only through tragedy
is hard won resuscitation earned
when the netting of pain
and clouds of sinister motives lift
then joy easily filters back in
settling and surrounding
our once wounded essence

a deep sigh of relief
accompanies this return to peace
the torture of held in and poured out tears
whether recent or distant, they are left to the past
the present beckons intentional breaths
of inhaled calm and renewal
ushering in a return to the land of the living

…we begin again

Jaya Avendel


Though reality
Is often stark there is a
Place where the Queen wears
Creativity for a
Crown and inspiration flows.


Alone in the dark
She waited for the door to
Open unsure of
What stood on the other side
But her heart open to it.


Our cries make them
Tremble with the ground as it
Quakes with silent strength
Though pain may rack our lands
We refuse to be silent.


Once in a circle
The earth catches up to the
Moon cloaking her in
Its glowing red shadow then
The cycle begins anew.


This is Jaya Avendel’s second feature with The Short of It. You can read her first here. Jaya lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, where she dips her pen into the inkwell of fantasy and prose. Often inspired by life in the forest around her, she writes at Nin Chronicles


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Mindful Thoughts

Jr Korpa – Unsplash

remnants of my dreams
flit into my consciousness
snippets of illusion
with the events of the day
finding myself
colliding into the past
to produce an array of emotions
feelings of being torn
in different directions

where do I find comfort
where is the wisdom
where is the adventure

everywhere and in all things
...especially in dreams


as i twist and turn through life
tunnel vision which held me back
opens up a new perspective

a ferocious husky comes into view
now an industrious snow angel
then a person jumping for joy

working through thickets
of grey, black and white
the possibilities as endless as my imagination

Being Discovered

putting myself out there
open and freely

may i always be honest
with you and myself

when you read me
will you understand who I am

can you see beneath the shell
polished by years of dysfunction

and decades of destruction
aimed towards oblivion

when you discover me
will you let me be who i’m meant to be

an incredible, unique, flawed, special, human
meant for better than what i got

can you risk yourself opening
to a world shared and supported

will you grasp that it takes love and nurture
to be whole with me

would you trust me
on this journey

Strength Earned

Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #152

i am a person rich with history
a being crafted by circumstance
yet molded into conventions
scorched by defeat and beaten down
yet uplifted too and enriched by love

the many layers of who i am
will surprise you if i let you in
only a dignitary of high regard
steps past the guarded walls of my heart
safety first, comfort later

i am a library full of books
a theatre full of people
i am a museum full of art
and a deck full of music
but my worth comes from my essence

Reblog – A void now

I simply loved the raw truth of a woman’s strength in this piece. It reminds me of the current cultural motto “Nevertheless, we persist!” RAWR!! And the title – awesome! Great play on words. 🙂

Playing with words

and as she walked away, she
took it all with her


January Writing Prompts

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Reblog – Changed

Ah yes, “people” problems. So often, we are faced with them. This piece especially reminds me of my relationship with my mother. It was dysfunctional and toxic, and for many years quite problematic until I chose to stop the effects of her poison from entering into my life as well as my family’s lives. I can’t say the relationship ever got better but it started getting easier. Her death proved to be the time where I could finally not hold a grudge.


You took a part of me
and I have pleasantly changed.

No longer compromising so much,
that with Me, I lost touch;
and I can’t even hold a grudge.

© All Rights Reserved

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Taking Flight

colorful display
delightful array rising
headed for the sky

While this image may seem the only reason for these words, go a little deeper. I feel like it’s a great image of the type of world I want to live in. We are surrounded by so many beautiful people of all colors, we must choose to lift them up and let them rise to their potential – literally the sky’s the limit!