gratitude as my boss turns back to the whiteboard, and I return to the crystal clear waters of Eleuthera.

Crashing Into Peace

turquoise shorelines beckon me
the subtle dissonance of the waves resonates in my ears
all the pent up tension leaves my body
as each easy footprint lands in the sand and water
the shh of wooshing waves
makes me one with nature
my senses come alive with her female charms
with her sensual colors and soft winds
seducing me to stay
the themes of relaxation surround me
the release i experience
speaks for itself 

Of My Own Making

life is random
my thoughts specific

i’d like to live
where I would thrive

a place
filled with comfort

meeting my needs
supplying what’s required

my paradise

enough of what is needed

Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #207 & Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt – Enchanted


Excitedly, the ocean welcomes me back with its liquid embrace.

Summer is over, but thoughts of the ocean continue to draw my mind back to sunny landscapes of white sand, blue water, palm trees, and the variety of activities nature’s playground offers. The images temporarily fade away as I step out into the cooling winds and changing colors around me. Shortly after that, my mind wants to return to where the sun heats the sand and my body. The place where ease is the staple of the day, and night promises no worries.

I’m homesick for paradise.

Peace On The Beach

Inspired by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Saturday Mix

I hope I don’t expire before I get to soar on the ziplines again. And run down the coastline in the early morning saying hello to the rising sun. My dearest Happy Place I hope to see you again soon!