Bradley Ramsey

Lovely Women and Shit Men

Worthy of love
Chosen as favorite
Then just as quickly discarded

Over Everything

Too much talking
Not enough listening
More than enough hate and anger
Just stop

Technology and Connections

And computers
Many ways to connect
More distant than ever before


Bradley Ramsey is married, has two children, and a wonderful wife. He began writing his observations after his mid-life crisis, thankfully his wife stayed with him. This is his first feature on The Short of It.


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O Water, Water, Wherefore Art Thou Water?

Drip, drip, drip. Then nothing.

Squinting at the filtered water spigot, the only thoughts coming into my head – WTH? Are you frickin’ kidding me with this? 

What else was going to throw this day off track? Shaking my head in disbelief, I grabbed my 64-ounce Yeti stainless steel tumbler out of the sink and rather gruffly shoved it onto the kitchen counter. It was useless to me. 

Just great! The frustration I was feeling came out in one long, drawn-out sigh bordering on a yell. 

I checked the water faucet, thinking that was the problem. I flushed the toilet, nope, no problem there. All other water was flowing, so there was no breakdown in the water supply. It had to be The Water Factory filtration system screwing up. 

Another long frustrated sigh escaped my lips, followed by a multitude of expletives. This poet/writer/home-maker was pissed! Knowing it was something I couldn’t easily fix, I let my hubs know he would have to take a look at it when he got home. Grrrrrrrr….

I then remembered the water bottles stored in the second freezer from when COVID locked us all down last year!

Problem solved and thirst quenched!

*Based on actual events that occurred about a week ago. 


Let me begin by saying, there are individuals who absolutely, positively, through no fault of their own, do not possess any capacity for intelligence. I get it and I’m not discussing that segment of our population. It is beyond their control and abilities, and are not being judged in this opinion piece.

The term stupid is considered derogatory, and yet, also a statement of fact about someone’s intelligence. A stupid person is one who tends to make poor decisions or careless mistakes because of a lack of intellect or understanding. The implication being that stupid people require more knowledge or education. However, even when given more information, they are not likely to absorb it properly. I see part of the problem as an unwillingness on their part to comprehend additional information. Another part is the lack of critical thinking skills. That’s the reality.

It would seem that many stupid people want to stay at their own ignorance level instead of proactively making the effort in understanding the issues, problems, and concerns surrounding their current situations needing dealt with. Throw into that lack of intelligence unfettered emotions that add absolutely no value to a problematic situation and well, you see, you have a mess. This scenario just leads to no resolution and generally more confusion for the stupid person. And frustration to those around them who are impacted by the stupid person’s poor choices and decisions.

I’m not sure if this current COVID-19 situation brought these thoughts out in me or if it’s 45’s (lack of) leadership that has irked me to no end. And just so you understand, I’m feeling more than just irked.



Falling Behind


gotta go, gotta hurry, gotta get there
gotta, gotta, gotta
move, out of my way
just yeeeeaaaaah

feeling trapped
going slow-mo on overdrive
taking speed walking in jelly
like in a dream being chased

it’s being a human on a hamster wheel
powering on, powering thru
getting nowhere fast
stepping to the daily demands

slow down




Endured Anguish


coming up on 13 years
the memory
the emotional gut punch
gnaws in my belly
at the recollection
of that move of yours
your betrayal
such poor form
to hold hidden fierce truths
years of lies
went by
camouflaged in my perceived sincerity

it’s what fools don’t know
that keep wretched people
like you
in the spotlight
of adoration
but no more
it’s time
you become the stranger you are
because you weren’t real
not now
and certainly not in the past

she, who will never be recalled
will no longer
make me grit my teeth
send a surge thru my stomach
no longer
will i care
no longer
will i wince at the mention of your name
you don’t deserve to take up any room in my headspace
or my heart