Reblog – The Key by Paul Vincent Cannon

Always be tender…


Key – RDP Monday



The Key

Sun kissed
petals undone
you opened in the warmth
and rejoiced
smooth and
sweetly perfumed,
unfurling before me,
raw, naked,
my tender caress
the key.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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Reblog – Kiss by Paul Vincent Cannon

Oh, my imagination is on overdrive! I see luscious lips, passions reeling, and moistness. 😉


dVerse Poets – Quadrille 73




Today I spoke to you in
a language so intense,
with more love than latin,
and most certainly french,
a language that feels,
as tongues speak of ecstasy,
and lips are guided by heart,
a veritable feast on
which to gorge,
yet never sated.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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Reblog – Some poetry by John Coyote

It’s like the Benjamin Button of relationships. 🙂 Enjoy!



The house is silence now,
the children have left,
the silence isn’t golden my love.


Once love was needy and was demanded nightly.
Now the bed seem larger and a lonely place.
Your once sparkling eyes shine lightly now.
Pretty lies are still lies

Mutual needs brought us together,
we were held on by desperate words and needs.
I don’t see the need of eternal love in your tender and soft blue eyes.
In your eyes, I see the want to escape and depart our pretend paradise.
Drink of me

Pretty woman whispered to me,
a pale moon light tonight and the sea is dancing peacefully.
Let’s allow the shade of love to over take us,
let’s dance and sing to the yearning moon my love.

John Castellenas/Coyote

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Goff James

Love’s Dreams Star-kissed Dance 

Night’s soft music plays
Lost on mem’ries drifting breeze
Love’s dreams star-kissed dance  

Sailing Paper Boats

Sailing paper boats
Adrift on dream’s starred ocean
Love’s safe harbour sought

Whispered on the Breeze

Whispered on the breeze
All my secrets told to you
Scribed in twilight’s hues

Held in Love’s Embrace

Held in Love’s embrace
Sipping moonlight’s ecstasy 
Treasured moments shared 

Turning in Circles

Turning in circles
Not wanting to run away
Love’s merry-go-round

Falling from the Stars

Falling from the stars
Flying on Love’s broken wings
Heartache’s lullaby


Goff JamesThe Short of It’s very first featured poet on February 6, 2020 – is a grumpy eccentric; who, in the darkness of night plays with words and tries to write poetry. His musings display an interest in that which can be seen and unseen; that which is heard and unheard; and, all those things that go unnoticed in between.


If you’d like to be featured on The Short of It, click here for the submissions guidelines.



you lying there seductively
absently sliding your hands
along the crescents of flesh
my eyes following the outline

your coquettish movements
direct my focus
begging an imminent need
you’ve got my full attention, dear

presented like an item of food
needing sampled, tasted
fully devoured and consumed
but not too quickly

savored and relished
your form molded
around my tongue
bringing ecstasy to us both

we delight and feast tonight
for our tomorrows might be famine
such is the world
bestowed upon us

Reblog – Dead couples

This piece speaks for itself…


walking side by side
like corpses that abide
abide by boredom
in ungraceful stride

awkward looks
routined ways
together trottin
like a pair of strays

their dying faces
at boring places
tell their story
of past gone glory

even a bigger bore

true desire
afraid of sparks
igniting a fire

surprise surprise
it’s love’s demise

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Reblog – Pirate radio by Candice Louisa Daquin

Who wouldn’t want to be caught up in this moment? 😉


Totems she left behind

what lost?

What gained?

cinereal clouds pierce cimmerian dusk

your fingers fastening in my hair

we interlaced in one another

le plus vieux pont, la plus jeune émotion

lineament of women,

crossing from mortal to sempiternal

drawing you to me, redolent with love-making

I empty myself inside you, like flowers plucked will dry

and retain their incense

your neck a budding posy of marble obsidian, onyx, malachite, rose quartz

pillowed thighs, yielding beneath entreaty

a woman is nectar, ambrosia, a mist on the breath of dusk

her center a temple to invoke

donne-moi ta soif laissez-moi vous rassasier

entreat the reciting of capture til we ripen into rapture

wordless in renewal you lend me promise,

I bestow the eternal endeavor turning metal dial,

through tempest comes outlying supplication of wireless reverie

Dormir sous les vagues

it’s 1999 again and we’re drying our wet socks on hot…

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Reblog – Believe by John Coyote

Feeling a bit transported with this song and these words, very uplifting. Thanks, John! As always, the romance in this piece is wonderful to immerse myself in! 🙂 Enjoy everyone!



Write on my bare skin, my dear poet, she whispered.
Allow your hands to make me feel like a masterpiece.
Show me, please make me believe.


I am the only one.
Please love me wrong, love me right.
Please whisper pretty words,
true or lies.
Promise me everything,
promise me nothing.

Make my brown eyes come alive with hope,
made my skin burn with desire.
dear poet,
let’s make this night perfect.
Paint a painting of a love,
that was sweet and attempted.


Let’s trick the gods,
show them.
You and I had found the utopia of the kiss,
the embrace.

Dancing Coyote

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Reblog – The cursed lullaby by John Coyote

Definitely listen to the song while reading the poem – they go hand in hand oh so well! The greatest loves will bring the greatest pain, wouldn’t you agree?


The cursed lullaby

Once love was so damn sweet, we had the long nights and the sweetest kisses.
You were my Beatrice and I was your willing Dante.
Willing to pay the price to touch sweet and tender skin, to make you smile.

I told you often,
I want to love you like there is no tomorrow,
I want to love you like we are the only people left.
I want us to divulge each other till we can’t no-more.
Love me once,
love me twice,
please love me three times.
Make me know softness,
make me know hardness,
Allow me to live and die in your eyes.

The cursed lullaby we know,
you and I.
Water and earth,
needs great storms for us to create tale and to know the sweetest kiss.

Old Poet recited to the dying moon.
Love be sweet, love be damned.
I remember you.


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