Wordle #438

The Sunday Whirl

Bored, I knotted the cloth strip into a bow. The music channel the cabbie was listening to was dull, but I guess “to each his own.” My taste was different, and it showed in my style.

I picked up the file on my client to burn time. “Annoying fly!” I uttered as I aimed for his butt. That’s when I noticed the window sign – PLEASE DO NOT KILL ANY LIVING THING. Thankfully, it continued to buzz around. I tried to disguise my anxiety as the driver swung around.

“How dare you swat at my Sugar Bell!” said the driver.

Wordle #437

The Sunday Whirl

Amidst all this chaos, I felt hope. The accident meant Pop couldn’t hurt me anymore. Walking under the tree branches towards the hospital steps, I smiled. 

The hanging chart said he’d flat-lined once already; now, he’s comatose. Hopefully, he got his financial matters sorted out. Giving everyone their slice of the wealth pie won’t be easy in this family. I’ll need to stay to make sure it is all worked out. 

First, breakfast – a scrambled egg, and some coffee. How careless of me to neglect my needs. I guess I’m used to it being around takers all my life.

Wordle #436

Inspired by The Sunday Whirl

I have a story I’d like to tell. I made a promise to myself that I would survive. I grant you; it wasn’t easy. The only choice I had was to strip at the local men’s club after my boyfriend left me. I chose to trust him, but it was just a trap. Shame, though, because he checked all the boxes on my list. I know that doesn’t matter now. Sure would be great to wave a magic wand and change my sorry past. But I guess it’s good that I’m still here.

Thanks for listening and letting me share.

Wordle #435

Inspired by The Sunday Whirl

Stacey took a stand, for her sanity, and to retain her glow. She thought of that last blow – the stars swirling around her head, hearing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” after Chris’s fist pummelled her temple – elated that was over.


Charlie always made her blush. So giving and always full of cheer for her. It was tempting to wrap herself around him daily, running her fingers through the curl that hung crooked on his forehead. She was thankful that she remained open to receiving love again. He made her world shine again.

You could almost hear her say, “SCORE!”

Wordle #434

Inspired by The Sunday Whirl

Should I shuffle the cards at the bar? For a brief moment, I thought of putting on a show, entertain them. It’s nice when they cheer. But then the surge of fans pressing in around me would fill me with anxiety. Still, with the tips I usually get, could buy me a one-way trip home. I could finally kiss this town goodbye — Le sigh.

Why did my coffee look like tan dirt? The steam coming off the cup was murky too. It made my stomach churn.

Slowly, I turned my head back to the glittery lights of The Strip.

Wordle #433

The Sunday Whirl

The story begins with me filling the thermos with hot coffee. Watching the meme on Facebook made me choke after the first sip I’d swallowed. How did the boy jump into that open window? I try to believe this was not real. “Magic’s a sin, right?” hastily putting down the phone. It immediately caught on fire! Whoa! Now I have grounds to believe in supernatural things. What’s next – me being able to fly

Laughing, I went off fishing. Hooking a line with a worm to put an end to this hunger seemed a much more reasonable thing to do.

Wordle #432

The Sunday Whirl

I stood right in the middle of it, shaking visibly. There was no hope of escaping the anger emanating from this rally. The hate was palpable. One side wanted his reign to continue; the other wanted him to resign. All the while, he continues to divide us further. Villain or just a genius disguise as he throws shade on those most vulnerable? How can they not see he is such a charlatan? I watched each side form a human chain to protect those behind them. Which one will shoot first?

Shame! Gang mentality is a stain on our country today.

Wordle #429

Inspired by The Sunday Whirl

The true thick brew tastes salty. It needs more milk and caramel. Sipping this concoction, I begin wondering about these millennials like the college-educated barista behind the counter. As individuals, I’d say they are responding to the current climate as expected, and I even think appropriately. I’d do the same, and I’m a boomer. They come away resembling a champ in my book. I like spunk. Give those boomers their marching orders, I say! The younger generation has rights too, you know!

I hand the barista my business card. “Luscious drink, tiger!” I said with a wink.

Wordle #428

Inspired by The Sunday Whirl

I nervously held my employee card up against the cover of the time clock, waiting for it to scan. Each passing second was fraught with intense silence. I knew this situation could get ugly if I didn’t get in quickly to manage the crisis. The company might launch a probe or, worse, schedule a hearing hoping to uncover any lies. It would be a foolish attempt to sully my reputation, probably forcing me to resign. I wonder if they saw the look of disgust on my face in the security video as I continued to wait for the buzz-in.