Reblogs – Candice Louisa Daquin & Jude Itakali

Helena Nelson-Reed*

*From my research, I believe the original image (the right image) was created by the illustrator named. I’m not sure who did the flipped, black image and combined the two.


It seems to me that when we find the right person or people, we should hold tight. Whether friend or lover, finding a safe harbor in this indiscriminate world gives us peace, comfort, and even strength.

By Candice Louisa Daquin

Your skin collects starlight
ebony turns blue in dusk
we curl tighter till no division exists
the pounding emptiness I got so used to

The Artist of my Soul by Jude Itakali

Who are you that sees me so clear 
A voyeur who prowls my soul 
And drips between its layers 
Daring to divulge 
Secrets I did not know I had. 
How in so short a time 
Have you found what none has found in a lifetime 
When did you become the artist of my life story 
Deftly splodging my pain in patterns across the page 
Depicting my fears in adroit designs of nervous hues 
Smearing my dreams in lustrous colours and glossy paints 

Are you a gift sent to make me whole 
A match meant to be 
Or are you a curse… 
Bait dangled by fate 
A taste of what will never be 

Jude’s additional thoughts – While writing this, I kept asking myself; can a soulmate be merely a friend (be it a lifelong one), or is a soulmate meant to be a lover or partner?

Nature Speaks To Me

These roads tell stories; taking a breath, I close my eyes and wait. My hands and feet, like roots taking hold, become one with the earth. This isn’t my first contact with Gaia. 

This thirst for understanding, as if guided by a chain, pulls on me; I feel her wanting to share her secrets. On meadows and beaches, in forests, and in any place filled with her essence, I run barefoot to feel one with her, never having to feign a connection.

The distant stars flicker, millions of years apart from me, yet still, so close, have me feeling awe.

Walk With Me – free photo

Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #135

nature surrounds us
the delicate breeze
entangles the tree branches
as we breathe in green waves of fresh air

dainty flowers rise up to greet us
painting a pretty picture
the birds follow along our path
filling our space with lovely melodies

clasping your hand
and meeting your eyes
i feel connected to everything
and yet still distinctly separate

Forever Bonded

Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #131

the first-born knew
the youngest would go far
being curious, intelligent, and bold
she was way beyond her years

they both leaned on each other
the inexperienced one required the wisdom
and the oldest unwound from the spontaneity
largely when they grew up

a connection formed in childhood
and survived through the ages
one needed the other
who needed the other


Reblogs – Candice Louisa Daquin & Paul Vincent Cannon

When people, minds, spaces, or anything which fills us with richness collides with our humanity, a connection is made. It is a deep need called “what human stuff is made of.

Glass Heart by Candice Louisa Daquin

Do not think you are a burden 
the only burden that could ever be 
is to live this life without you
because if not for you 
the sky would stay grey and lifeless 
the winding road would appear straight 
a drink would be without thirst 
sleep would possess no dream 
no idle moment thinking of you, would exist 
no thought of holding us together, pressed tight 
night would not be a time to dance as one 
a day no day, worth waking for 
no word written if you were not the muse 
no book read with thought of future 
for you are the friend I always longed for 
as a child when nobody seemed around 
and emptiness sat, a shroud 
for you are the family I sought 
in loneliness and that terrible walk 
you know the one, you walked it too 
we have both suffered and the one constant 
is that no burden exists, when we are together 
so, when you next believe you are a burden 
think on this, remember these words 
see the sky when it is blue and emptied of clouds 
see my smile when I rush to your side through rain 
feel our souls touch the other, never in vain 
know that my heart beats because yours beats too 
people are not meant to live alone in their soul 
when in tangent, we are no longer separate; but fused 
like glassblowers who try to create 
in the meld of plunging metal and fire into water 
the finest unbreakable vase, to hold flowers that never die 
as long as you exist I want to try 
as long as there’s an us, there is a purpose higher 
where no amount of pain destroys 
the heart of glass where two reside 
where all the cruelties of the world appear 
somehow removed and not as sharp 
it is possible to be one; from two halves 
there is you, there is me, there is us 
and burdens are for the blind 
who see nothing worthwhile 
our glass stays shatterproof 
where love thrives in Winter 
and needs nothing more 
than the joy of your smile 
when we run, hand in hand 

Connection by Paul Vincent Cannon

Words formed my lips
to abstraction,
departing faintly,
hovering gently in the space
that is not me, not you,
something completely other
in the between space of
all there is, hoping, waiting,
to be taken, received
and known, not in the
hearing of mere sounds,
but in the deep of listening,
of knowing a knowing
that opens a connection. 

Reblog – Melding by VJ Knutson

Becoming one…

One Woman's Quest

I have ventured
into your atmosphere
slipped my skin
your skin
and discovered
a universe
into a physical dance
of light and shadow
nuances of colour
delineating life

At our core
we are light
leaning into mystery
cellular interpretations
of a symphony
we cannot hear

Compassion extended
mind altered
we meld.

(A free flow poem in response to Reena’s Exploration challengeAs Above .  Click on link to view video.  Image my own.)

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Safely Landing

a place of retreat
for my weary heart
a soothing offering
from allies and nature
no pretense, just comfort
a soft haven when things get ugly

i cherish this feeling of respite
this contentedness in connection
people, places and things
bringing me joy
without even trying
i can feel the love