In Peace

nature seems to experience acceptance
far greater than the average human
the cards they are dealt just are
no rebuttal or strain

calm and peace
acknowledged and lived
just like strife and undue unrest
it’s the ebb and flow of life

can humanity just realize that too
go with the flow
get there without interruption
their brain cells just chillin’

is it really too much to ask

Reblog – Into The Thin Air by Stephen D. Allen

The great escape, whatever shape or form it takes.

Through The Cracked Window (Revisited)

Some day soon I will take the high road 
The blue sky will be my cover 
Ripped and torn green valleys below
Filled with whitethorn and birdsong

I can see those below in daily toil
Follow the path, neither left nor right
Walking straight into the far horizon
In thin air, in view of the waiting life

Living in promises and the past denied
Brought here seeking to meet the sky
Leaving their life behind in the past
Within the net they have always cast

Stoic Poetry

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Reblog – I Shall Miss.

Will we?

the blighters rock

I shall miss the dandelion
as surely as the sun
and I will miss the end of rain
when the storm is run
I shall miss the lies of days
which promise comforts new
and the guile of midnight’s ways
of dreams that don’t come true
I shall miss the aches of age
that torment me out of bed
though more than all in life’s great plan
I’ll miss wishing I was dead.

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Reblog – The Sigh Forever by Tom Alexander

That “meh” of living at times comes through loud and clear in this piece. It can be so hard to push through but so worth it when we do.

The Lighthouse

I keep so busy
with nothing much of note
Living, eating, working, sleeping
never putting pen to paper
never pushing myself
to reach for anything

I keep so busy
not really loving anyone truly
Wishing, wanting, lying, scheming
never giving myself completely
never really drinking in
the wine of what could be

First her and now you
The sigh forever
Is all I ever do…

Whatever happened to childhood dreams
To singing, painting, writing, loving
never having to pay or earn anything
never having to deal
with the cost of living

Whatever happened to the careless caress
Laughing, drinking, rolling, talking
never being sure of the time or day
never touched by anything
beyond the bed

First her and now you
The sigh forever
Is all I ever do

Is this all
I can ever do?


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Sean Robertson – Unsplash

Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #90

behind long lashes
of a doe-eyed look
resides self-doubt
etched just below the surface

a glamorous facade
doesn’t hide the insecurities
that give way to fidgeting fingers
with an expectation of recognition

she beats herself up on the inside
of this plastic personality
waiting only for shallow adoration
that feels like judgment

Rafting On The Space-Time Continuum

Oziel Goméz

Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #89

consciousness appears
as if out of nowhere
bits and slices of memories
dot the timeline
on this journey
going towards the white light

each ride is different
of course
some experience many tumbles
along the way
others coast as if effortless
no worse for the wear

yet the hope is for an exquisite run
filled with exhilaration and joy
experiencing terrific sights
on this adventure
bouncing to new heights
without so much as a scratch

with hope our final turn towards the blind takes us gently


we come from humble beginnings
so innocent and naive

brainwashed perhaps
but learning independently

we rise to meet our challenges
of the day to day and life in general

eschewing what we’ve been told
grabbing life by our experience

putting into practice what makes sense
living our lives honestly

an honest trek forwards
to the destiny we prefer

it is the future we want
learned from ghosts of the past