Changing Of The Guards

Inspired by Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #136 – Hiatus &
Reena’s Exploration Challenge #274 – Being in charge of hell

humanity ends
men being in charge of hell
please take a hiatus

challenged and yet strong
when the feminine rises
life begins again

Reblogs – Elle & VJ Knutson

Our evolution demands introspection, acceptance, and determination.

162 by Elle

self-doubt chimes, loudly
at success’ precipice
just drown out the noise

Ghosts and Shadows by VJ Knutson

Ghosts have no shadows
they are unsubstantiated
rumours of a life…

I exist, not because
of my shadows, and despite
the times I’ve been ghosted

Ghosts and shadows –
without them I am two-dimensional
with them, I am poetry.



Pushed over the edge.
Waves of emotions coursing.
Tears flow unlocking the deep hurts.
Loud yells projected to match the pain.
Feelings challenged. Resolutions sought. This torture ends now.
Distancing from the anger, the fear, and the abysmal. Letting it go.
Choosing peace, choosing harmony, choosing growth.
Deep relaxation and openness stage a presence.
Self-soothed in this self-connection.
Manifesting healing.

Originally published 8/31/2018 on I Write Her.

Taking Back Our Power

Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #271 – Embrace Equity &
Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #133 – Conversant

all women are conversant
with the inequality befallen their sex
millennia of injustice
every generation fighting

all human beings
if they’d only embrace equity
acting as a collective
what a glorious world we’d be living in

C. Adebayo

In the Gale 

Standing quite proudly
Withstanding nature’s pressure

The Healing 

Our spirit requires softness and presence ensuring calm
The journeys of others offer hope and inspiration
As the cost of survival bids us farewell, relinquished pain reveals freedom

Peace be with you


Humanity shines
When uprightness embodied
Within mankind’s soul

I’m Sorry, Gaia 

Mother cries to us, but we hear not.
She laments as we wail in misfortune.

And she…

Instinctually responds
As humanity destroys our cocoon of existence.


C. Adebayo was born in Africa but has lived in many countries. Her parents were missionaries who traveled to many countries where they felt led to do good works. This is Adebayo’s first feature on The Short of It.


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Always Shining

Image – Susi Bocks

illuminating over the realm
we inhabit
toil is the name of the game
exhausting ourselves
giving in, giving up, giving
of ourselves until we can’t any longer

when it’s over, we retreat
putting the day to bed
if only we could learn
to be like the sun
knowing that brilliance
is effortless when you’re on
every hour, every day