My yearning for his heat gave me an intense icy chill deep inside my body. We went way past the point of no return; it made me almost misty-eyed, enveloped by his desire. His arms surrounded me, my legs shaking, and my head spinning, upset yet hungry for all the emotions. I felt my body lean into him, desiring him increasingly, wanting to be submissive and parched from his love. My face flushed hot and red from the passion. I felt faint from what I knew was a breaking point coming, but I only wanted it to last forever, unending

The Upside To Demons

Amber Kipp – Unsplash

The drawers work well, and the demons like them. They glimmer in the sunshine! Not the creatures, but the bins where I keep them, silly man! Be careful with them; they could singe you with their emitting cerulean blue flames! 

Why let them reside here?

Because the ooze from their skin will trickle down the tube into a jar on the floor, remember, it helps raise the dead from the shallows. Unfortunately, it’s hard, and I need to scrape it out. Could you help me? Hint, hint

It’s sunset now. Maybe tomorrow. 

I sighed as he lay down beside me.

Jungle Love

The darkness of the night hit my heart excruciatingly as memories of us began to emerge as flashes in my brain. I was on the verge of a collapse from my feelings for you, the clash of two opposing forces – my soul and my brain – one saying to find you, the other wanting to stop me. The mystery was how I could have gone against the grain of what the people who knew me the best said about us. They warned me.

Clutching my bow tight, bearing the pain of the climb, I continued to search for you.

The Final Hours

She made a promise to him to end his suffering; then, the tears began to stream down her face. Never did she want his life to end in torment. Sage got off her knees; praying didn’t seem to work anyway, and then she prepared to call the end-of-life counselor. 

Sage knew the tabloids would have a field day with his skeletons coming out of the closet. She knew she would also have to listen to the gossip in their circles. The gardens beckoned, and she began wandering to block out her thoughts of impending doom.

Her dreams were dying today.


You could see Adam feel something in his bones, almost like it flipped a switch in his head. As if you could see his thoughts saying, “Booze shatters my equilibrium! Why should I be a martyr for the alcohol industry when all it does is strip me of my identity?” He finally chose to fly rather than expire at the altar called the bar, where he had one bottle after another and one battle after another, gasping for stability while alcohol forced him to falter to a crawl instead of living. 

Adam took his life back for good this time.

Chasing Dreams

North is where the treasure is, they said. Holding on to the sliver of gold as if smitten with it, Jessica tried to be nimble, but panic set in as she tried desperately to go upstream. The narrowing of the banks of the river made the water surge against the grassy margins. The rushing waves skewed every step she attempted, slowing her down. As the light of the day dimmed, Jessica knew she had to flee this predicament soon. But then, a loud cackle made her startle

Her eyes widened with shock. Rumpelstiltskin was real, and so were the spindles!

A Royal Scandal

I feel myself spiral as the secrets spill out. Why had Andrew kept the truth hidden? How is healing to occur with all these scandals to endure? The first thoughts of lawyers creep into my mind. I’m raw with anguish. The blood rushes from my heart, my nervous system becomes brittle, and my body bone-weary. I can feel myself become one big scar as whispers for help escape my lips silently while my consciousness becomes light as a feather.

How would we survive all this? His guilt and shame amplified with every word uttered as my disgust for him grew.

Hikers Beware

The seven men forced us and our guide into the cave. It is a miracle none of us got injured with all the shoving. All I could do besides soothing my companion was figure out how to get us out. Label me mad, but I would do just that. I wasn’t about to remain in this stone cage, and with any luck, I’d be a hero. Color me confident; this was my mission! Alas, my feelings were so very short-lived. I kept my grief hidden as I watched the group members, one by one, take a bullet to the head.

Inspired by The Sunday Whirl – Wordle #597

No More

It was a normal day, like any other day. Then came the call. Looking at the phone in my hand and seeing the number, choral music from long ago began pulsating in my brain. The powers that be decided today would be the day. I felt the room spin a bit; the beginnings of black edges came into my peripheral vision. Resolved not to remain broken, I answered the call. The church leader’s cracked voice told me the trial would begin in a few days, with me being the star witness. I hung up the call, shaking.

Retribution at last.

**While this writing originated in my brain, it speaks to the eons of sexual abuse endured by children of all ethnicities in churches of all denominations and in the many varieties of cults across the planet.


It was incredibly serene. Even turning the thin page of the bible disturbed the silence. I fought to keep my voice muted, killing the urge until my throat felt numb. I laughed, thinking I deserved a halo, as my mind wanted to orate. Theatrically, my face beamed as I imagined the members filling the pews waiting for a great sermon. 

The crack of a twig under my feet made me quiver, almost leaping out of my skin. Realizing it was only debris, my angst disappeared. Exhaling loud sighs, I realized there would only be more empty churches as time passed.