The Sorceress

Inspired by Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Bewitched

my humble
abode, filled with
all that you may need.
Spells, potions, artifacts,
or do you prefer a séance?
Who is that special someone you’d
like bewitched and have under your spell?
My price, whatever you need, is $150 dollars.

John Collins

man wearing halloween costume
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From Beyond

I know what you want
Dark mysteries from beyond
Chills the blood within
Open your eyes to the void
The curtain lifts on your doom

Cycle of the Witch

Child of earth
Lives and learns
Wisdom grow’s

Woman’s Life
Grimoire’s verse
Imparts love

Come of age
Passed the test
Old Crone rests


Thine own eyes see all
She is of body and mind
Her beauty revered


What do you want when you see me?
Am I not good enough for thee?
No more can I stay
Now I must away
Your goodbye
I won’t cry


John’s a self-proclaimed poet and storyteller who writes for a hobby and professionally. He’s from the coastal city of Swansea in South Wales and has had a vivid imagination from a young age. A lover of mystery and conspiracy, little green men and things going bump in the night. You can read his work here – The Mush from the Hill


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you dared to cross me
watch as I brew your ending
with a single hair
bubble, bubble. your trouble
laughing as your life drains out


This Tanka poem inspired by Hélène Vaillant “What Do You See – 10/23/18
Image supplied from the post

Enjoyed creating this, Hélène! Had never tried this type of poem before. 🙂