life is hard
being used, abused and tossed about
but generally something good can come of it

but to be chosen
over and over while watching those remaining
experience the afterglow of seeing another day

… it cracks me up

Reblogs – Aishwarya & Christine Bialczak

The dichtomy of living – trying to hide in the thick of the underbelly but also rising above. These two poems illustrate well what being on that spectrum of life means.

Figment by Christine Bialczak

put away forever
shame entangles
tears flow morosely
becoming reality
a mere figment
concocted by fear.

Breakthrough by Aishwarya

From darkness,
Light shines,
From silence,
Sound reverberates,
From emptiness,
Companions valued,
From ignorance,
Knowledge surfaces,
From frustration,
Action grows,
From necessity,
Inventions glorify,
From impatience,
Patience surges,
From hopelessness,
Hope evolves,
From nothing,
Everything develops.

Reblogs – Murray Robertson & Frank Solanki

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed pulling from my collection of read poetry that is recent and from further back to share with you. It’s remarkable to me how they somehow line up to share similar concepts or emotions, or maybe it’s me reading that into them? What do you think?

Sheltered by Murray Robertson

shaded, underneath
   taller plants
sheltered from
      such storms

as may arise,
   we should
   have such 

   friends in
high places,
as we never

we can always
how beautiful:

   we can also
  just what
   we should be

I Am Not A Bad Person by Frank Solanki

I am not a bad person
Just covered in pile of dirt
Layers and layers and layers
Layers of pain and hurt
Look at me closely though
Through the dark of skin
A treasure chest of love
You shall find within

Dancing With My Corpse

in the darkness
the din of agony
i still dance

life is to be celebrated

in adversity
the direness of circumstance
i still dance

life is teaching me something

in the face of the inevitable
creeping ever closer or unexpectedly
i still dance

life isn’t over yet

in acceptance
i know my fate
i still dance

yet my life will end

Thanks, Ivor! PERFECT accompaniment to this piece. ūüôā

Reblogs – Shweta Suresh & Ivor Steven

It was so easy to get swept up in the emotions of each of these pieces describing life, living and loss. The accompanying music video to Ivor’s piece is such a complement to both poems. May you experience a rich fullness reading and listening to the music as I did.

Grief by Shweta Suresh

Grief is a powerful feeling  
They say it has seven stages  
I don’t know about that¬†¬†
But I strongly believe  
That grief is like the waves,  
In a turbulent sea.  
It comes and goes  
But it sustains, In a never-ending manner.  
It grips your heart,  
Forces you to have Ups and downs  
Over and over again.  
It creates new wounds  
But often, grief rips open  
Old healed wounds too.  
No matter how hard you try,  
You can’t run away,¬†¬†
From its clutches  
Grief will always find you  
Though it might take a while,  
It will eventually hit you With an impact worse  
Than a ground-shattering earthquake, or,  
Even an ear-splitting thunderstorm.  
Grief is like a sharp knife,  
That’s permanently¬†¬†
lodged In your heart,  
That twists painfully, each time  
A familiar memory washes over you.  
It comes and goes,  
With varying intensities  
Just like the waves in the sea.  
No matter how hard you run,  
Grief is hard to shake off 

Existence and Renewal by Ivor Steven

Keep your cup full
Turn the power on
Follow the moonlight
Fall across the lawn
Heed her call at dawn
‚ÄúLife is a marathon‚ÄĚ

The renewal of nature
Leaves footprints upon desert sands
And with His hand in Her hand
Existence grows from our lands

Going Forward

James Wheeler – Unsplash

Inspired by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Double Take & Sadje’s What do you see #100

dear child let’s accept our fortune
except we’ll miss your father of course
on this nature walk, this course of beauty
but rather coarse path of Fall’s debris
the sun will lead our way

Reblogs – Matt Taggart and Shalini

I’m entranced by the keen observations of these two poets. I hope you enjoy them as well! ūüôā

Poem 283 – Matt Taggart

Observing society is like reading Edgar Allen Poe mixed with Mother Nature

While Emily Dickinson watches us all

Affirmations #6 – Shalini

Look within,
All answers reside.

Look outside,
Questions beguile.

Seek nothing,
And all surround.

Seek much,
And nothing is found.

Love madly,
And feel empty inside.

Love unconditionally,
And fill every crevice,
No matter how wide.

It is absolutely true, when you surrender in entirety, an unregistered view charters out of nowhere and wholesomeness follows.


Inspired by Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt – Sustain & Reena’s Exploration Challenge #198

will it support or undermine
will it strengthen me or cause me to suffer
seems the word sustain is a conundrum
as i pursue this challenge

finding it hard to determine
what direction to take
but why, when the obvious is evident
it was an honest mistake

nothing to learn
nothing to gain
slipped some erroneous info
none of my concern

… moving on

A Path To Peace

whether with deliberation
or from exhaustion

there will come a time
when steps need to be taken

to safeguard our sanity
and build back a reserve

taking the best route
to heal and restore

whether movement, nature, meditation
resting, music or books

that which provides respite
will lead us back to reality