Published on Spillwords Press!


Some exciting news to share with you all – SpillWords Press has accepted and published a new piece of mine – Cold Hearts! Many thanks to Dagmara K – Director of Development and Editor – for selecting this piece for publication. I’m honored to be featured at SpillWords!

Please take a moment to visit the link above to read about this free verse, micro poem which deals with the bitterness and feelings of betrayal in relationships gone bad.

Book Giveaway in June! Feeling Lucky?

imagesI’m giving away one signed copy of Feeling Human and Every Day I Pause! To qualify in this giveaway, you need to go to both my Facebook page AND Twitter account. You’ll need to Follow and Like to get notifications from I Write Her. Everyone who takes these steps AND either shares or tweets this post is entered for a chance to receive a copy of each book!

Here, I’ll make it easy for you…

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And it starts NOW! Giveaway chance ends June 30, 2019.

Remember, you have to do ALL THREE for a chance of receiving these personally signed books from me! And if we can make this work, how about a picture with me and an interview? Would love to get to know the lucky person a bit more!

Any questions, email me here –

Thank you for helping to promote my work!

It’s Been A Good Day!


Even with this solid sheeting of rain we’ve been experiencing these last few days, I’ve got a big ‘ole smile on my face! 🙂

Not only have I reached a milestone which I’m very proud of but I received confirmation that another one of my pieces will publish in June. When it’s official, I will repost here. At the end of this month, I’ve been invited to do a reading. Egads so much to be thankful for today!!

Thank you to all the followers for your continued support, your kind and thoughtful comments and participation with me here in the WordPress Community! You’ve welcomed me from the very start, and for that I am grateful.

Oh, and the grass is having a good day too.

Interviewed by Megan O’Keeffe

On Amazon

And yet another very positive thing to happen today!

I must tell you, it’s been a really good day for me!

If you have not read her work yet, feel free to visit her blog – Debatably Dateable – filled with poetry, romance, and love as well as poet interviews! I thank Megan for including me amongst the other poets.

To view the interview, click here. 


Another Piece Of Poetry Selected for Publication!

I am grateful to have my piece Abandoned published in The Drabble today! If you haven’t read it yet, please take a moment to visit them.

A big thank you to Eugenia of BrewNCafe for the initial prompt. If it were not for her, this piece might not have been created! I’m grateful for these exercises in creativity. ❤