Reblog – Ecdysis by Frank Solanki

I love, love, love his piece!!! Perfect title for the process of evolving into who we want to become. My hat’s off to Frank! 🙂 Enjoy!

Frank Solanki

Every book that I read
Every movie that I see
Every song that I hear
I let it change me

Every person that I meet
Every event that I partake
Every emotion that I feel
I let it change me

Like a snake
Shedding its skin
Only to cover itself
With a new one
To let go
Of the parasites
To reach
A new stage of growth

Every step that I take
Every choice that I make
Every breath that I take
I let it change me

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There’s A Staunch In The Air

Tony Rojas on Unsplash

it’s hard to make room
for understanding
when the “right” position
is so deeply entrenched
in a firmly held belief

shocking the systems
of reasonable people
empathy takes a back seat
when the “right” position
is belligerently defended

fear of change
lack of compassion
rooted and shackled in tradition
all causing a blind following
of choosing the “right” position

… may they learn how to shift when necessary


uniqueness and individuality
seeking diversity of all levels
creates a richness of experience

inherent within our race
millions of differences
sets us apart from uniformity or sameness

society and cultures breed monotony
intent on stifling variation
don’t settle for the mundane or the dull

Juneteenth 2020

a celebration to end slavery
and yet
the shackles remained
white hearts in fear
with attitudes of evil

jim crow laws
no coloreds allowed, whites only
separate but equal
mass incarceration
systemic racism
police brutality

four hundred years as kept
one hundred fifty years lied to
is 2020 the year a promise realized
freedom a reality for the minority
so cruelly enslaved in various ways
will prejudices finally be put aside

will we finally be humane?

The Creators

i’m a breeder
bred from a breeder
who was bred from a breeder
who was also bred from a breeder
going all the way back to the first breeder

it is by chance that one egg
meets one sperm, occasionally two
a double fertilization
so interesting and rare
one percent of human conceptions

even with constant, intentional sex
conception chances are twenty percent
life is not only random, it’s not likely
the creators are lucky
the offspring even luckier if they are wanted

but this is life
a coming together of the fornicating
and the married of our species
this chance to breathe in a world not of our making
but one to maybe we’ll do better things than just breed

The Times

We woke up to a strange landscape in 2020. We should have known it would be odd considering we had to witness the impeachment trial of Trump early on. Why would we dare to think it would get any better after that? Especially after he dodged that bullet by being acquitted by the Senate on February 5, 2020.

Even though I was feeling defeated, that event empowered me, even more, to become politically active in the 2020 elections that mattered. I looked forward to the involvement and progress which was needed. It was something to prepare for. I could think positively because so many people in this country felt enough was enough, there would be changes made – finally. Then Covid-19 added a whole ‘nother level of required overcoming to my day-to-day.

I realize that it’s difficult being held hostage by something out of our control. Large swaths of the US population are being walloped by the current situation, feeling even more desolate and in despair than those who have security and stability in their lives. For those suffering, it’s hard to ignore that their way of life is totally in shambles. And the solutions are not easily accessible.

Living in a rural area of Kansas, I understand I’m very fortunate. Social distancing practices are much easier to do in this small town when there aren’t many people to come in contact with. That is a huge plus during these times. The likelihood that something terrible would happen to me here as long I continue safe practices means it probably won’t. Residing here is a good thing since I’m in three risk categories. Considering my past rants of living in a small town, being grateful is not something I had anticipated feeling.

Maybe it will teach me to be looking out for the positives more so than be pissed off about the negatives? Let’s hope.

But what about those people who are selfishly demanding their liberty, saying it’s a hoax, spreading misinformation, and wanting to open businesses recklessly without safety practices? Don’t they understand this is an opportunity to change how functioning in life, in this society, and doing it together could change things for the better? I’m cynical because I don’t think we will learn from this.

Adding to the shit show known as 2020, the horrific, unjust deaths of more of our black community members – George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery – one more layer of indecency added to twist all our lives in knots. The ensuing riots, protests, and violence which is escalating; when will this anguish end?!?!?

It is a struggle, to be sure, but I’ll keep hoping that the takeaway from all this will be an understanding that we are a world community – everyone is being affected by these events! The enormous loss of life we have been a witness to is excruciatingly awful. It could, and should have been less.

Let us see the positive in coming together in a way that suggests we care about one another.