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What started as an innocent first date blossomed into a full-fledged, committed relationship shortly after that. Just one month after Anika and Cedric’s first date, they felt bonded in a way that told them they wanted to be together forever. Although people would rarely say this in today’s world, they thought they were soulmates. 

Anika completed her studies in May 3025; she graduated with honors to the delight of her family. Then both moved into the new Binghamton home Cedric was able to afford after his work offered him a big promotion. It made sense to upgrade to this larger house as it had plenty of room to grow the big family they wanted. Life began in earnest for this seriously over-the-top, in love couple. They decided to put off getting married, though, until after their first child was born. Anika and Cedric didn’t have time to plan a wedding, get the house in order after the move, and still have any left over time to enjoy life knowing they planned to have kids right away. 

They immediately put themselves on the register to be notified when they could begin the conception process. As luck would have it, Anika and Cedric only had to wait a week before receiving approval. Even though all kinds of medical procedures were available to conceive and have a child, they opted to try the old fashioned way first. Since they were still incredibly in love, and having tons of sex, it made sense to enjoy creating their love child at home. They rationalized that if there were no results right away, they could always opt-in for medical intervention. Again, good fortune blessed them, and Anika got pregnant right away. 

Everything fell into place. The two were over the moon with joy. Their life, just like their world, was perfect! Her due date as March 10, 3026. Anika’s pregnancy was uneventful, and the months that followed just brought more celebration as she began to show and feel the baby kick and squirm. She was positively glowing in anticipation of the arrival of their creation. It’s birth couldn’t come soon enough!


February 30, 3026 – Binghamton, NY – 11 hours before the event 

Tonight they would celebrate their 11th month anniversary with a recreation of their first date at The Shingle. Anika and Cedric felt like silly teenagers still acknowledging their anniversary month, but this one was important because the baby was due in about ten days. Life would change dramatically after that. Just how much they could have never anticipated.

“Cedric, would you please help me out of the car,” Anika asked as he parked the car. She grimaced as she felt the first twinge in her abdomen, brushing it off as gas or a strong kick.

“Sure, honey,” he said as he turned off the engine. Cedric got out, slammed his door shut and opened hers only to see her contorted, tear-stained face about to let out a scream. Anika’s face was as white as a sheet; the blood vessels beneath her skin looked as if they had exploded. Cedric was visibly shaking.

“Cedric, something is very wrong!” she screamed in his direction. “Call 911!”


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The Creators

i’m a breeder
bred from a breeder
who was bred from a breeder
who was also bred from a breeder
going all the way back to the first breeder

it is by chance that one egg
meets one sperm, occasionally two
a double fertilization
so interesting and rare
one percent of human conceptions

even with constant, intentional sex
conception chances are twenty percent
life is not only random, it’s not likely
the creators are lucky
the offspring even luckier if they are wanted

but this is life
a coming together of the fornicating
and the married of our species
this chance to breathe in a world not of our making
but one to maybe we’ll do better things than just breed