I Write Her


And in that moment of forced togetherness
I felt like the boy eating off the filth of a paper city
I realised I’m forcing the same trash through my heart
In craving to be someone’s priority

Vasvi Gupta – excerpt from Reversed Smiles

Find the specific details on why you loved this person, and it’s okay to find yourself still loving this person, but you have to see that these qualities do exist with a person who’s waiting for you, who’s even willing to give you more.

Let go of the fantasy. Loss is a good place to love yourself more and work on forgiving yourself more. 

Baby, don’t think that the time you spent with that person was lost for it has prepared you for this very moment, our conversation here.

Heartache may lead to the suicide of the mind but never of the soul.

Juansen Dizon – excerpt…

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End of Bliss


I Write Her


Love, becoming one.

Intensity together.

Then pain. Two again.

**The image prompted a reliving of my personal moment but click here for what inspired the artist to create this beautiful sculpture. Click here to see another perspective of the moving version.

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Reblog – Burn by Stephen Allen

Yes. It is.

Through The Cracked Window (Revisited)

These dreams like ashes float away
a voice I never heard
only ever silence
where were you when hearts bled?

I never thought you’d deceive me
where are you now?
can you stand the pain?
how long will you let it burn?

This pain slowly smouldering
a lesson you never learned
is your world just a broken promise?
is your love just a drop of rain?

Stoic Poetry

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Reblog – deceit by George Ellington

Betrayals always cut with precision and excruciatingly deep. The emotions expressed in this piece are spot on. Well done – George!

George Ellington

it was not until her voice
had faded
that mine unmanfully died
over an unspoken chorus
of arrogant
and deeply impersonal lies
by an artisan of such brilliant

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Reblog – Piece by Weronika Donovan

How many of us have gone through this feeling of lost connections? Too many, I fear. When I first read this piece, it reminded me of a favorite song of mine – Lost on You by LP. It’s the same message – loss of a connection. Weronika echoed that song but compressed the sentiments into this exquisite short piece. Bravo!

Painted Poems

In that moment
I felt that
there is a piece
a piece of me
which I’ve missed
which cannot be found.
By me
by you
by anybody.
A piece that was lost
many years ago
amid desert’s sands
of our relationship.

© W. Donovan

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Blonde Snake

how does a friend
look you in the eye
skipping not a beat
telling you an untruth

how does a friend
feel good about that
then just move along
without a conscience

how does a friend
call themselves a friend
a person who can be trusted
a person you can feel close to

how does a friend
continue to act innocent
double down on the original lie
get defensive and shame you

how does a friend
think to remain a connection
when truth means so little
when respect goes out the window

friends don’t do that

Inspired by Val – A Different Perspective