A Walk Thru The Ages


Inspired by Reena’s Xploration Challenge #282 & Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #145 – Dingle

dingle dell beckons
peaceful strolling through all times
within nature’s care

From Wikimedia CommonsPath through Dingle Dell, GunbyEast Riding of Yorkshire, England. Dingle Dell is a nature reserve. The railway passes through on a raised causeway which carries the footpath; on either side is a tangle of trees, bushes, and ivy at a lower level. The floor of the area is very wet with standing water for the most part.


Inspired by 12 words generated by RandomWordGenerator.com

Today had been a strain; my red eyes ached as I was jostled about in the taxi. Fear erupted in my body like a sudden loud noise. 

My thoughts would not stop returning to the trial. They just had to acquit my husband. I didn’t question his innocence, although it made many friends hesitate to support him. How different everyone became towards us. But I didn’t owe them anything. They’ll see. 

Finding someone to translate in the foreign prison was hard, but also for my baby to adjust to this current reality. He walked on eggshells, not to offend anyone.


My yearning for his heat gave me an intense icy chill deep inside my body. We went way past the point of no return; it made me almost misty-eyed, enveloped by his desire. His arms surrounded me, my legs shaking, and my head spinning, upset yet hungry for all the emotions. I felt my body lean into him, desiring him increasingly, wanting to be submissive and parched from his love. My face flushed hot and red from the passion. I felt faint from what I knew was a breaking point coming, but I only wanted it to last forever, unending

The Upside To Demons

Amber Kipp – Unsplash

The drawers work well, and the demons like them. They glimmer in the sunshine! Not the creatures, but the bins where I keep them, silly man! Be careful with them; they could singe you with their emitting cerulean blue flames! 

Why let them reside here?

Because the ooze from their skin will trickle down the tube into a jar on the floor, remember, it helps raise the dead from the shallows. Unfortunately, it’s hard, and I need to scrape it out. Could you help me? Hint, hint

It’s sunset now. Maybe tomorrow. 

I sighed as he lay down beside me.

Crossing Over The Skyline

Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #279 – Was that really me? &
Moonwashed Musings Weekly Prompt #142 – Skyline

dreams take me
to magical places
different journeys
every night
different stories
to unravel
mysteries to understand
i ask myself
was that really me
or someone
i pretended to be
a new self to wear
get accustomed to
a preparation of sorts
to play out in real life

or was it all just nonsense?

Listen Here, You

Jenna Hamra – Pexels

Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #185

at times
life will be monumentally hard
you got this

at times
joy appears as if out of nowhere
relish those moments

at times
friends will disappoint
they’re human just like you

at times
love will save the day
that’s its purpose

at times
let acceptance, happiness, forgiveness, and pure intentions guide you
live your life honorably