Outstanding Blogger Award!

Thank you so much for thinking of me Sadje of Keep it Alive! I appreciate it very much! And I enjoyed your answers. More and more I see that we are definitely kindred spirits! 😉

I nominate everyone! Please feel free to make a post on your blog or just answer the questions in the comments. It’s wonderful to get know you all a little better. If you do decide to participate, here are the…


  1. Provide the link to the creator’s original award post. (very important: see why in step 5)
  2. Answer the questions provided.
  3. Create 7 unique questions.
  4. Nominate 10 bloggers. Ensure that they are aware of their nomination. Neither the award’s creator, nor the blogger that nominated you, can be nominated.
  5. At the end of 2020, every blog that ping-backs the creator’s original post will be entered to win the 2020 Outstanding Blogger Award!

My Answers

1. How did the Covid-19 affect your life?

How didn’t it affect me would be the easier question! I guess I’m just glad myself and my family are still safe and well.

2. What one special thing would you like to do for the world?

Contribute my uniqueness in a way that it positively impacts it.

3. It’s almost the end of the year, what one thing do you want to accomplish before saying goodbye to 2020?

I think I’d just like to manage to get through the holidays. It’s not the best time of the year for me for a variety of reasons.

4. What do you look most forward to in 2021?

Maybe getting back to some form of “normalcy”, whether that be in regards to the Covid-19 situation as well as our politics.

5. What is your favorite song of all time?

I actually don’t have a favorite song of all time as there are just too many that I like! I can’t choose only one. And my musical interests span all different types from hard rock to disco.

6. What one book would you recommend to everyone?

Any book that educates. I would hope that all people always try to learn something new.

7. What one question would you like to ask me?

What is it about writing that makes your day?

The Questions

  1. Name one life event that changed your life, positively or negatively.
  2. If you had unlimited amount of money, what would you do with it?
  3. What was the best and the worst thing about your last job?
  4. What do you think is the biggest contributor to apathy?
  5. Name three things you think are most important to maintain long lasting relationships?
  6. Who would you identify as an influential figure in your life and why?
  7. I like Sadje’s continuation of the last question, so I’ll ask it too! What one question would you like to ask me?

Where I’ve Never Been


my curiosity
is my guide
taking me
on a path of discovery

searching out something
for the first time
walking where others
have trodden a million times

i realize just how much
there is to learn
awe comes naturally
and inspiration invites me

exploration becomes a must
quizzical fascination
part of my essence
the unknown begs me to seek it

i will always ask why to understand more. i am a seeker of truths.

To Each Their Own


Do you…

save meaningful mementos from the people and things you love
or hoard objects that may eventually become useful

widen your mouth into a smile when you see your joy
or walk right on by, indifferent

thoughtfully phrase your worries
or blurt out your hurts

dance in the grocery aisles
or remain stoic doing the mundane

laugh unabashedly
or throttle it down, embarrassed

let the dust pile on while you enjoy life
or frantically control your environment

get wounded easily
or have a breastplate made of steel

shamelessly sing loudly
or slowly build into your confident voice

delicately and carefully plod through life unnoticed
or pronounce yourself a bull in the china shop

take a hard hit in times of crisis
or get surrounded by those looking up at you when they do

share the coolest, latest things with friends
or find yourself at a loss when life changes

understand you can’t know everything
or act the fool who thinks they do

think all the time
or feeling blank most of the time

just hate some people
or only love all

Just a few things I was wondering…

Reblog – Shreya Vikram

This piece is intense, thought-provoking, and has such depth you’re not sure if you’ll ever come back up. Just wow!

Photo by Raúl Nájera on Unsplash


The most powerful is powerless; we know the force of water only as it crashes onto a surface. To be alone is always nothing. Nothing trickles upwards. There is only one way to reach the top- you must give away, of your own will, as much of yourself as possible.


Each one of us must forget we aren’t loved in the ways we want to be. To be is to forget what doesn’t serve you. Above all, you must know your lies are the only things you own, faithless as they are.  


If you have been seen, you cannot be still. Your image is moving, already, into a stranger’s perception. It twists and turns in their eyes and you have reacted, already, like a ripple of sorts. You are nothing but a reflection, deluded self-importance. 


In the end, we will come to see ourselves. The object peering into water, leaning further, further until the face meets its reflection. The second before the merging, I imagine an unbearable fear, then love, then nothing. 


This is also something we must tell ourselves. 

Liebster Award!


I was nominated by Sadje of Keep It Alive. Thank you, dear Sadje, for thinking of me as one of your nominees. How very thoughtful! Please, everyone, take a moment to visit her blog. She is a prolific and talented writer!

I wish I had the time to follow through on the whole idea behind these types of awards but these next three weeks are crunch time for me on several different fronts. I’m incredibly honored to be nominated for this award by Sadje though and will definitely answer the questions! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the people in our WP community with these awards and appreciate the opportunity to share a little bit of me as well.

Sadje’s Questions

Are you a serious blogger or just having fun here?

Serious as a heart attack!

What was the reason that made you start a blog?

Initially, it was to signal a change away from the previous two blogs I’d started, promote my book and have it become like an “author page” but the more I wrote, the more invested I became in expressing my thoughts. In a relatively short period of time, I wanted this to become my main repository of writing.

Take a while to think and let us know: what object that is in your reach right now, influences you? ( eg a tv)

My computer definitely because it is the conduit to so many things which touch me – the news, reading other’s thoughts, communicating directly with my friends and even getting to know new people.

How do you relax?

Good friends, good food, good beverages, and my loves.

Are you superstitious?


Loyalty to the one you love, or one who is right?

Hmmm. Loyalty to the ones I’ve committed to; they happen to be people I love and are right for me. But maybe that’s not what you were asking? In the case where the one I love is wrong about something, they still have my loyalty. I don’t think that’s being loyal to one is right, it just means I’m loyal to the truth.

How can we improve the environment of our planet? Do you take any practical steps towards it?

Improving starts with caring about the environment. I try to be practical by not wasting water, walking instead of driving as much as I can, recycle plastic bags when they are given to me, utilize reusable cloth bags when shopping, eat less meat and anything else I can do that will impact the environment less.

What is one habit you have that you or your family think is childish?

Being German, I’m loud and expressive. Well, at least that’s my excuse! 😉 My husband, although German as well, thinks that is childish since he apparently has outgrown some of his traditional behavior. LOL My children will probably tell you I dance in public too much. I’m an embarrassment to them. 🙂


What’s Your Question?


What are some things that my posts evoke, my personality perhaps makes you formulate a question or anything that generally prompts you to ponder what my answer might be?
I’m seriously interested, and here’s your chance! 🙂

Please leave your question(s) as a comment.


Getting Centered


when anxiety
diligently tries
to undermine
my efforts to live

i go inward
scared, asking questions
insulating in a bubble
surrounding my pain

it’s a lonely conflict
ravaging my body
me damaging me
tearing up my psyche

then i write

my conduit
to understanding
myself and life