each generation hands to the next
a tradition or a belief, passing on
the act of non-investigation
into the validity or reason for its continuing

oral history, lore, your heritage
you so proudly wear on your heart
reinforced with symbols and behaviors
of punishing laws to follow

why do the whispers of ghosts
from past lives deserve a voice
ask questions, find your way to be
this one life is yours, no one else’s

*Note – What inspired this was an article I came across in All That’s Interesting. If you are interested, there is a whole lot more strangeness referenced there too!

The Stories Have No Power


That’s how you know you‚Äôre a skeptic.

It’s like leaving a relationship; you realize the love is gone in a relationship, and you finally stop trying to summon that feeling of cohesion. You feel sad and possibly terrified, but mostly you feel relief because you know there isn’t an actual relationship between you two. The next step is you are on your own but you will be okay.

It’s not our lack of belief in a god that concerns most fundamentalists. It’s the fact that their words have absolutely no power over us. The Jedi mind tricks don’t work. The threats of hell don’t work. Screaming louder does not work. They realize that they have been disarmed and they are more than a little frightened and bothered by it.

I would caution them to get over it. ūüôā

Lyrical Yin-Yang


I love this song for so many reasons. But that one line in the chorus¬†“Everything that kills me makes me feel alive…”,¬†that knocked something over in me internally and got my attention. It hooked me hard, the rest of the lyrics just kept pulling me in deeper.

When you think of the Chinese philosophy, this video captures the two principles distinctly. Yin Рnegative, dark, and feminine and Yang Рpositive, bright, and masculine whose interaction influences the destinies of creatures and things.

Throughout the music video, you can see the contrast playing out. Hope, despair. Doing life your way, being led. Determination, defeat. Good, evil. Fighting the establishment, following it. Every bit of being engaged in either spectrum will lead you to the results you experience in your life. Fact.

That one line though¬†is¬†the point – we all need to get to our darkest depths to escape and break through to the other side where there’s light. Crumbling from defeat is where life begins again. We have to experience it all to have it be a¬†whole¬†life, to feel complete throughout the entirety of it.

Every time I listen to this, I imagine the tastiness of living fully engaged.

It feels good and bad.

No One’s a God


Relationships are like believing in a god.

It’s an idea, a fantasy you are pursuing.

To you, a connection worth knowing and understanding.

It becomes real when you figure out what it gives you.

You lose faith when it doesn’t.

But you remain, choosing to delude yourself, holding on tighter.

Believing stops when you’ve been let down, time and time again.

Then you walk away.