Morning Delight

lay with me instead
she said
her heart yearning for me
shone in her eyes

the rain outside pitter-pattering harmony
as the stretch between us narrowed
my arm embraced the fold of her voluptuousness
the door to my heart opening

the lilies i’d picked for her yesterday
held neatly in the vase on her dresser
maintained the lingering scent in her room
we both inhaled and sighed

the intoxication of everything right
urged me to capture her long legs
and narrow wrists with my embrace
dozing was ever further from our minds

with mounting tension and heavy breathing
like a ship on fierce waters
our bodies rocked with abandon
until we lay wrecked on our bed

Reblogs – Penny Wilson and Charles Robert Lindholm & John Coyote

Always chasing the delirium…

Still a Fool by Penny Wilson & Charles Robert Lindholm

I Was A Fool 
My Judgment Was Blurred 
Thinking Us Soulmates 
Was So Absurd 

Drunk On Your Kisses 
And Lost In Your Eyes 
Longing For Love 
I Believed All Your Lies 

Craving Your Touch 
And Sweet Ecstasy 
In Love With Love 
And The Fantasy 

I Took A Gamble 
I Rolled The Dice 
I Did What I Did 
I Paid The Price 

I’m Still A Fool, 
I’d Do It Again 

Ecstasy… by John Coyote

My love, I have found you. 
                 I want to make love to you from feet to sweet lips. 
                  Your brightness and sadness I need to know. 
                   I want us nude, heart and mind free. 
                    The hot and humid nights. 
                     Allowed us to sleep with no secrets. 
                      We are complete like a flowing river.  
                      I yearn to touch your face, your breasts, your waist. 
                       In the heat of the night. 
                        My feet touch your feet…

 My lips touch your lips…  
                         I’m yours and you are mine. 
                          My lovely one. 
                           You are my only sweet dream. 

                            Your love enchanted my soul. 
                             I kiss your feet, your knees, your stomach. 
                             Caress your curves and whisper. 
                              “My love. 
                              Why are you so kind to me?” 

My Last Memory

poor mia, i’ve left her with scars
and tears and whispers in her ear
our last night in st. louis, the end of a tumultuous era

i turn, heading in the direction of my car
i feel her sad eyes on the back of my head, they sear
my heart races

she knows i still care
even now with me being a giant ass
my actions making me seem crass

but it’s just how things have to be, and now are
my wife said ‘end it, ace,
or risk a monumental financial loss’, giving me a scare

but i’ll always remember mia’s soft caress


I’ve only done a couple of ‘In One Word Poems’, so I thought I would try my hand at it again with these challenges. Christine – Stine Writing posted about this interesting form a while back. 

The rules are:

  • choose a word
  • list words that you find within that word
  • choose words from that list
  • write a poem in which each line ends with one of those words

In addition, I wrote this piece from a man’s perspective, something I usually don’t do.

Reblogs – Candice Louisa Daquin & Romantic Dominant

Those desired cast a spell with their love potion, intoxicating us even at a distance.

Elixir by Candice Louisa Daquin

A yellow-eyed man asked me once 
what it was I favored 
in older women 
I told him 
it’s something in their faces 
the shape of their bodies 
how their bones knit songs 
as if all the years they have lived 
have built a testimony 
to the potency of woman 
I’m weak-kneed in the presence of 
strong women, vulnerable women 
singers, poets, artists, thinkers 
the myriad ways of woman 
how breasts find their shape 
over time 
and colors change with seasons 
hair grows long with streaks of grey 
eyes own brevity 
the smile remains that of a girl 
rendering me hot cheeked 
I feel the purposing of womanhood 
like a blanket 
though my contracted heart cannot 
own more than a singular affection 
i’m not like you, falling in love monthly 
I could count on my fingers the times 
a girl turned my head and my heart 
all the way around 
and when you wear that red skirt 
you know the one 
with the ruffles and the midnight cast
and dip your feet in the river 
the glint of your ankle chain catching the stars 
you could be twenty or you could be seventy 
and I’d lead you by the hand 
back to our tent, among the trees 
all facing the sky in prayer 
and lay you down beneath me 
a lotus opening her mouth 
to the glory of being alive 
with lips like you just ate wild berries 
and a tongue tasting of laughter 
I drink you in 
I drink you in 
the elixir of your existing 
even as we sagged against 
the enormity of surviving 
perhaps it’s that shape I love best 
how well you make enduring 

Without touching by Romantic Dominant

He touches her   
without touching her.  

He holds her  
without holding her. 

He knows her 
without knowing her.  

He calls her  
and her soul answers. 

Reblogs – Laura Denise & Timo Schmitz

So often we neglect to share our feelings or open our hearts to opportunities the truth can be spoken. Fear, perhaps? The insecurities or thoughts of rejection we may experience seem to guide us. But as Sarah Bareilles’s song Brave spells out quite nicely – “Let the words fall out.” May they not only remain bound in a journal. Do open up, do share your thoughts, and be amazed at what you can learn, experience, and feel!

Footprints & Silhouettes by Laura Denise

So many silent, untold stories 
in yesterday’s leftover footprints, 
in this morning’s sunrise-silhouetted 
figures in the distance. 

I am a people watcher, 
always curious about 
human nature, 
collectively and within each 
individual character. 

When the stage lights are unlit 
and the microphone off, 
I wonder about each’s 
private feelings and thoughts. 

We are not actors 
on life’s stage; 
we are each keepers 
of our own private plays, 

longing to be brave enough 
to raise the curtain, so you 
may get but a glimpse 
of a scene of what we’ve 
been going through. 

So many footprints and silhouettes 
crossing paths, 
so little we know of the bodies’ souls 
leaving the tracks. 

What lies inside the impression, 
what lies within the shadow, 
those are the mysteries 
I continuously wonder about. 

Which footprint seeped love, 
which footprint seeped grief, 
which figure is weeping, 
which figure rekindling dreams? 

Hearts upon sleeves 
are taken up by the wind, 
feelings in chests 
locked and buried again. 

So many untold stories, 
so many opportunities passed, 
to initiate conversation with another 
and simply ask. 

[Thought] You Were Gone by Timo Schmitz

Today when I saw you leaving, 
I knew, I will never see you again. 
It’s too late, I never dared to talk to you, 
We will remain strangers. Forever. 
No path crossing, you will never know me. 
And I know nothing about you, 
But I will never forget you. 

Reblogs – Jeff Flesch & Hemalatha Ramesh

Real love is eternal, isn’t it?

I love you by Jeff Flesch

heart broken into a million pieces, 
agony inside, the time in-between 
now and then, set aside 

for a moment, like an eternity, dreaming 
of other scenes, can’t possibly be reality, pulling 
me down into this demise… 

watching your hand leave mine, fingers outstretched 
into another time, breaking solidity, 

the filament continues to flicker, wavering 
in the night sky, pulling me towards belief, I 

remembering your face, holding you in arms, wide, 
trying to make another sky 

and portal to an alternative world, where the two 
remain together, not ever bidding each other 

instead, remain together they do, 
by simply saying 

I love you…  

Smirk by Hemalatha Ramesh

Their hands intertwined 
hearts allied, destiny and fate, 
smirked at a distance. 

Reblogs – Penny Wilson & Angelique Rose

We fear not being loved. Yet in other relationships, love is so hardcore and evident. Why is great love always at the extremes of the spectrum?

From You Lips by Penny Wilson

your lips  
the word I  
wish whispered most is  

When Death Came Knocking by Angelique Rose

I understand why she wanted 
To walk away from this world 
Why, when death started knocking 
She opened the door and let him in. 

She was tired of all the moments that her heart broke 
She was tired  of mustering  all her strength to put it back together 
She was tired of the endless fear  
The chipping away of her plaster encased heart 
And the fragile contents within. 

When death came knocking  
She smiled and opened the door  
“I’ve been waiting for you” she said  
“Take me, death.  I have grown impatient”   

What torture this life has been 
The never ending strive for better 
For happiness  
For success  
For love  
For acceptance  
For laughs  
And hugs  
And tender fingertips  

Passionate kisses were never so hard to find .. 

A man that would throw her heart around  
Was always around the corner 

But when morning comes 
And the truth invades 
She wished that she could not exist  
She wished that she could tear through the temporary comfort that softened her fall  
She wished she could rip through her own skin  
Make herself inside out  
Bleed until she slept an endless nap  
She wanted to break faces  
Hear her echoed screams  
Burn a house down to its bones 

Why was life so difficult? 

Why was happiness a foreign language, 
That surfaced so few and far between?  

She wanted it all to stop  
Her worry  
Her beating heart  
Her fear  
Her tears  

And then death came knocking at her door  
She smiled her own mischievous smile  
And said ..  
“Take me” 

Reblogs – Laura Denise & Akhila Siva

From my perspective, these two pieces describe two very different relationships – one fulfilling and the other empty – types that all individuals have probably experienced. One, the other, or both. So, passion-less or passion-filled, what’s your current relationship?

Wildfire Heart by Laura Denise

I’ve loved before.
That’s what lovers do.
Never the problem,
just the flue.

My heat rising
and released,
but others
closed the vent.
I self-suffocated
each ember
of chance.

And again.

But my match,
finally met.
to my intensity,
my molten form
held so tenderly.

I still love them all
for that’s what lovers do,
but so grateful each
closed that flue.

My fire is now
a type of glow
that originated
when I was finally able
to feel being held,
and the way he made me
first love

We fell,
we rose,
along the way,
grew together,
blue and white

I don’t miss you, but I miss your vibes by Akhila Siva

I don’t miss you,
but I miss your vibes
I miss the connection
I thought I can vibe on my own
I thought I can vibe to the music of nature 
no matter my mood
But how silly I’m,
I can vibe to nothing 
when I miss your vibes

If I say I miss you,
I miss you that badly
as I love you that madly
Call me insane that I can 
never get you out of my head
no matter how you treat me
Each and every nooks and corners of my cells 
are craving for your vibes
But never you knew 
how privileged you are in my heart
Never you knew 
how important you are to me

Come back and hug me as usual
Hug me and squeeze me as always.
I don’t say that I miss you
But deep in my heart I miss a piece of my smile.
I miss your vibes
I miss the connection
Come back and hug me as usual

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