Crossing Over The Skyline

Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #279 – Was that really me? &
Moonwashed Musings Weekly Prompt #142 – Skyline

dreams take me
to magical places
different journeys
every night
different stories
to unravel
mysteries to understand
i ask myself
was that really me
or someone
i pretended to be
a new self to wear
get accustomed to
a preparation of sorts
to play out in real life

or was it all just nonsense?


Inspired by Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Impending &
Reena’s Exploration Challenge #278 – Word Prompt

with the impending dawn
irritatingly nudging me
this librocubicularist
sets the book down
closes weary eyes
and meanders her mind
to all the wondrous places
envisioned previously


Houcine Ncib – Unsplash

Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #124

they say girls are bad at the maths
they’re not actually

young one
prove the naysayers wrong
change the long-held stereotypes
be a strong, assertive voice
for yourself
for those who will follow

you have the skills
find the courage
and your confidence will guide you
to success
to your dreams

Their Calling

Inspired by Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Network & Reena’s Exploration Challenge #189

kermit wishes he were more
than just an iconic symbol
on the tv network

a rooster wonders
when he’ll stop being synonymous
with an alarm clock

while the million others
with no direction
fantasize of recognition

Childhood Daze

Andrew Morris – Unsplash

Inspired by VJ’s Weekly Challenge – The Chase & Sadje’s – What do you see #77

the gleeful children
with imaginative friends
had the fairies dancing around them

laughing without care
and the sunlight fading into dark
the young minds began the chase

with enthusiasm and joy
one by one
little lights filled the jar

held brightly captive
these grantors of wishes
small eyes closed into slumber

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

may contentment be ever present
in the lows and the highs
as your actions balance your future

may this path chosen
further your greatness
define your course and your truths

and ever keep you in the direction
most suited for what you desire
may you achieve success and satisfaction

fulfill your dreams – be whole and happy