It Happened One Night – A Reboot

With nothing to throw between us, I was hard-pressed to figure out how to give us the privacy we required at this time. Naturally, with our history, our sleeping arrangements felt awkward.

Regardless, our anxiety finally calmed, attaining a lull under the backdrop of a rising moon; we were both soon asleep in the space we had created.

But our slumber was interrupted by what sounded like an old victrola playing a scratchy, broken record, droning on loudly. However shaken we felt, we remained mute as we watched a shadow pass by us gracefully, totally in step with the music.


Last year when I took off the month of August, it was evident that I did a good thing for my well-being, so I’m doing it again except in September this year!

While I will be intentionally unplugging from blogging, reading blogs, and limiting social media, I’ve already scheduled my Redux posts for Tuesdays, Reblogs for Wednesdays, and The Short of It features on Fridays, so you will still see some content published. Feel free to comment or not, and if you do, rest assured, I will respond when I get back.

In addition to this announcement, this post will also be my last “inspired” post for the month. Enjoy! See you again soon, as I’m sure the time will fly by quickly!

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Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see? #149

with nothing in our paths
and the day-to-day distractions far away
freshness is inhaled
expanding our lungs
the air is clean and wholesome
our adventures await

Featured image – Christian Wiediger – Unsplash


Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #148

my mind wanders
while the heat does its damage
i burnt the toast
focus woman

getting ready for work
oh hell no
i ripped the hose
great way to start a monday

missed the bus too
geez louise
i’ll have to walk, and be late
the boss won’t be happy

damn door clipped the back of my foot
my face feels melted
the rest of me dripping with sweat
what’s this perfection on my desk
awwww, they remembered my birthday

Gone Down

Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #147

i watched the sun
slowly fade away
and everything around me
began to take on a dark hue

i experienced a sinking feeling
my body caving in on itself
the depression dragging me down

i yelled into the void
but no one could hear me

i couldn’t save myself


let’s be mindful 
stop all this judging
cool heads prevailing is an art
be still, be in the moment
as if on film, act right
demonstrable like a slight breeze
but wire your jaw shut if need be
leave your opponent with a puzzle
rather than let your mouth betray you
blinders are not needed, but filters are
let your mind rationally come to the table
before you end up on the ground

Forgotten Nuptials

Serena dropped off the old disposable camera at Walmart for developing, asking for the one-hour rush. The sixty minutes couldn’t pass soon enough; that’s how excited she was.

Finally, it was time! She opened the package with enthusiasm looking forward to what she would find. It looked like the images were from the 70s, and so captivating. They held a certain charm as she quickly went through them. It looked to Serena as if these were from a wedding reception. Yes, there was one with the bride in her beautiful white dress!

OMG! That’s her mother, but NOT her dad!

Inspired by Eugenia’s Moonwashed Weekly Challenge – Captivating &
Reena’s Exploration Challenge

Repressed Memories

I searched the night sky for a familiar constellation of stars, hoping I could catch their orbit behind an opening in the clouds. But luck was not with me tonight. Instead, shadows projected their natural art onto the forest, leading to sparks of memories of my sisters and our shared life. The past felt empty, yet my mind continued sprouting up more scenarios. I struggled to breathe with this onslaught of my past. My brow got damp with sweat, and my head was in a swirl of sketch thoughts. It was all so ugly, worse than I remembered other times.