Wordle #474

Inspired by The Sunday Whirl

*On a Side Note – Is it just me or does this Wordle seem to be inviting us in a certain direction? ūüėČ

Two Mindsets    

Oh, that was a cute turtle until that ruthless hawk made him lunch. Well, that’s the democratic way – Kill or be killed! The weaker player in the game of life who deserved to be dead.

Au contraire! This is the Republican’s idea of justice. It’s disgusting. But, you watch, all the sick sycophants of the GOP will eventually end. It won’t be a sad day when they and tRump are over. There will be no sorrow, only joy because we will have ruined them and their evil ways! We will rule over them then!

Well, aren’t you a hypocrite?

Wordle #473

Like a scene right out of On Golden Pond, her face displayed joy, hearing the loon in the distance! She tried to flex her ear in the magical sound’s direction, her forehead developing a tense crease line as she strained to hear. The calls began to fade.

‘Le sigh,’ she uttered, gazing at the gardens in full bloom. She was glad to be present here. Thankfully, the job didn’t put a wrinkle in her plans.

With the moon her companion, seeing it reflect on the pond, she pondered how to overcome her sorrow. Time hadn’t given her near enough relief.

Wordle #471

What was that scent? The elite’s entire vanguard made scrunched up strange faces too. 

There was a large serving platter of cornbread in the middle of the buffet! Glancing over at the chef, I watched his amused reaction.

“How could you, Pierre?” My accent thick, and my anger palpable. 

Smiling, he said calmly, “I’m on a personal journey, a power trip, I suppose.”  

I took a deep breath. “For the love of money, I swear I will send you to the moon! How dare you impact my chances with this crowd?”

I turned, a captive audience had gathered behind me.

Wordle #470

Fingers hanging in the water, trailing the flow as he rowed the boat. We stopped, and Jesse began to feed me grapes. He was such a flirt! He had arranged the boat trip before the coming big freeze. I do believe he was trying to forge a relationship with me or fill me with giddiness! Jesse was succeeding with the latter.

Suddenly, I jumped excitedly! Fish were biting on the fibers on the fringe of my shirt. Guess that will teach me to hang my arm in the water. With pole in hand, we proceeded to follow and finish them!

Wordle #468

What a¬†surprise. All these¬†books¬†are¬†lying¬†in the middle of the street. I’d have to make time now to read instead of always¬†dancing. But first, I need to get some¬†gas¬†into the car. I got up from the¬†grass¬†only to¬†bend¬†slightly to see a¬†fly¬†landing on my purse. Oh, what a¬†sight! Black with purple polka dots on his back. So strange! I needed to¬†meet¬†my boss after my¬†shift¬†on¬†Wednesday. Or was it today? Where did that¬†flash¬†of light come from?

Wrestling to wake up from the weirdest dream.

Wordle #466

my life’s flow is interrupted
as depression, the heavy chain
drapes me to slow and weigh me down
the black raven caws
will i ever mend
as i circle the drain
calling your name
in this shallow grave
i hear the chime to rebound
but awakening is like wispy lace
no strength and no trace of me here
as i vote silently to remain hidden in tears

Wordle #457


The graduate strode confidently across the podium, careful to concentrate on her walk, not one misstep in those high heels. She reeked of true elegance, no denying it: a class act, that one. 

I began to inflate the cushion. One last breath out, and it was ready to go. The Pranksters Extraordinaire Club would soon sing my praises. I had as good as won the bet to fly around the world. My eye had been on this prize trip for a long time.

Princess smiled at me and sat down. The phony fart blasted loudly. I smiled; she died. Delicious!

Inspired by The Sunday Whirl

Wordle #456


Water¬†droplets¬†on the goblet trickled elegantly down the sand-etched Lady¬†Liberty¬†logo. There’s that word again‚ÄĒone spoken so often nowadays. Usually, by the¬†ignorant, trigger happy, ready for the chance to¬†kill something with their guns type people. Everyone else around doing the delicate dance¬†of feeling frightened and acting normal when they¬†meet¬†them up close or¬†see¬†them approaching in the¬†distance. Should we¬†shy¬†away or approach confidently? It’s a feeling of trying to¬†breathe¬†normally while feeling afraid, likely about to¬†die. And why do they always try to make us feel like the¬†loser?


Inspired by The Sunday Whirl

Wordle #455


Standing in the¬†center¬†of the shop, I realized that I’d be¬†bankrupt¬†by¬†tomorrow. There was no way to¬†charm¬†myself out of this situation. Everything¬†near¬†and dear to me would be gone. I would need to see the lawyer¬†downtown today. I kept thinking, “What the hell happened to me¬†and my dream?” My eyes began to¬†fill¬†with tears. There was no other option but to¬†file¬†Chapter 11. Touching the¬†lace on my smock, I let out a sigh¬†as I looked around my¬†salon.

The ugly cry began as I turned off the lights.


Inspired by The Sunday Whirl

Wordle #454


I fiddled with my¬†guns¬†while listening to the¬†songs¬†of the workers. The sun made my head¬†throb. I shouldn’t have broken the¬†seal¬†on that 20-year-old cognac last night. Dipping my bandana in the¬†spring¬†water, I could¬†still¬†hear music thumping, or was that my headache? No, it wasn’t either. I cupped my ear to¬†listen¬†better. Then I looked up and realized it was a¬†mob¬†of angry people from the¬†fields¬†charging with their¬†children¬†in tow. Blinking profusely, was this a¬†dream? It was real! They were wide-eyed and¬†mean¬†and coming for me!

Inspired by The Sunday Whirl