Reblog – deceit by George Ellington

Betrayals always cut with precision and excruciatingly deep. The emotions expressed in this piece are spot on. Well done – George!

George Ellington

it was not until her voice
had faded
that mine unmanfully died
over an unspoken chorus
of arrogant
and deeply impersonal lies
by an artisan of such brilliant

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Reblog – Piece by Weronika Donovan

How many of us have gone through this feeling of lost connections? Too many, I fear. When I first read this piece, it reminded me of a favorite song of mine – Lost on You by LP. It’s the same message – loss of a connection. Weronika echoed that song but compressed the sentiments into this exquisite short piece. Bravo!

Painted Poems

In that moment
I felt that
there is a piece
a piece of me
which I’ve missed
which cannot be found.
By me
by you
by anybody.
A piece that was lost
many years ago
amid desert’s sands
of our relationship.

© W. Donovan

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Blonde Snake

how does a friend
look you in the eye
skipping not a beat
telling you an untruth

how does a friend
feel good about that
then just move along
without a conscience

how does a friend
call themselves a friend
a person who can be trusted
a person you can feel close to

how does a friend
continue to act innocent
double down on the original lie
get defensive and shame you

how does a friend
think to remain a connection
when truth means so little
when respect goes out the window

friends don’t do that

Inspired by Val – A Different Perspective



I Write Her


“You presumed to decide what was best for me. Even if I resolve the anger,  the pain you caused, I can’t trust you. Ever. I’m standing before a stranger.”

Raymond Reddington – The Blacklist

Same sentiment, different situation.

The judgment of that line from a script mimics life. My life.

Ever so dramatically, flashing sensations of Oof, suffering, thefeelz surround me.

Waves drowning me, on dry land.

The imagination drawn to retribution, naturally.

But who would it serve?

I’d still be alone.

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Bloody Fate

you’re cold as ice
my head and heart swirling
the end of us staring me in the face

may your destiny
hurt as much as my present
i’m hoping karma bites you in the ass, hard

Reblog – I want to hurt you by A. Rinum

So much food for thought, for growth.

Rinum's blog

I want to hurt you.

Stab you in the back, but I can’t do that without piercing the sword through my own chest first. I can’t make you bleed without causing a rupture in my own heart. How can I hurt you when your wounds cause me pain? I want to bring storms, cause earthquakes but I’ll end up damaging myself more than you. But I’m okay with that. I’m okay with tearing myself apart just to see that tear cascade down your cheek. I’m okay with burning away my existence, just to see that frown tug at your lips. I’m okay with fading, at least I’ll take away a part of myself with you.

Do you ever cause destruction to yourself just because you want to cause damage to someone else? That’s one of the most toxic traits you can have. Where you’re willing to rip yourself open just…

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Beniamin Sinca – Unsplash

small and large
every size in between
we make them
others make them

the reckless, unintentional,
without forethought type of injury
is suffered upon the unwilling,
mildly harmed as well as grossly enraged

a mood, the time of day, the severity
at the time of infliction predicts our response
have a laugh and acceptance
compassion and empathy
or maybe cutting out their further influence

shall errors happen again and again
or will we learn to not repeat
perhaps we just get better at not screwing up the small stuff
only to really fuck things up