Honor Your Unique


We’re short, balding, graceful, fat, average, intelligent, disabled, round, skinny, tall, naturally gorgeous, manually made-up mediocre, exceptional, dull and so many more labels that others use to describe what they see. That’s their impression.

How do you see yourself? Are you those labels? Do you accept it or reject it?

Whatever description you associate yourself with, own it.

It is you, and it’s ok to be you.

Don’t let anyone define you.
That’s your job.

We are more than the labels people want to give us.



Freedom From The Past


“Dead family walking!”

The family was chaotic from day one.

They being an absentee, alcoholic father, and a probably-suffering-from-a-mental-illness mother not understanding love.

A child being cheated out of something before her existence had ever really begun.

So many unusual life lessons played out where mediocrity would flourish.

Determined small steps tested the authorities; she tried where she could.

Her willingness to rise above engaged with her persistently in the aftermath of their lives.

She took control of all in her realm, determined to do what was best.

The past is now safely in the rear-view mirror.

Today promised ever-increasing clarity going forward.



Deep scars embedded in our psyche.
We were marred by loved ones we should call traitors.

We feel the need to hide the frayed nerve endings deep inside.
The repeated shocks to our system and sensibilities can make us mute.

But let’s not go quietly.

Our enemies expect silence from us.
But we deserve better than staying restrained.

Not screaming to the rafters calling out their crimes, buys them a better life than they are due.

The one we were owed.

Be strong, be loud and let your wounds heal.

Supplying The Angst


“In other words, anxiety is the fear that is looking for a reason.”
Giovanni Frazzetto

Having dealt with anxiety for a majority of my life, this description brought on a light bulb moment for me.

Anxiety – it’s a persistent and irrational fear which takes hold of you. Grasping you tight, winding you up forcefully till you can’t breathe anymore. Or least you think you can’t. What continues to escalate it is additional irrational thoughts added to the already panicky state. This quote identifies this process as our bodies needing to justify why it’s spiraling.

Perhaps it may give me ammunition when the next attack wants to tie me up in knots or, at the very least, slow down the reaction to my meltdown because I now have a rational thought to hang on to.

I’ll let you know how it goes.