Reblogs – Candice Louisa Daquin & Jude Itakali

Helena Nelson-Reed*

*From my research, I believe the original image (the right image) was created by the illustrator named. I’m not sure who did the flipped, black image and combined the two.


It seems to me that when we find the right person or people, we should hold tight. Whether friend or lover, finding a safe harbor in this indiscriminate world gives us peace, comfort, and even strength.

By Candice Louisa Daquin

Your skin collects starlight
ebony turns blue in dusk
we curl tighter till no division exists
the pounding emptiness I got so used to

The Artist of my Soul by Jude Itakali

Who are you that sees me so clear 
A voyeur who prowls my soul 
And drips between its layers 
Daring to divulge 
Secrets I did not know I had. 
How in so short a time 
Have you found what none has found in a lifetime 
When did you become the artist of my life story 
Deftly splodging my pain in patterns across the page 
Depicting my fears in adroit designs of nervous hues 
Smearing my dreams in lustrous colours and glossy paints 

Are you a gift sent to make me whole 
A match meant to be 
Or are you a curse… 
Bait dangled by fate 
A taste of what will never be 

Jude’s additional thoughts – While writing this, I kept asking myself; can a soulmate be merely a friend (be it a lifelong one), or is a soulmate meant to be a lover or partner?

Reblogs – Bree & Tom Alexander

Relationships are complex, aren’t they? So, so good that we crave them when we are lonely and ready to add the next to the trash heap when we’ve had enough.

Once Around the Sun by Bree & Tom Alexander

Once around the sun 
with no touch from anyone 
with no fun 

Such a strange and lonely time 
in the history of this planet 
I dream of little moments  
like brushing past you on the stairs 
your aroma so sweet upon my senses 
your hair so finely spun between my fingers 

Round and round but never close enough 
In my past life 
it might be weeks, sometimes 
could be months between 
those shivering connections 
molten to the core 
on fire, inside another 
But now  
I count in “years”… 

Heaven knows, we cracked the code 
perpetual motion–  
Won’t do what we’re told  
can’t douse our passion 
Forget trying to explain it 
I need hands-on demonstrations 
You and me 
weren’t meant to be alone 

It’s been too long  
since I worked the buttons loose 
on your jeans 
It’s so long… since 
I pulled your head to my bare chest 
let you listen to my heart 
Round and round yet never together 
Endless motion yet no connection 

Now it’s  
once around the sun 
all these months without touch 
without caress 
without our fun 

How I dream, how I burst  
for the memory  
of that breathless surrender 
eyes connecting 
and the quietly blinking pleasure 
as I shiver beside 
You bite my shoulder 
prolong the moment 
So many barren seasons, now 
O, I’ve been aching for you 

My fingers (my nails), my fists (my wrists), so dissatisfied  
my arms (my sighs), my thighs (my hips), so prone 
Once around the sun 
so many months between 
without touch 
without caress 
without undress 
without breath 
O, an end must come… 

As We Kissed… by Tom Alexander (2006)

As we kissed I sensed the change 
as we fucked I could feel 
that fire dying, brutally sobering… 

The next time you called me 
I lay motionless, foetal by the phone 
already sharpening my excuses… 

As we watched that film, I knew 
this would be the last we shared 
listening for some good dialogue to use… 

As you slept so silently that night 
I lay awake, forging a letter 
to get me out of these games… 

Reblogs – A Faded Romantic’s Notebook & Candice Louisa Daquin

The heart wants what it wants…

Never Forget by A Faden Romantic’s Notebook

I will never forget
the adrenaline rush
the catch of breath
the quickening pulse
the sense of destiny
when first you touched
this page.

And I will never forget
my overwhelming desire
to seduce
and steal
and secure
your secret
submissive soul.

Purposely apart by Candice Louisa Daquin

They said, now, don’t spill a drop
I drank you down, an illegal cocktail
and wiped my black cherry mouth without regret
maybe that’s the divider between young and ancient?
Feel the fear and do it anyway, fray the tension
I had fear as a lover since I was a child
but you broke something inside
let out the glass ghost who had long dimmed
a need to feel more than harnessed safety
bristling around the edges like a perpet flame.
Why you? With your arrogant aspect and
the cruelty of no-one special
how I thirsted for your marzipan center
like sugar riddled kid will suck
the cherry fondue before even tasting
you devoured me, intentional or occidental
does it matter?
The slayed self knows no quaint repair
she floats in purgatory watchful of grace.
Then lend me the strength to survive passion
and I will bless you with my shame
that thick cost of it
weighing us down as we walk
purposely apart
eyes that catch as mayflies
and glaze over, fine as sugar powder
the unsaid tempest of an adult heart.

Morning Delight

lay with me instead
she said
her heart yearning for me
shone in her eyes

the rain outside pitter-pattering harmony
as the stretch between us narrowed
my arm embraced the fold of her voluptuousness
the door to my heart opening

the lilies i’d picked for her yesterday
held neatly in the vase on her dresser
maintained the lingering scent in her room
we both inhaled and sighed

the intoxication of everything right
urged me to capture her long legs
and narrow wrists with my embrace
dozing was ever further from our minds

with mounting tension and heavy breathing
like a ship on fierce waters
our bodies rocked with abandon
until we lay wrecked on our bed

Reblogs – Penny Wilson and Charles Robert Lindholm & John Coyote

Always chasing the delirium…

Still a Fool by Penny Wilson & Charles Robert Lindholm

I Was A Fool 
My Judgment Was Blurred 
Thinking Us Soulmates 
Was So Absurd 

Drunk On Your Kisses 
And Lost In Your Eyes 
Longing For Love 
I Believed All Your Lies 

Craving Your Touch 
And Sweet Ecstasy 
In Love With Love 
And The Fantasy 

I Took A Gamble 
I Rolled The Dice 
I Did What I Did 
I Paid The Price 

I’m Still A Fool, 
I’d Do It Again 

Ecstasy… by John Coyote

My love, I have found you. 
                 I want to make love to you from feet to sweet lips. 
                  Your brightness and sadness I need to know. 
                   I want us nude, heart and mind free. 
                    The hot and humid nights. 
                     Allowed us to sleep with no secrets. 
                      We are complete like a flowing river.  
                      I yearn to touch your face, your breasts, your waist. 
                       In the heat of the night. 
                        My feet touch your feet…

 My lips touch your lips…  
                         I’m yours and you are mine. 
                          My lovely one. 
                           You are my only sweet dream. 

                            Your love enchanted my soul. 
                             I kiss your feet, your knees, your stomach. 
                             Caress your curves and whisper. 
                              “My love. 
                              Why are you so kind to me?” 

My Last Memory

poor mia, i’ve left her with scars
and tears and whispers in her ear
our last night in st. louis, the end of a tumultuous era

i turn, heading in the direction of my car
i feel her sad eyes on the back of my head, they sear
my heart races

she knows i still care
even now with me being a giant ass
my actions making me seem crass

but it’s just how things have to be, and now are
my wife said ‘end it, ace,
or risk a monumental financial loss’, giving me a scare

but i’ll always remember mia’s soft caress


I’ve only done a couple of ‘In One Word Poems’, so I thought I would try my hand at it again with these challenges. Christine – Stine Writing posted about this interesting form a while back. 

The rules are:

  • choose a word
  • list words that you find within that word
  • choose words from that list
  • write a poem in which each line ends with one of those words

In addition, I wrote this piece from a man’s perspective, something I usually don’t do.

Reblogs – Candice Louisa Daquin & Romantic Dominant

Those desired cast a spell with their love potion, intoxicating us even at a distance.

Elixir by Candice Louisa Daquin

A yellow-eyed man asked me once 
what it was I favored 
in older women 
I told him 
it’s something in their faces 
the shape of their bodies 
how their bones knit songs 
as if all the years they have lived 
have built a testimony 
to the potency of woman 
I’m weak-kneed in the presence of 
strong women, vulnerable women 
singers, poets, artists, thinkers 
the myriad ways of woman 
how breasts find their shape 
over time 
and colors change with seasons 
hair grows long with streaks of grey 
eyes own brevity 
the smile remains that of a girl 
rendering me hot cheeked 
I feel the purposing of womanhood 
like a blanket 
though my contracted heart cannot 
own more than a singular affection 
i’m not like you, falling in love monthly 
I could count on my fingers the times 
a girl turned my head and my heart 
all the way around 
and when you wear that red skirt 
you know the one 
with the ruffles and the midnight cast
and dip your feet in the river 
the glint of your ankle chain catching the stars 
you could be twenty or you could be seventy 
and I’d lead you by the hand 
back to our tent, among the trees 
all facing the sky in prayer 
and lay you down beneath me 
a lotus opening her mouth 
to the glory of being alive 
with lips like you just ate wild berries 
and a tongue tasting of laughter 
I drink you in 
I drink you in 
the elixir of your existing 
even as we sagged against 
the enormity of surviving 
perhaps it’s that shape I love best 
how well you make enduring 

Without touching by Romantic Dominant

He touches her   
without touching her.  

He holds her  
without holding her. 

He knows her 
without knowing her.  

He calls her  
and her soul answers. 

Reblogs – Laura Denise & Timo Schmitz

So often we neglect to share our feelings or open our hearts to opportunities the truth can be spoken. Fear, perhaps? The insecurities or thoughts of rejection we may experience seem to guide us. But as Sarah Bareilles’s song Brave spells out quite nicely – “Let the words fall out.” May they not only remain bound in a journal. Do open up, do share your thoughts, and be amazed at what you can learn, experience, and feel!

Footprints & Silhouettes by Laura Denise

So many silent, untold stories 
in yesterday’s leftover footprints, 
in this morning’s sunrise-silhouetted 
figures in the distance. 

I am a people watcher, 
always curious about 
human nature, 
collectively and within each 
individual character. 

When the stage lights are unlit 
and the microphone off, 
I wonder about each’s 
private feelings and thoughts. 

We are not actors 
on life’s stage; 
we are each keepers 
of our own private plays, 

longing to be brave enough 
to raise the curtain, so you 
may get but a glimpse 
of a scene of what we’ve 
been going through. 

So many footprints and silhouettes 
crossing paths, 
so little we know of the bodies’ souls 
leaving the tracks. 

What lies inside the impression, 
what lies within the shadow, 
those are the mysteries 
I continuously wonder about. 

Which footprint seeped love, 
which footprint seeped grief, 
which figure is weeping, 
which figure rekindling dreams? 

Hearts upon sleeves 
are taken up by the wind, 
feelings in chests 
locked and buried again. 

So many untold stories, 
so many opportunities passed, 
to initiate conversation with another 
and simply ask. 

[Thought] You Were Gone by Timo Schmitz

Today when I saw you leaving, 
I knew, I will never see you again. 
It’s too late, I never dared to talk to you, 
We will remain strangers. Forever. 
No path crossing, you will never know me. 
And I know nothing about you, 
But I will never forget you.