Secrets Between Lovers – Part 4

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Departing the plane, I’m feeling a lot better than earlier in the day. But now, I have this sense of urgency as we walk towards the airport’s exit. Normally, I would meander into it with a sigh of relief to have touched down on solid ground, but today it just wasn’t the same. I motion to Connor to grab the luggage then head towards the bathroom, hightailing it to the locker when I was out of sight. Still bummed about cutting our vacation short, but knowing there was an assignment was thrilling. It always was.

Agent Williamson – Your target is Connor Williamson. He is an enemy of the state recently assigned to assassinate President Trump. The attempt is occurring tomorrow at the state dinner at the White House. We need to you thwart that attempt and eliminate the threat by any means necessary. This message will self-destruct in ten seconds.

I was dumbfounded, staring until I saw the tape ignite and a white puff of smoke before me. Connor was an assassin? I’m sure they weren’t making a mistake after seeing all the files on him, but how did I not know that? 

Slowly, I head towards the baggage claim area. Connor sees me and immediately flashes a broad smile, my heart skipping a beat. I returned the smile convincingly—my mind remaining on the details of the mission, though.

“Well, it seems they lost one of my bags, Angie. We’ll have to check with them about putting a trace on it,” Connor said, motioning towards the Lost Bag office. 

“Oh, okay,” I reply quietly.

“What’s the matter, honey? Your hangover still bothering you?” he asked concerned as he looked at me funny.

“No, baby. I’m feeling much better. Just sad that we have to say our goodbyes to each other today. Aren’t you?” I asked, looking up at him innocently.

“Yeah, me too. It sucks.”

After going to the office and taking care of Connor’s luggage issue, we went to the curb to hail a cab. I live close to the airport, but he would get dropped off at the Union Passenger Terminal, taking the next train to his apartment in Baton Rouge. 

When we arrived at my apartment, I gave Connor a long, intimate kiss, grabbing his buns playfully to ward off anymore suspicion he may have had about my demeanor earlier. I asked him to promise me to call me as soon as he arrived and settled in at home to let me know he was safe. He said he would, and slowly let go and turned to get back in the cab.

I turned and entered my apartment to drop my bags being clutched tightly and immediately called for another cab.


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i kept your sins sheltered within
you felt no shame, no guilt
the harm you unleashed on me
new scars, freshly laid, bloody patterns
wounds unhealing inside me always raw
the pain withered me into submission
your burden to bear by chance
my penance for choice of heart

but rage will emerge, so beware
for every injury, insult, and humiliation
there will be justice inflicted severely
bloody eye for my bloodied eye
painful welts you’ll receive from strangers
lawless games played for your ways
brutality and cruelty like i received
i’ll see you caged just like me

you made me what i am