Inspired by Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #127 – Infinite &
Reena’s Exploration Challenge #265 – You live in a world where no gods exist.

for every mind conscious
there are infinite depictions
of what a god is
or what gods aren’t

every shape and form
every sort of dogma
every possibility of the imagination is presented
for humanity’s consumption

some believe there is one
others believe there are many
and more and more think
you live in a world where no gods exist

our world endures such ugliness
with deaths in the millions
from violence, cancer, abuse, war, starvation
and so many more atrocities

if a god or gods did exist
why would they allow
this fermentation of hideousness
to fester unchecked rather than abolish it

perhaps we live in a world where no gods exist



A place to feel like you’ve arrived. 
Do you have it? 
I hope that for you. 
A place to be free and one of comfort. 
“It will be the moment where you don’t wear a forced smile.” 
It will be a feeling of contentment. 
And security, richness, and volume. 
Do you have it? 
I want that, for you and me. 

Originally posted 8/4/2018 on I Write Her.



Life is an ever-changing plan of existence.

Let’s sing a song of acceptance, being perfect already.

The layers of uniqueness, whatever the condition,

accept them, revel in them, love them, and Just Be you.

It’s not perfect, but it’s mine. Tim Minchin

Originally posted 7/30/2018 on I Write Her.

Duane L. Herrmann


The hills are alive
with coyote chorus
excited tipping
of the young’uns
rolling over prairies
on the winds
as full moon shines
her silvery glow.
This is their land too.


Clear cold days
to wake the face:
bright sun
with no warmth
of no mind
for comfort
as winter
freezes on.


All have red blood,
and pumping heart.
All cry in pain
or distress.
Though varieties,
life is united
in simple ways –
why can we not see
these unities?


Memories can change
be overlaid,
gain new meaning,
a friend they weren’t
but effort,
must be made.


Daddy said he loved us
with all his heart, and cried,
then said to face the wall – quiet!

Then he brought the little ones
and told them to stand too.

He went up the line
one head at a time…


I ran!


The sign warns:
“Clean floors
prevent accidents.”

Just as truly
it can advise and mean:

      and mean:

prevent clean floors.”
True too!


The work of Duane L. Herrmann has been published in print and online, in over a hundred journals, more than fifty anthologies, plus seven volumes of poetry, more chapbooks, a history, and a sci-fi novel; all despite a traumatic, abusive childhood embellished with dyslexia, ADHD, cyclothymia, an anxiety disorder, and PTSD. Duane was first featured on June 19, 2020, and again on December 4, 2020. Some of his thoughts were also selected and published in The Sound of Brilliance. His latest feature was posted on June 24, 2022.


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There you are, hidden in the magic. 

The mystery of personhood waiting to evolve. 

Wishing to be found, but stuck deep within. 

Fear shutters the essence of being so much of the time. 

It takes courage to push off the debilitating, oppressive hand of inadequacy. 

Defeat gives us rage to rise up and out. 

Or not. 

Show our true selves or remain comfortably nestled within?

Originally published July 18, 2018 on I Write Her.

Draw Closer

Inspired by Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt – Intertwined & Reena’s Exploration Challenge #232

what individual has not wondered
the origin or purpose of our lonely existence
only to die fraught sussing it out

the human condition
we hang out for a bit, and then depart this life
but we don’t know why

yet we are all intertwined
connected by circumstance or choice
where the welfare of one depends on the other

but the world has us seeing more apathy and neglect
attitudes of some of you may die, but that’s a sacrifice i’m willing to make
and “to hell with you, i’ve got mine”

seeing the neglect and horrid strife
in this world we call home
it puts even more distance between us

sadly, the answers for security aren’t readily available
compromise, solutions, charity, empathy
withhold, destroy, levy punishment, resistance

what to do, who to save, when to intervene
every action a consequence
and this, since the beginning of time

what does the world need most right now?

Kritika Maheshwari


Might look loose
but it’s the end


appreciate, don’t suffocate
for love without complaints
has a palatable taste; no haste
impatience will leave stains
time’s teachings are no waste


smoothly tearing the soft layer of balmy cocoon
the once crawling being now flies in fulgent hues
accepting the truth of its existence
stretching wings of self-love, persistent
the glamorous artistry of nature glides, confides
insouciantly fulfilling its wishes for what it has originated


Headlines cry to untune the averse state of our miserable humanity which has lost its stature
No comprehension of the hues of light or dark but the cruel selfishness speaks satirically throughout

Little Achievements

Joyful pouring of salt
Body halting at sweet shop
Celebrate the little achievements


An Indian-origin soul who sought pleasure in writing, two years ago, which she continued with pride and honor. She has not yet fixed her genre but tries to weave a variety of topics, aesthetically. Hitherto, some of her submissions have been accepted by a few international and regional publications. Also, two of her poetries have found space in a recently published anthology, The Sound of Brilliance. For more of her works, you can always visit: www.valorousbird.wordpress.com and can also email her at valorousbird@gmail.com. Kritika’s first feature on The Short of it was published on June 12, 2020.


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Nature’s Lament

Inspired by Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt – Dusk & Reena’s Exploration Challenge #226

the fiery sky
begs me at dusk
see nature’s bounty

each step i take
mires me to its message
relinquishing the day
i listen for the confessions of the dark

mother cries
her beauty is vanishing
her children the cause