Reblogs – Little Charmer & Christine Bolton

Our wounds can be many and possibly permanent, but our thoughts need to land emotionally to promote healing within; directly spoken to those who hurt us or expressed publicly for ourselves and others to see we can move on. The expression of pain can release us from it.

Seared by Little Charmer

I guess 
That is 
The thing 
With scars 
They remain 
In place 
A showcase 
Of the body’s 
All those links 
It cannot sever 

Train of Thought by Christine Bolton

Your words live 
in my thoughts 
Sometimes they delight 
and are invited to stay 
Other times they wound 
and I show them the door 
They feed my heart 
Nourish my soul 
and thoughts 
become my words 
flowing freely 
back to you 
When words harm 
they linger in my head 
slowly poisoning 
a bruised spirit 
And I cannot 
speak to you 
Instead I write 
my thoughts 
that spew forth 
like demons 
from my body 
So you might understand

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