Oh, Tazanna. I see you.
What a sublime vision.

My mind’s eye sees your majesty.
The glorious, the superb, the marvelous,
And the million other adjectives describing your presence.
I’m there reveling in it.

Swept away but immobile.

Will you notice me?

Originally published 8/29/2018 on I Write Her.

Reblogs – Candice Louisa Daquin & The Blighters Rock

Lust, desire, love – it changes us.

Acquiescence by Candice Louisa Daquin

Misused word as it is
Boiled in yellow jars for Winter keeping
Yet without transparence, instead, smoke
Succulent mystery, preserved in silent hem
As the smell of furrier and clay pigeon
Stays memories close to their pinching garter
These spent years darkling, indivisible
Poured too fast, some too slow, caution
A girl without hat in cyclone
Your hot fingers inhabit me, I belch recollections
As stars discovered when rain clouds part
So your claim, a thin chain around my throat
Never let go, whispered as we both, sank
Stones in our mouths, plum forgotten in haste
I possess scripture in my chest, atonement
Rings my eyes in manic luster, you swoop
Past the sun, eclipsing need to breathe nor swallow
I turned to the tread of you on my neck
Staring up at bare branches slick with nectar
Finding your lips on mine, rapt plunging claim
Of your hands running electric across years
I’d you’d carved me open, I’d offer no less
This steaming pained need, unquenchable
Set in annul, your black eyes roave the expanse of my heart
Yes, I breathe, yes I cease
Against the shore you wash against, sore inside for your ruthlessness
Misused word as it is
Pull the string, smother light, kneel low
Here … Here … Yes.

Embrace by The Blighters Rock

they emerge from stone
a passion hewn from marble
lovers forever

Reblogs – A Faded Romantic & Lexa Lubanga

Adoration, lust, obsession, or love? Depends on the day.

Use me by A Faded Romantic

Think of me
as a poet
a priest
a professor

Think of me
as a stranger
a shaman
a sorcerer

Think of me
as a doctor
a dancer
a Dominant.

Use me
as the fantasy
who makes you blush
part your thighs
and arch your back
when you are alone.

I want to write about you by Lexa Lubanga

I want to write about you, and everything else around you. I want to write about how your face makes me complete, your sharp dark eyes steer me to a wondrous world.

How your voice stills the waves inside me and brings my body to a stop, just so I could feel your presence entirely.

I want to write about how your cheeks fill up the images flawlessly and the curve right above the corner of your lips that blends so well. I want to write of how your skin marries mine in a way that can’t be depicted, this skin is mine to keep.

I want to write of how you walk so boldly yet with composure. I want to write of how your touch filters my skin to anew, everything comes to a standstill.

I want to write about you and you alone, not because I want you or rely on your voice to wake me up smiling so hard, no. I want to write about you because you deserve these letters and many many more given I won’t run out of them

So let me write about you, let me love you with these messy letters. Let me.

Reblogs – A Faded Romantic’s Notebook & Candice Louisa Daquin

The heart wants what it wants…

Never Forget by A Faden Romantic’s Notebook

I will never forget
the adrenaline rush
the catch of breath
the quickening pulse
the sense of destiny
when first you touched
this page.

And I will never forget
my overwhelming desire
to seduce
and steal
and secure
your secret
submissive soul.

Purposely apart by Candice Louisa Daquin

They said, now, don’t spill a drop
I drank you down, an illegal cocktail
and wiped my black cherry mouth without regret
maybe that’s the divider between young and ancient?
Feel the fear and do it anyway, fray the tension
I had fear as a lover since I was a child
but you broke something inside
let out the glass ghost who had long dimmed
a need to feel more than harnessed safety
bristling around the edges like a perpet flame.
Why you? With your arrogant aspect and
the cruelty of no-one special
how I thirsted for your marzipan center
like sugar riddled kid will suck
the cherry fondue before even tasting
you devoured me, intentional or occidental
does it matter?
The slayed self knows no quaint repair
she floats in purgatory watchful of grace.
Then lend me the strength to survive passion
and I will bless you with my shame
that thick cost of it
weighing us down as we walk
purposely apart
eyes that catch as mayflies
and glaze over, fine as sugar powder
the unsaid tempest of an adult heart.

Full Lips

full lips inspiring
inspiring delicious thoughts
thoughts of intimate moments
moments richly intertwining
intertwining of limbs
limbs covered in moisture
moisture filled kisses
kisses following illogical paths
paths filled with excitement
excitement in those full lips

Inspired by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix

Reblog – Carpe Diem

Or will we? 🙂

A Faded Romantic's Notebook

Marius Markowski _paintings_artodyssey (16)

These brave and uncharted days

hold a perfect promise

of such delicious decadent discovery,

of such sheer sensual satisfaction,

of such thrilling fulfilment of fantasy,

of such wild abandon,

of such unburdened joy.

Let us surrender

to their sensual rhythm.

Let us give ourselves up

to the magic of their moments

Let us yield

to the endless ache within.

For you and I

my beautiful friend

will never, ever

pass this way again.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

First posted four years ago – but there is always a day to be seized

Art by Marius Markowski

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there’s now a fire in my heart
your initials carved there like onto the bark of a tree 
just after seeing your eyes look at me that way

i’m floating weightless as if on a stream
there’s an urge to fly out of my skin 
it would seem i’m in love… or lust

watching your trim figure in the lake
as you swim the breaststroke
pulling yourself onto the dock, my mouth drops wide

suggestively you lean in towards me       
your arm wrapping around my waist
i’m not sure if i’m even present anymore