And Shine

Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #231 & Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt – Smattering

let only a smattering
of what others say penetrate
beneath the protective sheathing
built up over the years
of defining how to live
with yourself

don’t let their insecurities, insensitivities, and disrespect
enter your own “community of madness”
for you have enough on your plate
with you and only you
dive in despite the hurt
bring your light to being

One For The Ages

with stylish finesse and elegance
her thoughtful movements paved the way
for precision in the realms she inhabited

her decency preceded every interaction
and the civility offered by her
ensured respect for herself and others

even in and especially in times of hardship
the delicacy with which she carried herself
seemingly effortless natural poise oozed from her being

the generous dignity displayed and shown all
heralded goodwill and good outcomes
she roused generations to aspire to greatness

Mon Amour

Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #127

this gift
like you, beautiful
is so precious

this offering
like you, cut
won’t last long

this bounty
like you, overflowing
touches our hearts eternally

*NOTE – Anyone who recognizes the song below, you’re dating yourself. ūüėČ

Here’s one for the younger crowd. lol

Akhila Siva

Aureate waves

Dusky rays
dive into the depths of ocean
to strip off the chores of a day
Littered waves
flown in aureate color
wake up a star-studded sky


She is like a hurricane
never try to tame her waves
you will be blown away
But reach for her eyes
she will smile like a confetti
and let you dance in the core

To the mind

Dear mind,
I am never ever giving you up
for you are pouring indefinite closeness
I am never ever letting you go dull with time
for you are pressed deep within my heart
I will keep on writing for you
and make you bloom like a euphoric moon
as poetry is nothing but a POisEd TheRapY!

Fallen flowers

Petite petals of Bougainvillea,
wild, pink, and purple
adorning the silence of a season.
She feels everything, but not heavy
lying unappreciated on the ground
she embroiders a cobblestoned street.

You’re the beautiful wilderness on fire

My love quotes are all about a single person,
a clear crystal which is the Armour of my heart
He came as a flutter into my soul
and kissed my heart like an unending confetti
He holds my hands and pulls me closer to him
letting me crown his kingdom
His adventures brush my lush storms
intoxicating my hard and scrubby skin in his arms
And at the edge of every naked hot hug, he whispers
‘you’re the beautiful wilderness on fire’.


Akhila Siva is a plant-woman breathing poetries, a self-motivated lifelong learner decoding signs from the universe, and a blogger bleeding out all the intoxicated imperfections of her soul through her words. Her works have been featured in several online publications and anthologies. She is the founder and sole contributor of  Words and Notion and Quality Notion. Akhila was first featured on The Short of It in 2020, published in The Sound of Brilliance in 2021, and showcased on I Write Her a few times too. You can find all the links HERE.


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Reblogs – Kristin Kory & Bruised Rose Blossoms

Who are we on our own?

Dismantled by Kristin Kory

There was something in the way 
she dismantled herself‚ÄĒ 
the way she pulled fire from the sun 
and burned; 
the way she lay face down 
in the rubble, breathing in 
ash and despair; 
the way she tasted the destruction 
before she carved herself anew 
from the black sky. 

This is an excerpt from a piece I‚Äôve written for my book. 

Freestylin‚Äô To: Echoberyl ‚Äď A Prey by Bruised Rose¬†Blossoms

how many times 
do I have to scrape the walls 

your face climbs 
the mountain of my heartbreak 

but all I can do 
is rain down upon the landscape 
of our painted past with the fire of regret 

you were wearing black 
and I couldn’t take my hands off your hips 
or my eyes off of the sparkle of mischief 
that was dancing from a thousand yous 

the broken mirror 
on the floor 

the throbbing heart 
in my chest 

something’s got to give 
because I cannot live like this anymore 

but still we dance 
inside the earthquaking halls 
of my dilapidated memory 

and somehow 
if I’m honest 

I still love 
what we were 

The Prettiest Picture

Inspired by Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt – Unison &
Reena’s Exploration Challenge – Everything about her was a lie‚Ķ.

Everything about her was a lie. It’s plain to see plastic surgery had modified every inch of her body to resemble something that didn’t seem human anymore. She was more like a life-size plastic person now.

She claims to like herself. But does she really or only now because of the result? Would the average person who likes themself do all this altering if they did?

The gawkers on the beach walking past the photoshoot yelled in unison, “Hey, Barbie!” Laughing profusely, they continued on their way.

She looked as if she wasn’t sure whether to feel pride or shame.

Reblogs – Murray Robertson & Frank Solanki

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed pulling from my collection of read poetry that is recent and from further back to share with you. It’s remarkable to me how they somehow line up to share similar concepts or emotions, or maybe it’s me reading that into them? What do you think?

Sheltered by Murray Robertson

shaded, underneath
   taller plants
sheltered from
      such storms

as may arise,
   we should
   have such 

   friends in
high places,
as we never

we can always
how beautiful:

   we can also
  just what
   we should be

I Am Not A Bad Person by Frank Solanki

I am not a bad person
Just covered in pile of dirt
Layers and layers and layers
Layers of pain and hurt
Look at me closely though
Through the dark of skin
A treasure chest of love
You shall find within

Their Calling

Inspired by Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Network & Reena’s Exploration Challenge #189

kermit wishes he were more
than just an iconic symbol
on the tv network

a rooster wonders
when he’ll stop being synonymous
with an alarm clock

while the million others
with no direction
fantasize of recognition