Reblog – Twin Flames

I’m feeling the romance in this piece every single time I read it. How lovely! 🙂


I play my inner music
to your emotional state

as we dance,
round and round
we go again

flowing in each other’s mind
making love
in tune, each time

becoming one
our hearts are freed,
no lacking trust
we’re meant to be…


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Baby, It’s Cold Out Here


(It’s good with you near) But, baby, it’s cold out here
(In my arms you’re my dear) But, baby, it’s cold out here
(So let’s go inside) Been hoping that you’d say that
(Try to warm up) Let’s snuggle together real nice


True story

women will be cold
until consent is given
then men will get warmth
but not before
these are the times now
when boundaries
are to be respected
get with the program

**some social commentary on the recently controversial song “Baby, It’s Cold Out There”