Going Forward

James Wheeler – Unsplash

Inspired by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Double Take & Sadje’s What do you see #100

dear child let’s accept our fortune
except we’ll miss your father of course
on this nature walk, this course of beauty
but rather coarse path of Fall’s debris
the sun will lead our way

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

may contentment be ever present
in the lows and the highs
as your actions balance your future

may this path chosen
further your greatness
define your course and your truths

and ever keep you in the direction
most suited for what you desire
may you achieve success and satisfaction

fulfill your dreams – be whole and happy

We Don’t Know


The future is a time which hasn’t presented itself yet.

Always mysteriously just out of eyesight.

Every minute we take the next steps into an unknown.

The unexpected without a to-do list.

Our present excitedly seeking resolution on past laid
plans in the tomorrows still to come.

Endless possibilities layering into eternity.

The eternal question of what’s next?