Food And Friends

I enjoy serving food to my friends because that’s my love language. There’s such joy watching them eat, whether a full-on fish feast, steaks flame-broiled, or tasty desserts. There’s always something saved in my fridge for unexpected guests, usually still fresh, so no risk of food poisoning!

Tonight my friends and I are having Italian. I begin unraveling my apron strings when I hear the doorbell ring. With one quick spray of perfume, a pinch of the cheeks for color, I head towards the shadow at the front door. 

“Hi! Come help me slide the pie off the pizza stone.


The heat was terribly ferocious at the border. I wasn’t feeling effervescent any longer, not with sweat dripping out of every pore of my child-like, waifish body. It felt like my form was melting under this hot Texas sky. Oh, why did I choose to wear my finery of all days?

The guard accepted my ID card; all seemed to be in order. Next stop, my hotel! With the temperatures and my temper rising, I needed some air conditioning, like now!

I hope Juanita likes her surprise. The poor dear was so lost after the fire at her parent’s home.

The Player

The beam emanating from the virtual reality box looked almost as if the hologram was escaping. I turned to chase it and managed to bruise my leg on the side table in the process. This game, however thrilling, was a bit scary, though. I lost my balance hard that last scene. But the visual spectrum was amazing! Who cares that I’ve torn open a gash on my leg? Next time, I will remember just a slight tweak on the controls. This bundle of games was so worth it! Just remember to breathe, Cyril!

“How much more time do I have??”


The incoming ethereal sounds almost felt like a game of pings bouncing off my glass psyche; I assumed it was playing tricks on me. With my stick in hand, each carefully laid tap on the ground produced reverberations that began to overshadow my conscious reality. 

Oh, oh, my sugar must be getting low, was the last thought to myself which made any sense. The insulin shock to my system was giving wicked shots to my brain but numbing me nonetheless. I didn’t even feel the rock splitting open my head as the fleeting thoughts of reality bounded around my skull.

Love Is Love

i shall always seek you out
even when they say i should not
you have been my rainbow
a colorful scene of hope in my head
the one laying claim to my heart
i will always sing with delight
and eagerly stretch out my hand to you
with pride and love
as we break out of this metaphorical closet   
choosing to be open and free instead


Perfect time to pick up a copy of SMITTEN: This Is What Love Looks Like – Poetry by Women for Women an Anthology

Spring Break

Anyone who can’t have fun in Florida, well, something is wrong with them. Fun-loving girls and boys galore on Spring Break makes it an adventure! Cliques immediately spring up and unify at the beach and hotel pools.

Drama eventually unfolds, the police arrive, people lie hard, and some even run home to their mommas. The news which broke out in the middle of the day recently, a scandal, one could say, was unexpected though. No one, for a second, could believe it. 

Apparently, one particular group from the Northeast used a spray tan before coming down to the sunny state.

Daily Routines

Dabbing powder on my face, images began to flicker in my mind’s eye. On the screen, the story of a killer on the prowl was playing out. I kept my arm steady, applying careful brush strokes.

The story-telling makeup tutorial was creepy by design, with the backdrop of the night sky and weird music playing. Occasionally, the goosebumps would spring up on my arms.

Startled, I turned towards the hearth. I watched something drift by, thinking it was a fly. It wasn’t.

Then, a sneeze and out came some green virus-laden snot. The pressure from my sinus infection was killer.

Inspired by The Sunday Whirl – Wordle #499


wait, again! I have been at this table for an hour now.

“Darling, here’s a tip for your trouble. I won’t be staying,” slipping her a small stipend.

It’s such a blow to my ego when Arthur does this—standing me up and letting me look like a fool. Above all else, you’d think he’d have more respect for me. But no. Oh, why does he defy me so? I swear he belongs in Hades below. I would fly him there myself! Reap what you sow, fool! He better figure it out, or he will lose his life!

Le sigh

A Drunk’s Tale

It took a moment to light the cigarette. The wind seemed to follow me whichever way I turned.

Noticing a random thread on my sleeve, I chose to singe it off with the end of my butt. The other sleeve had even more of a fringe. What a mess I was. Wishing I was dry, I tried to forget about the string on my sleeve. I began to forge ahead through this nasty weather, dreaming about hot coffee with sugar

Alcohol had put me in chains. I was frantic, and I was simple pretty much all of the time now.


The woman was ruthless, positively vicious. She was determined to serve justice to the asswipes who dared tarnish her community. The onlookers’ cheers seeing she wouldn’t settle for just a slap on the wrist, empowered her more, the sway of her stride confident. Perhaps for her fireplace shelf, she’d take his gold chain as a trophy? Oh, the stories all the neighbors would tell to their children with admiration! The neighborhood would call her a hero, her accomplishments spread across every social media platform on the web.

Who was the next example she would send to his grave this month?