Tender Greetings

on overcast days
echoing my sorrow
a return to the place
where we found sanctuary

would that speaking in whispers
be heard by you, my love
in hopes of solace
that perhaps it would ease my despair

in this vast emptiness without you
for you departed much too soon
life without your presence, lonely
emptiness now my constant companion

would that you returned here
discovering the utterances of my soul
clinging to the branches
waiting to be spoken to your heart


there’s now a fire in my heart
your initials carved there like onto the bark of a tree 
just after seeing your eyes look at me that way

i’m floating weightless as if on a stream
there’s an urge to fly out of my skin 
it would seem i’m in love… or lust

watching your trim figure in the lake
as you swim the breaststroke
pulling yourself onto the dock, my mouth drops wide

suggestively you lean in towards me       
your arm wrapping around my waist
i’m not sure if i’m even present anymore

Reblog – Poem #291 by Luna

This piece screamed my ex-husband’s name! LOL I’m sure many of you can relate to this short piece about love. 🙂

Pen to paper

You didn’t teach me a lot about love but
you taught me the difference between
want and deserve. I wanted you so badly,
but I was way more than you deserved.

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Reblog – You are my story…. by John Coyote

Le sigh…


You are my story

Pretty wishes, savored dreams are you.

I have loved you always,

I love you in the morning light,

I loved you when you dance for the midnight moon and

I love when you read to me.

My kind lady of gentleness,

you make my mad world, sweet and kind.

Please steal my eyes, my thoughts.

Make me believe,

love is sweet and you are my love

Dancing Coyote

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A Craving

i want to know your depths
and openly expose mine
laying bare our souls

let’s share the qualities
of our essences
allowing them to intermingle

the invitation stands
do come inside
won’t you

Image credit – Phmaxiestevez @ Pixabay

Reblog – If You Love Her by Walt Page

What the world needs now is love, sweet love
It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of…


For more precious love, read Ivor Steven’s piece too! https://ivors20.wordpress.com/2019/11/17/before-you-leave-the-table/

Walt's Writings

If You Love Her

If you love her, don’t just tell her,
Show her.

Watch the Hallmark Channel with her.

Do the laundry. Fold the clothes.
Wash and dry the dishes and put them away.

Tell her how beautiful she is. Dance with her
in the living room. Send her love songs on Facebook.

Tell her how much you appreciate all she does for you.
For your home. For your animals.

Tell her again.

Listen to her. Let your arms be a place she feels safe in.

Care about her feelings. Tell her over and over so she never forgets.

She’s the best thing that you will ever have. She will
love you if you love her.

On days when it feels like the whole
world might cave in, listen to her heart and be with her.

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2020 All Rights Reserved

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Reblog – The Key by Paul Vincent Cannon

Always be tender…


Key – RDP Monday


Photo: pixabay.com

The Key

Sun kissed
petals undone
you opened in the warmth
and rejoiced
smooth and
sweetly perfumed,
unfurling before me,
raw, naked,
my tender caress
the key.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Paul,  pvcann.com

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