A Bit Odd

controversial societal sore thumbs
always feeling
the railing whispers
on the lips of the normies

for a supposed free society
the “i’m minding my own business” crowd is thin
almost non-existent
loudly proclaiming what’s alleged as right

wouldn’t it be wonderful
if this worldly space
desired to hold us all in love


Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #277 – Inspiring Quote
& Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #139 – Serene

“We all want to break our orbits, float like a satellite gone wild in space, run the risk of disintegration. We all want to take our lives in our own hands and hurl them out among the stars.”
David Bottoms

at times serene 
self-discovery can also be 
an adventure 
and one, mostly tumultuous  

once the pieces have split apart 
and been put back together 
in necessary 0rder 
life becomes more than survival 
         we are really alive 

Stop Playing With Your Food

be provocative
rise to the top of your game
create your future

Inspired by Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #125 – Provocative

For those of you who have never heard of Pinky Patel on TikTok. She’s hilarious AND provocative at times! 😉

Reblogs – A Faded Romantic

I rarely post two pieces by the same poet, but whether recent or older, these seemed to mesh well together. They made me think that those people who are purposefully unique tend to end up being a beloved someone. 🙂


There is always 
who is our weakness 

Always someone 
who breaks through 
all our defenses. 

Always someone 
who leaves us 


Do not allow yourself 
to be defined 
or guided 
or labeled 
or maligned 
by your sexuality 
your age 
your birthplace 
or your race 
or the proud colour 
of your face. 

Do not allow yourself 
to be judged, measured 
or explained 
by the dead hand 
of tradition 
or by the racist misogyny 
of religion 
or by the empty 
of others 
and what they want 
to see. 

For you 
are you 
and only you. 
and free. 

Reblogs – Tien Skye & The Blighters Rock

Both pieces are exquisitely short but pack brilliant messages about the things we love, enjoy, pursue, engage in, and adore. Ultimately, my point of putting these two together is that we, as individuals, decide what ecstasy is to us.

6WSP by Tien Skye

Photo by Janko Ferlic on Pexels.com

locked in a library of freedom

Oracle by The Blighters Rock

in pure ecstasy
the priestess of the serpent
gave destiny pause

The Process

our existence isn’t predicted
nor is it predestined
competency and self-knowledge emerge
through thin but mostly thick
comes about with sheer will and determination
and then only happens with a feeling of security
add to that a lack of caring for others’ discrimination
it’s when, loudly spoken
i am who i want to be
is an individual choice

then we are free