Inspired by Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Revelation &
Reena’s Exploration Challenge #266

hustle is the game at the start
the steam propels the drive
setting the pace of our youth

then aging signals the revelation
that life is slowing down

adjustments are made to lifestyle
accommodating the new stride
mental agitations are felt in our bodies
because we desire to achieve more
as time slips by

Nature Walk

Drumming the moss, I listened for the sound of where the delicious mushrooms were hiding amidst the sounds of the forest’s peace. I continued to hunt for the main ingredient for dinner for another hour. The mud clung to my boots, caking thick as I walked through some of the small floods topped in parts of the woods. The blooms of colorful flowers will dot the landscape with all this rain we’ve been having. Except by the barns, the land would remain faded, considering the amounts of chemicals spread there.

I strolled home, grinning and grateful. Dinner would be yummy!


Inspired by Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #127 – Infinite &
Reena’s Exploration Challenge #265 – You live in a world where no gods exist.

for every mind conscious
there are infinite depictions
of what a god is
or what gods aren’t

every shape and form
every sort of dogma
every possibility of the imagination is presented
for humanity’s consumption

some believe there is one
others believe there are many
and more and more think
you live in a world where no gods exist

our world endures such ugliness
with deaths in the millions
from violence, cancer, abuse, war, starvation
and so many more atrocities

if a god or gods did exist
why would they allow
this fermentation of hideousness
to fester unchecked rather than abolish it

perhaps we live in a world where no gods exist

The Hunted

The lockdown commenced. I had to cut the door with the arc welder, not using my craft for construction but rather for destruction. The sparks bit into my flesh, leaving burn trails blistering on my fingers. But it was a worse danger trapped here behind glass and steel. 

Gathering my might, I punched out the square etched in the door. I wouldn’t condone the murder of innocent people. It was time to disrupt “The Hunt the psychopaths organized annually. They thought it fun to watch the challenge of people attempting to escape only to suffer and die trying. 

Not today.


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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #264 & Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #126 – Evolve

While this is not a new creation, both Reena and Eugenia prompted me to revisit this piece and bring it new life. 🙂

birth delivers an unknown entity
and life begins yet again 
you start to exist

the business of life
is to evolve
into your best form

the goal is to reach
a physical peak
then head to the inevitable conclusion

during your stay
your personality
the essence of you
continues to be shaped
by the experiences, tools, and influences along the way

daring to live
requires enhancing it
doing it your way
requires courage

i hope you find joy in it along the way 

Originally published 5/23/2018 on I Write Her. Presented here with revisions.


I began to shuffle my feet again the moment the wraps loosened around my ankles. If my trusty blade were on me, I’d cut through these moist yet stiffening powdery rags my captor had applied to my legs. It’s as if he wanted to mummify me. The man seemed a titch broken by hallucinations or manifestations he was experiencing. He appeared to shoulder the heavy burden of being righteous; I was one of the evil ones who had to stand and face the punishment I was due.

I was nearly free from my bondage. Thankfully all I heard was silence.

Stop Playing With Your Food

be provocative
rise to the top of your game
create your future

Inspired by Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #125 – Provocative

For those of you who have never heard of Pinky Patel on TikTok. She’s hilarious AND provocative at times! 😉