Endless Love

Inspired by Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt – Bouquet & Reena’s Exploration Challenge #199

With a simple, hand-picked bouquet of fragrant flowers, he walked confidently towards her. “This may only seem like a small gesture on my part. But may it reflect my deepest affection for you and allow me to express more about the strong connection we have that transcends time.” Bowing with respect and reverence, he offers her the colorful array of blossoms.

She accepts the flowers, lifting them to her nostrils to inhale the sweet fragrances.

“You came back. But we are meeting for the first time. How is this possible?”

“Would you care to watch the movie “Somewhere In Time?”

**For all you romantics out there, I highly recommend you watch this movie!

The Projector – Part 1

The Brighton Plaza Cinema 5/2/21 – Katherine

In the hushed theater, the lights were dimming, and the opening credits began to roll out. The movie’s familiar theme song filled the darkened room, setting the mood for what was to come. Katherine wiggled herself into a more comfortable position, looking forward to seeing a rerun of her favorite classic, “Love Story.” She was in a mood for tears, knowing this movie would get her there. Katherine felt a bit lost this last week. After being dumped by her recent love interest, the accompanying sadness and anger had built up. It was time to just let it all go. Isolating from her friends probably hadn’t been the best idea, but she felt stupid that she’d fallen for his spiel hook, line, and sinker. He was a con man, swindling her out of a lot of money. She was handling her emotions as best she could, considering how it all ended. This movie would be a cleanse for her. Katherine was sure of it.

With her big bucket of butter slathered popcorn, a Kit Kat bar for a break from the greasy saltiness, and a large drink to wash down all the indulgences, she was ready to indulge in the over-the-top romance of this film. The boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, girl gets a terminal illness, then boy loses girl saga wasn’t just any old romance tale, it was like the Gone with the Wind of love tales. Ali McGraw and Ryan O’Neal were so in sync in this movie. It was no wonder it became a box office hit of the time and had, to this day, remained one for the younger generations too. The chemistry between the lovebirds was perfect and so natural, like a match made in heaven. It really was a shame she died in the end, but that’s why Katherine was here; she needed a good cry. And cry she did, buckets full.

Katherine had to sit there for a moment once the lights came back up. Dabbing at her face with the unused napkins, she cleaned her tear-stained cheeks. Katherine was super careful not to smear her mascara, pushing very lightly around her eyes. She wondered if she looked puffy.

It seems she’d purchased the right amount of concessions; nothing was coming home with her. Movie theater popcorn usually got stale if she took it home, so she was glad she could toss the empty bucket along with her candy wrapper and soda cup into the trash bin on the way out. The straw crossed her mind as she walked towards the exit. Hopefully, it wouldn’t end up in the ocean or a turtle’s nose.

As she passed the rows of people, Katherine was curious why a few of them laughed, and others looked very serious. They must be some stone-cold individuals; he lost the love of his life, people! She just shook her head and kept walking.

Katherine did feel better. This movie was just what she needed today.


A Part Of Me

not all lovers flock to the staged
over-the-top, “romance is in the air” places
like the eiffel tower in paris, france
nor do they engage only
in the illusionary practices of yearning

a true connection is deeper than the chemicals
which make us heady
or the butterflies threatening to make us faint
or the fast, hard thump of our hearts
that’s why real love isn’t called lust

i’m learning that love is everywhere
in any place we choose to be where we respect one another
where commitment to each other is valued
and the investment in our relationship is paramount
there’s more to love than smitten hearts, chocolates, and flowers

Image Credit – Lucas Albuquerque

Romance In The Air

The evening, filled with promise,
persuaded the new lovers
a moonlit evening walk
would only enhance their affection.

The owls hoo’ed a synchronized chorus
of enchantment for the young couple
walking beneath the branches
upon which the birds conducted their symphony.

Many of the land creatures hid
upon hearing the lollygagging footsteps
meandering aimlessly
in their territory of brush, grass and trees.

With love on their minds
and lust in their loins,
the young couple in love
hoped the night would not end

and that what had begun innocently
would come to fruition
with bodies unclothed and
breaths taken deeper than capacity.

But what the lovers didn’t know,
the owls were calling out a warning,
not a concerto inciting lust,
for the uniformed men were just around the bend.


My friend Chuck, from The Reluctant Poet, challenged me to finish two Elfchens he started. I happily obliged to collaborate and finish them. Apparently, he liked them and recommended I share them with my readers. I hope you like them!

He Whispered
In My Ear
my heart opened right


I Pretend
my credibility nosedives
ego takes a hit


Reblog – I want to dance with you by John Coyote

Enjoy the rekindling of romance in this sweet piece! 🙂


(Easy life and quiet death-Sir Walter Scott)

(We poets in our youth begin with gladness; but there off in the end despondency and sadness.         -Wordsworth)

I want to dance with you tonight

Sober days and nights led us to places of loneliness. Two people sharing one house with locked doors, not enough words spoken and love forgotten.

Once we were young and fearless. I couldn’t live without your kiss and your embrace. Once your voice and touch made me believe love was alive and forever. We held love like a delicious pain.

Today I watched you. Us sitting together without conversation. Cell phones and tire mind accepting life as-is. I told you, honey, dear and my pretty lady. We need to depart this grave of our home and find some song. I want you in your red dress and red shoes. I need your evil smile…

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Reblog – Believe by John Coyote

Feeling a bit transported with this song and these words, very uplifting. Thanks, John! As always, the romance in this piece is wonderful to immerse myself in! 🙂 Enjoy everyone!



Write on my bare skin, my dear poet, she whispered.
Allow your hands to make me feel like a masterpiece.
Show me, please make me believe.


I am the only one.
Please love me wrong, love me right.
Please whisper pretty words,
true or lies.
Promise me everything,
promise me nothing.

Make my brown eyes come alive with hope,
made my skin burn with desire.
dear poet,
let’s make this night perfect.
Paint a painting of a love,
that was sweet and attempted.


Let’s trick the gods,
show them.
You and I had found the utopia of the kiss,
the embrace.

Dancing Coyote

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Reblog – Maybe Someday by Michnavs

I just love the easy rhythm of the romance in this piece. For a few different reasons, it reminds me of a special someone. 🙂


maybe someday I will be
your sweetest melody
soothing your lonesome heart
in splended tranquility
serenading you
just, you

maybe someday I will be
your happiest thought
easing your anxiety
in times of despair
musing you
just, you

maybe someday we will be
writing together, 
a love poem duo
on a stop over
in a train station
to Paris

Maybe someday just you and I
by the train station
to Paris

in perfect serendipity.

Inspired by kate’s recent post “Notes” https://aroused.blog/2020/07/21/notes/

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