The Upside Of Being Down

frustration, anger, anxiety, and depression are our first defense
protecting us from the cruelty and rudeness the external
feelings alerting us our essence needs attention
a chord has been struck
signaling a path for recovery, for resolution

but we can feel a right mess if experienced in the extreme
time, medical intervention or patience could be necessary
to balance out what’s gone awry in life
what has us bump up against too much sometimes
out of our control, heaped on indiscriminately

these situations in our life will continue
accept you are only human and will feel
know that emotions are your defense mechanism
acknowledge them and work through them
come out the other side



I Write Her


A baby’s laugh, innocence reminding us to not have a care in the world.

Lovers slipping hands down the small of a partner’s back, a signal of longing.

A mother or father’s pat on the child’s shoulder, encouraging good achievements.

Friends arms are reaching out for hugs, closing in on their bubble of like.

A person reveals an intense sadness; good fortune rewards them a comforting human.

Individuals are caressing themselves, indulging their passions.

A band-aid smoothed over the cut of a toddler learning to walk, expressing care.

Exquisitely arranged music enters our beings, a feeling of buoyant perfection.

Strangers are saying profound, meaningful words connecting with
other minds, unleashing inspiration.

We spend much of our lives positively in touch – physically, emotionally
and yes, even mentally.

It’s vital.

Always remember to touch each other.

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Reblog – Blooding by Candice Louisa Daquin

I am in awe of her ability to once again draw me so deeply into her poetry, leaving me feeling like I’ve relived my past. Candice can write about experiences that resonate like my own, a history that is sometimes hard to put into words, but here, the emotions wrapped in metaphor strike a chord. Thank you, Candice! ❤


I made myself a promise I can’t keep

to stay steady, even in times of grief

not obey my gut and flee, bare-foot

into thick forest where birds

never rebuke

not to climb from shaking boat

wet wood and mold, scarred paint and

many gentle hands

cupping despair in her once tree lined womb

ever tempted to fling off effort

abandon the temple of people and their


those truthful kindnesses flung back in reproach

by those who have no use of you

standing like husks by the road

waiting to snag your heart to shreds.

The woman across the road lifts her shirt

stuck slightly with glue from hospital monitors

a strange gel they affix electrodes to

when they’re getting ready to cut

she fills her chest with the congestion of the late hour

burning in filament

like fire birds finding song in dark

her dream is to be…

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Reblog – Take It All In by River Dixon

There’s such a raw feeling to this piece. River takes on a heavy subject and delivers its message so eloquently. It will leave you feeling heavy.

The Stories In Between

We don’t have boulevards to forget

Our dreams lie broken on dirty streets

Nicotine stained fingers prod for meaning

Calloused hands wring out the last

Drops of chance we believed were waiting

Don’t tell me about hope and the possibility

Of what may come

I see it, smell it all around me, the hope

It stares me in the face, around every corner

Hangs from light posts and street signs

Flows through the gutters like paper boats

Made from yesterday’s news

It’s been dropped, thrown, torn to pieces

Left, to drift on the wind

It’s stepped over, walked through, trampled on

Trapped in a cycle of rot and growth

Yes, there’s hope, it’s all around us

But how many are too tired to stop and pick it up

Too weak to carry it, along with everything else

That fills their arms, lives on their backs

Sometimes, we manage to tuck…

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Reblog – Rise Above by Dwight L. Roth

Yes, indeed! I found this piece to be a wonderful metaphor for finding perspective without the entanglement of negative emotions. Well said, Dwight! Enjoy everyone!

Roth Poetry

Condor rises high

Above churning ocean waves

Others ride strong swells


Rise above life’s ebb and flow

Find your true perspective there

Painting: Dwight L. Roth

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Understand Me


I Write Her

thClarity – a clear foundation of understanding.

Educating is facilitating a peace within.
A rapid settling of unease.  

Precise, clear knowing deposited at each other’s feet.

I’ll speak to you, spell it out, show you.

Without a doubt, will you get me?

Show me, believe me, like me in your understanding.

Now you do the same.

Let me hear you.

Will you, can you? 

No lies.

Can we connect; belong to each other? No more isolation.

No more time-filling in the friendship club.

Can you be a graceful presence in my space with clarity?

This is love.

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Stephen W. Buchanan

Mixed Emotions

I thought you could,
I don’t know why,
but there you stood
watching me cry.
Not wanting to,
I wanted you
to see in me.

Sweet Little Lies

The lies you tell
smell oh, so sweet
That’s just as well
since I’m no treat
Unhappy pair
going nowhere
We made our shade

Seeing the Void

upon my soul
left from the toll
of losing you
Or seeming to
in screams of dreams


Stephen W. Buchanan enjoys writing poetry, especially in the ha’sonnet form. He publishes his ha’sonnets at “If You Haven’t Got A Sonnet” and occasionally elsewhere, often with a cat on his lap. You can read his first feature on The Short of It here.


If you’d like to be featured on The Short of It, click here for the submissions guidelines.



only through tragedy
is hard won resuscitation earned
when the netting of pain
and clouds of sinister motives lift
then joy easily filters back in
settling and surrounding
our once wounded essence

a deep sigh of relief
accompanies this return to peace
the torture of held in and poured out tears
whether recent or distant, they are left to the past
the present beckons intentional breaths
of inhaled calm and renewal
ushering in a return to the land of the living

…we begin again