Wordle #468

What a surprise. All these books are lying in the middle of the street. I’d have to make time now to read instead of always dancing. But first, I need to get some gas into the car. I got up from the grass only to bend slightly to see a fly landing on my purse. Oh, what a sight! Black with purple polka dots on his back. So strange! I needed to meet my boss after my shift on Wednesday. Or was it today? Where did that flash of light come from?

Wrestling to wake up from the weirdest dream.

… It’s A Comin’!

The decision to start the 5 Day Tales series came about because I needed to stretch my writing skills. It has been fun, and I’ve enjoyed feeling way more creative. However, I ended up feeling like I was stretching myself too thin with the amount of time it was taking to present a fresh new story every week. It became too much.

My main goal is to still be able to commit to writing poetry, submit to competitions, run The Short of It, do some paid type work and possibly get a third book out of me. Still juggling everything has to fit into my schedule.

Having the weekend to mull it all over, I decided I will proceed with the 5 Day Tales. For those of you who took the time to comment and tell me your thoughts – I thank you kindly! You helped me decide what was best for me and my schedule. I took everything you said to heart. Hopefully, you’ll be okay with how I’ve decided to proceed.

So, here’s what’s going to happen…

The next story will be published 8/10/20 and run that Monday thru Thursday, with the voting still on the 4th part. Fridays, I will post the reader’s ending selection. The only change will be that it will become a monthly feature rather than a weekly one. You can anticipate each story published on the first Monday of every month starting this September and run until I don’t have anymore ideas or the desire.

*SPOILER ALERT – the next 5 Days Tale will be a space/sci-fi story.

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Wordle #467

I wrote my name in the space, as he requested. The mortician said we could work on the rest later. Truth be told, this was easy for me. He wanted me to leave as I was messing with the flow of things. 

“Can I stay?”

“Okay,” he said hesitantly.

I’m betting his blood is thick like glue. I watch them holding his arm down low to insert the needle to bleed him. Next is the embalming fluid for sure. It will be cool to see that.

More interesting than when I pushed the knives into his guts and twisted forcefully?

Readers! I need your input!

I wanted to let everyone know that I will take a break from the 5 Day Tales this upcoming Monday as I have another project which will require my attention next week. But this might be a good time to ask you for some valuable feedback about the stories.

Please let me know the following in the comments section:

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I realize that so many of my readers also ingest a lot of other writing, do you think it would be better to do this every other week? *I’m selfishly asking because I may have change to every other week due to my own reading habits! 😉

That’s all for now! I’ll be back with another story August 10th. 🙂

3025 – Part 4

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What started as an innocent first date blossomed into a full-fledged, committed relationship shortly after that. Just one month after Anika and Cedric’s first date, they felt bonded in a way that told them they wanted to be together forever. Although people would rarely say this in today’s world, they thought they were soulmates. 

Anika completed her studies in May 3025; she graduated with honors to the delight of her family. Then both moved into the new Binghamton home Cedric was able to afford after his work offered him a big promotion. It made sense to upgrade to this larger house as it had plenty of room to grow the big family they wanted. Life began in earnest for this seriously over-the-top, in love couple. They decided to put off getting married, though, until after their first child was born. Anika and Cedric didn’t have time to plan a wedding, get the house in order after the move, and still have any left over time to enjoy life knowing they planned to have kids right away. 

They immediately put themselves on the register to be notified when they could begin the conception process. As luck would have it, Anika and Cedric only had to wait a week before receiving approval. Even though all kinds of medical procedures were available to conceive and have a child, they opted to try the old fashioned way first. Since they were still incredibly in love, and having tons of sex, it made sense to enjoy creating their love child at home. They rationalized that if there were no results right away, they could always opt-in for medical intervention. Again, good fortune blessed them, and Anika got pregnant right away. 

Everything fell into place. The two were over the moon with joy. Their life, just like their world, was perfect! Her due date as March 10, 3026. Anika’s pregnancy was uneventful, and the months that followed just brought more celebration as she began to show and feel the baby kick and squirm. She was positively glowing in anticipation of the arrival of their creation. It’s birth couldn’t come soon enough!


February 30, 3026 – Binghamton, NY – 11 hours before the event 

Tonight they would celebrate their 11th month anniversary with a recreation of their first date at The Shingle. Anika and Cedric felt like silly teenagers still acknowledging their anniversary month, but this one was important because the baby was due in about ten days. Life would change dramatically after that. Just how much they could have never anticipated.

“Cedric, would you please help me out of the car,” Anika asked as he parked the car. She grimaced as she felt the first twinge in her abdomen, brushing it off as gas or a strong kick.

“Sure, honey,” he said as he turned off the engine. Cedric got out, slammed his door shut and opened hers only to see her contorted, tear-stained face about to let out a scream. Anika’s face was as white as a sheet; the blood vessels beneath her skin looked as if they had exploded. Cedric was visibly shaking.

“Cedric, something is very wrong!” she screamed in his direction. “Call 911!”


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I look forward to writing how the story will end! Here’s hoping you enjoy it! 🙂

3025 – Part 3

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March 30, 3025 – Elmira, NY – 11 months before the event

“Anika, would you like to meet at The Shingle for a bite to eat when you get done with your studies?” asked Cedric, hoping she would be okay with food from the dive he liked to frequent.

“Yeah, that sounds like a great idea! It’s been a while since I ate there,” Anika lit up enthusiastically, looking forward to something different. The packaged meals at home were getting a little boring. “Way too long!”

“Oh, I didn’t know you’ve been there before. So you like Shingle’s food?”

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me yet,” she said with a smile. “Yes, I like that place very much! I don’t have the time to cook, what with my studies and job. Dinner there will be a real treat!” responding genuinely excited.

“Well, I’m glad to know that you like it there. It is one of my favorite places to go.” Cedric was looking forward to their first date.

“Great, then I’ll see you there around 6ish?”

“Yeah, that’s perfect! See you then,” Cedric said with a big smile. Anika felt a sweet thrill start in the pit of her stomach, then pulsing throughout her body. She had a hunch; this was the beginning of something special.


The Shingle, housed in a small dilapidated bluish-grey building, attracted many customers even though it looked ancient and run down. The City of Elmira also boasted about this hole in the wall as a Must See! Establishment on their web page. Business was good, and it would be a long time coming before they closed its doors. It had been in the family since 1947, prospering throughout because of their ideas and their work ethic. Their staying power was also a testament to the quality of their food and service. The building’s nostalgic feel was the biggest draw for the clientele but also because it was an oddity that stood out in today’s world. The younger generation, especially, wanted to partake of something that was just slightly different, as has always been the case throughout history. It was their way of making something their own, so naturally, it became a hot spot for the younger crowd.

The reason it was called The Shingle was for its favorite item on the menu, a comfort food known as “Shit on a Shingle.” They couldn’t name the restaurant that so it was just known as The Shingle. But everyone knew what it stood for. The dish’s origin dated back to the early 1900s, with slight modifications over the years from what was listed in the Manual of Army Cooks from 1910. The Shingle owners served many variations on the original recipe, trying to customize it to the customer’s taste buds. Like Burger King’s original slogan in 1953, the owners of The Shingle were big fans of allowing their customers to “have it their way.” The formula had worked for over 1000 years and was likely to sustain them for even longer. Some things just shouldn’t change.


3025 – Part 2

Part 1

Genetics had melded all physical features of human population by 3025 so that all people had brown hair, brown eyes, and light brown skin. There wasn’t much to set them apart in this world anymore. The biological sex of an individual only determined whether they would be able to breed, not specify how or as what they identified. The great debates regarding sex and gender identity of the 21st century no longer existed. Their names identified them; their predilections determined their sexual preferences, and their clothing and accessories indicated their style.

In every country, life on Earth had become a place where everyone’s desire for how to live their lives was taken into consideration. An individual’s freedom of expression and consent were considered essential for happiness—it certainly was not a unique idea for existing, but actually enjoying this type of life, one long overdue. The establishment of true liberty for humans was a turning point for creating this utopia.

Before the Great Awokening of 2085, some, if not most, sexual acts were considered deviant in some people’s eyes. Especially if participated in outside of marriage or if engaging in anything more performance challenging than the missionary position. Our world went from bland to fun and exciting. Today, no sexual preference is taboo as all are accepted, with no one shamed for their choices. Live and let live – indeed, became the standard of living.

Also, having sex – a lot, some or none at all – was considered a right. When to have it, how and where was at the discretion of the person or persons involved. Gratifying sexual urges or deciding to have and raise children required all parties’ consent 100% of the time. No one’s morals or ethics were to be questioned, as there was no need. You could let it all hang out or keep yourself discreetly tucked in. No one cared as long as their needs got met. Everyone now lived by this code of conduct, which held each individual’s preference in high regard. 

Since the ethics of consent bound the world’s individuals to this liberty principle, rape and assault were eradicated, and the world became a safer place. Women, especially, could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

No one would dare change this way of life because it brought about the peace and harmony of co-existence that humans have wanted since the beginning of time. Our world was proud to have finally instituted these tenets. Any deviation away from this existence, well that was considered kinky, and more importantly, just wrong. Not one person wanted to lose the freedoms they had gained. It was a long, hard struggle to get where we have ended up. There could be no turning back.

What started in the year 2085 took almost 1000 years to come to fruition, but it was worth getting there. Earth had become a paradise, and all the creatures, great and small, honestly had it all.

It’s a fantastic world in 3025.


3025 – Part 1

It had become a homogenized world, even androgynous and somewhat dull, but thankfully individuals had found a way to present themselves as unique. Otherwise, how would the human species continue in a world where we no longer socialized or procreated in the traditional sense?

Romance in 3025 wasn’t the typical ‘boy-meets-girl’ scenario; instead, it was more of a ‘human-meets-human’ interaction. Sex wasn’t called sex rather a fulfillment of predilections. There weren’t ‘accidents’ anymore either, just planned breeding. In other words, births only occurred as necessary to replenish the population. And it was only those who were willing to bear children and raise them lovingly, which would serve the global well-being and replenishing of the world population. The result being the people ensured the subsequent generations being wanted and nurtured.

The previously ravaged world fully understood the delicate balance of the human species in nature. They finally discovered the perfect population size for Planet Earth. It took a millennia, but harmony was achieved, and all was well with the world. A bit odd compared to the 21st-century living, but life was finally thriving. All the ecosystems, having found their equilibrium, were healthy, and the societies were prosperous, where the well-being of all was the pinnacle.

There were no more right or left parties; it became a world of human values first and protecting the rights of nature so that it would continue fruitfully. Even though cultures melded together, thereby co-mingling values, the basic ones of life held up; the silly traditional ones were set aside for humanity’s sake. Giving birth was still encouraged yet more practical than before. Abortion was non-existent. The world did away with the selfish, single desires to have scads of children without any forethought of how it would affect individual families or the world, for that matter, the act of having children was of global concern. Hence, the mandatory regulation of live births only contributed to the needed amount for the presence of human continuation. It was a perpetual balancing act that had been deemed an essential one to maintain. And nature breathed a sigh of relief and thanked us for it.

Humankind had successfully determined how to co-exist with nature and be self-sustaining in this co-dependent living arrangement. It took life lashing out at us for it to happen. Conservatives and progressives finally faced the inevitable when they realized the industrial age and the corruption of corporations had contributed to pollution, poverty, and our world’s slow demise. Thankfully, everyone was willing to reverse course upon facing the reality of breaching a tipping point. It brought about the social change necessary to keep us alive. Conservatives conceded to this new world order as long as the progressives accepted an abortion-free world. This first steps taken in the year 2085, finally propelled our world in the right direction. Humans generally tend to push back, so the change was slow, but with a majority consensus saying – effectively change or perish – the self-preservation instinct won out.

Life was good in 3025.


Led Astray – Part 5

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We arrived, arms entwined, both of us looking forward to spending more quality time together. The atmosphere was uplifting in the Langham Infinity Suite, and the rooms were extraordinary, well beyond my expectations. In looking around, I’d say it was more like a 500-star hotel, not five-star as I’ve seen it advertised. Wow, Eliott, I can’t believe you can afford this luxury!

As we entered the suite, ten of the attendees, with drinks in hand, were already there waiting for Eliott to arrive. They immediately smiled when they saw him. I noticed only two of the employees had shown up. I imagined they still had to tear down the event and would follow shortly.

Eliott grabbed two filled champagne glasses, and with a quick clink of the flutes, he toasted, saying, “To a wonderful evening,” and then excused himself to head over to his admirers. He promised he would be back around shortly.

I decided on a quick self-led tour of the suite, knowing it might take some time. The square footage of this suite was enormous. By the balcony stood a white grand piano in front of a beautiful city skyline view. Also, there was a separate meeting room, dining room, and a wet bar. I could get real comfortable living here! Just a guess, but I was sure you could comfortably house an army here with all the space it had. The first bedroom was gorgeous; I couldn’t imagine what else they could add to the master bedroom to make it more opulent. 

There was some mischievous giggling coming from the master bedroom, but the door was open, so I continued towards it. 

“Oh!” I said, a bit shocked. But who wouldn’t be surprised to find five women in various levels of undress on the beds? 

“Well, hello, dear,” said the redhead as she smiled wickedly towards me. 

“Hi. Well, goodbye. Sorry to intrude!” I hurriedly turned and closed the door behind me, heading to the living room.

“Eliott, can I talk to you, please? Privately!”

“Sure. Please excuse me for a moment,” he begged of his guests. “Are you okay, Maxie?”

“I’m fine, but please tell me why you have five almost naked young, most of them extremely young women, in your bedroom?”

“Oh, those are for my attendees. They wanted prostitutes, and some happen to like the underage kind,” he said very casually. “It was tough to manage because my assistant normally takes care of arranging for them, but she recently left my employ.”

“I see,” my mind thinking quickly now. “So, you need a new facilitator?”

“Oh, wow, you’re interested in the job?” he asked, surprised.

“Well, sure, I am! You and I could work side by side. I imagine it would be quite amazing,” I said with a smile.

“Well, okay, then. Let’s get back to the party,” Eliott said, leading me back to the group.

“Gentlemen, Ladies – may I introduce Ghislaine Maxwell. She just accepted my offer to be my new assistant!”


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Led Astray – Part 4

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So relieved to find out it is some small rag paper. None of the reputable news outlets were making this assertion. Whew! Okay, I feel better now! Just a tabloid story. Influential or successful people like Eliott, always have some asshole wanting to tear them down. Shame on them! They should leave individuals be to live their lives without interference or drama.

Yawn! Okay, enough detective work, time for some shut-eye. I wasn’t lying to Eliott that I had an early morning.


It’s 11 AM, my phone vibrates, and his handsome mug shows up. I immediately smile. It would have been nice to talk, but I was in a meeting, so I slid it to the left to let it go to voicemail. Yes, dear Eliott, I will be calling you back soon!

“Hi, there! Sorry, I was discussing something important with my colleagues and couldn’t pick up right then. What are you up to?”

“Just preparing some final notes for this last day in the series. I’ll need to get back to them pretty soon. But hey, I wondered if you wanted to attend the final workshop scheduled today?” Eliott asked sweetly.

“I’d love to come! What time should I be there?” 

“Can you leave your work early because it starts at 4 PM and runs until 7 PM?”

“Oh, yeah, that’s doable. My schedule is pretty clear the rest of the afternoon,” I said thankfully. “Since I usually work more than my normal 40 hours, I don’t think anyone would blink an eye anyway.”

“And this is why you are also a successful woman, Maxie!” he said, almost hearing him beaming with pride on the other end.

“Thanks for your praise, Eliott! I’ll see you later.”


“You made it right on time!” There was that big smile again as he ushered me into the room towards my seat. Lovely, I got one of the VIP seats at the front. Wonderful that no one will be blocking my view of you, Sexy Eliott! “Sorry, I’ve got to be on stage soon. I will come to get you as soon as it’s over. Have fun!” he said, winking at me.

The lights dimmed slightly. Eliott appeared at the front of the room to thunderous clapping and a standing ovation. All eyes in the audience were on him. He was like a god being worshipped up there on that stage. Very quickly, he motioned for everyone to sit. Obediently, they did and gave him their full attention. The next three hours flew by. We all seemed entranced by the intriguing subject matter, and Eliott was an excellent and confident speaker. He sure knew his stuff. 

After all the applause, people began to disperse, and he came to where I was seated. “You stayed till the end! Hope I wasn’t too boring?” he asked.

“Oh, gosh, no! I thought you were wonderful!”

“Would you like to come to the cocktail party? There is a suite reserved at The Langham. It’s some of my employees and all the VIPs. I do hope you’ll join us?” Always with a twinkle in your eyes, how can I resist you, Eliott?


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